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Charlotte Hazel's birthstory..almost perfect<3.

It was Sunday July3rd around 8PM when I had a contraction that felt different. And then another one 10 min later. This is happening as I am putting my two girls to bed. I told them that their baby might be coming tomorrow. They were excited to go to sleep. They kept coming every ten min, not really painful but couldn't ignore them. Later my hubby came home around 10PM. I told him that if these contractions keep up we will be going in tonight. So we decided to go to bed and try and get some rest.
I tried to go to sleep but couldn't. They were getting stronger and a bit closer. So I decided to get up, it was around 12:30AM. I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees. Did the rest of the laundry, and made sure all the bags were packed and ready to go. I came on here for a bit but got bored, so around 3AM I decided to get in the tub to see if I could speed things up, or get it to stop. I was starting to get tired. Contractions were about 5 min apart *I think*, can't quite remember.
So I was in the tub for about 45-60 min. I noticed they were getting farther apart, but WAY stronger. By now I am really tired, so I get dressed and go lay on the sofa. My hubby finally wakes up and realizes I'm not in bed. What are you doing?? He asks. Hopefully having baby, but everything is slowing down. I told him to go back to bed, I was fine on my own, and there is no point on having two tired people having a baby. But in between 4 and 5, I only had 4 contractions. And then they were gone. So at 5 AM I climb into bed tired, and discouraged.
I wake up at 7AM with a contraction, but manage to fall asleep again. Then I wake up again at 7:10 with another. This happens until 8:30 when I get up. I go about my morning like usual still having contractions. Not totally sure if this is going to be something. So finally at about 10:30 I call my MW and tell her what has been happening. She decides she'll come see me in a few hours and check me and make a plan for the day.
So when she comes (around 12PM) we talks about things to get it going. They are about 5min apart but still really easy. So she checks me and I am 4cm and about 60% effaced.So glad that last nights contractions weren't for nothing! We decide to do a sweep and she stretched in to a 5cm. She recommended that we DTD, but really who was she kidding?? I felt like a beached whale, and had no where for my ODDs to go. I laughed just thinking of asking someone to watch her for an hour while my hubby and I get it on. Yeah that wasn't happening. She leaves and says she be back at 5pm to see how things are going. Contractions pick up and are strong. about 2-3 min apart. So i just keep walking around. I walked to my neighbors to ask if they could feed my horse for the next couple of days cuz baby is coming. (they board horses at my place anyway, so it was perfect.)
At around 4 I decide I need a change of scenery. So we take the girls to their oma and opa's. Get them settled in, and head to the hossy. I keep calling my MW, but never got her. So I texted her hoping she would get it.
So we get there at 5, and she arrives soon after us. We walk up the stairs, and start walking down toward the birth center. I hear a baby crying, and start crying myself. Hormones are raging. I have a little cry on the hubby's shoulder while he holds me and tells me you can do this love! Soon we will be holding our baby.
So we get settled in, and she checks me again to see where things are at. I was at a good 6 almost 7cm. So glad! Because I was GBS+ this time we had to start the IV to make sure that I would get both doses. But there was where the fun(NOT) started. I am petrified of needles, so it wasn't fun for me at all. It took them 4 tries to get an IV in, and stay in. My arms are bruised, and I am crying. It slowed my labor down again too. So finally they got one in, and we walk. I am starting to make noise through the contractions. And so enjoying all this one on one time with my hubby.
After the first dose was done, my MW thinks I should lay down, and see if I can sleep, cuz she can see that I am tired. I only manage to lay there for about 30min, and decide that sleep isn't going to happen. She suggests we walk stairs or have a shower.. I choose stairs. I was hoping that my water would break soon to get things going. So of course we are walking down and I need to breath through a contraction, so I put one foot two steps above the other and lean into it, and POP goes my water! Just like the movies it was a loud pop, and a gush of liquid. Water running down the steps. My hubby was so surprised he heard the pop.
So we make it back upstairs and I want the tub. When I get in, oh it feels great! Contractions are getting closer and really hard. I kept telling my hubby that these are kicking my butt. At 9pm I ask my hubby to get his shorts on, and get in with me. I really needed pressure on my lower back. When he left I needed to puke. When DH gets in with me, things really get hard. I had maybe 30seconds or less before the next would come. And I really needed to vocalize loudly to get through it. And not so much later I thought that maybe I was starting to push. But wasn't totally sure it felt different than the first two times. This time I was kneeling/squatting. But then I realized I was and she was coming really fast. I told her that baby was crowning, and was told I had to get out. (no water birth allowed in MB in hossy's) I was like HOW?? I somehow got out and had to keep panting so I wouldn't push, and kept saying OHHH NO!! somehow I made it back to my room. I didn't get on the bed I just stood at the end. Thankfully they had thrown some chuck pads on the floor. Two pushes later, she was out. She came out with her fist under her chin. And I bled! I looked down, and was shocked at the amount of blood that was pouring out of me. I had to get on the bed, and have oxytocin, which helped stop the bleeding. To my great sadness I had torn.2nd degree tearing. So I needed stitches. I cried about that too. And needed the laughing gas to get me to relax enough for her to do it.
But she latched right away, and looked just like her sisters. Born at 9:42PM weighed 8lbs12oz and 20.5" long. Head circumference was 14.5". I am in love!
My hubby and MW were amazing and I could never have done it without them!
Attachment 73075
snuggle time with mama
Attachment 73076
meeting her big sisters for the first time- they LOVE HER!!


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Re: Charlotte Hazel's entrance.little long..

Congrats, mama! Thanks for sharing
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Great story mama! Precious photos! Congrats
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Re: Charlotte Hazel's entrance.little long..

Thanks for sharing Mama! Congrats again!
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Re: Charlotte Hazel's entrance.little long..

Yay! Thanks for sharing!

The part about your water breaking is similar to mine.
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Re: Charlotte Hazel's entrance.little long..

Thank you for sharing this great story! Congratulations!!!
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Re: Charlotte Hazel's entrance.little long..

Great job! Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Charlotte Hazel's entrance.little long..

aww great story and awesome pics
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Congratulations! Glad everything went so "almost" perfect.

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Re: Charlotte Hazel's entrance.little long..

Your girls are so precious. I love the picture of the three of them together. Congrats!
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