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Re: what to tell this person....

Originally Posted by nrsnit View Post
Although I have no issues with breastmilk and BF my daughter, I agree that it *is* a bodily fluid. You can pass many things to your baby via breastmilk and you can pass HIV thru breastmilk... That said, I think the chances are so slim but it is possible.

The provider could wear gloves... and the provider could request that she's not having to rinse out said bottles...

Or the mother who is providing the milk could use the bottles with the collapsable baggies and then they can be thrown away. Not much bottle clean up afterward... Just my thoughts.
This is what I think, with the caveat that if she is watching kids young enough to take bottles, bodily fluids are pretty much part of the bargain I'd suggest gloves and/or not rinsing the bottles. If that doesn't work, she probably ought to find a less-bodily-fluid-filled career.


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Re: what to tell this person....

I had a couple people freak out over me leaving a bottle of expressed milk in the fridge at work. I had to have several conversations with co-workers about why I choose to pump milk for my baby and why it wasn't gross and how touching a bottle with milk in it is not going to harm them. I pumped for two years and now that I am done pumping, I have had several people tell me I changed their opinion of breastmilk and that they now plan to breastfeed as well.

I would offer the advice that if the daycare provide feels it gross and unsanitary and a discussion regarding the mother's decision to provide pumped milk doesn't change the providers mind, she seek daycare elsewhere.

She is willing to handle poop, but not milk?
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Re: what to tell this person....

At my sons daycare they all have to wear gloves to handle breast milk bottles even when they feed the baby. The lady always has one hand with the glove on holding the bottle and the other without the glove stroking or rubbing him. Breastmilk is a bodily fluid and should be treated as such because it can carry viruses that a mother has. However it will only pass on if the breastmilk is consumed, or ends up in an open wound. Maybe you could suggest to the DCP that they take a class on blood borne pathogens to dismiss any fears they have of breastmilk.
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Re: what to tell this person....

How do the change/dispose of diapers? Wouldn't using the same precautions make sense? I think getting poop on my finger is nastier than being sprayed with milk. WAY more nasties in poop!!
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Re: what to tell this person....

I honestly would not be surprised if that was my DCP because I have found that she does not communicate well, I am the only mom who BFs currently and my dd is 19 months old. When I first started there she was surprised I BF and commented how she only ever had 1 other BF kid in the past. Currently, I am in the process of finding a new DCP.
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Re: what to tell this person....

From the CDC:

Are special precautions needed for handling breast milk?

No special precautions exist for handling expressed human milk, nor does the milk require special labeling. It is not considered a biohazard. The Universal Precautions to prevent the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Hepatitis B virus, and other bloodborne pathogens do not apply to human milk.
Precautions for Other Body Fluids in Special Settings

Human breast milk has been implicated in perinatal transmission of HIV, and HBsAg has been found in the milk of mothers infected with HBV (10,13). However, occupational exposure to human breast milk has not been implicated in the transmission of HIV nor HBV infection to health-care workers. Moreover, the health-care worker will not have the same type of intensive exposure to breast milk as the nursing neonate. Whereas universal precautions do not apply to human breast milk, gloves may be worn by health-care workers in situations where exposures to breast milk might be frequent, for example, in breast milk banking.
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Re: what to tell this person....

Thanks ladies. I think she is being ridiculous and after MANY years of caring for children, I am sure she has seen it all as far as bodily functions and fluids so why this should scare her, I have no idea.
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Re: what to tell this person....

When ODD went to a daycare center they had similar practices. I had to send the milk in bottles. They were not allowed to empty/rinse any of the bottles. So at the end of the day my cooler bag that I used to bring the bottles to DC was filled with partially empty, warm bottles of milk. I thought it was stupid, even the main teachers in the room thought it was stupid (she apologized several times for having to leave them with milk in them), but those were the rules and that is what we did.

I don't understand why the mom would not be sending the milk already in bottles? What does she send it in? And honestly, rinsing the bottles yourself at home is silly, but really not a big deal. My bottles never got nasty from sitting there part of the day before getting washed out.

I guess it would depend on the rest of the situation whether I would put up with that or not. Maybe other than this weird hang up on BM she is really a great provider? I'm glad that this time around my DCP is willing to rinse the bottles, but I do send the milk already in bottles in the morning.
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Re: what to tell this person....

wow I just feel like wearing gloves is a bit much when feeding the baby a bottle. It feels so cold to me. You are exposed to many things working with children in general. If they don't want to wash the bottles I guess whatever the mom could do it when she got home, but it just seems alittle weird to me that she changes poop and pee and cleans up scraps and blood if they get hurt but can't wash a bm bottle. My kids don't go to daycare but it would make it stressfull for the mom trying to go back to work, pump and deal with the extra stuff like this.
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Re: what to tell this person....

Originally Posted by Kriket View Post
i also admire your ability to keep a straight face. why is it people have these hangups with people milk, but not cow. I keep my feces off my breasts for starters. don't share a pump with 100 other people, don't lick myself clean.. I would think I have better sanitation practices than a cow.
Next time I hear someone talk about how "gross" breast milk is I am going to quote you. lol
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