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I had two 14mos apart and they are both still in dipes. I do OS dipes and covers alot. They are similar in size now, so they can even share sized covers. I don't have Two pails, but I wash every two days, max. I do have two wetbags for the diaper bag because they go to separate classes at church, but I would want a backup bag anyway, and bought them together on eBay.

I only did cloth parttime off and on with one. But I didn't have wetbags or a laundry system then. I definitely needed a little organization for two in dipes, but nothing crazy

Just make sure you have enough dipes and wipes and a laundry game plan and it is really not hard


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Re: Tips/tricks for having two in diapers

Oh wipes... I forgot about wipes LOL See that's why I needed all this feedback!
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I have two in diapers now. If you are using OS fitteds, you can share your stash, but I'm finding with pockets I need to have separate stashes for each DD- the inserts and snap settings for a 1 mo old vs toddler are totally different. (Yes, my 1 mo old has thighs big enough for OS dipes already!)
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Re: Tips/tricks for having two in diapers

DS was just under 17 months when DD was born.
I kept using his stash on him, and had a separate stash for DD.
I found that any OS diapers that I was using a lot on DS were too stretched out to use on DD so that is something to think about. They were fine on him but not on her. If I would have saved them I could have used them on her now that she is 1 and has filled out, but not when she was smaller. I wound up selling them. Oops.
If you have larger babies, though, it will probably not be a problem.

In the beginning I had to wash every day b/c DD went through so many diapers. As she got older I was able to go back to every other day.

I only used 1 pail, which I kept in DD's room b/c she had more frequent changes. I would just carry DS's diaper to her room when I changed him in his room.
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Re: Tips/tricks for having two in diapers

I don't feel like I ever got a great system going when I had 2 in dipes (even tho they fit in the same size for the most part)....hopefully when the new one arrives I can figure it out for the next round.

But I definitely washed every other day (I easily had up to 3 dozen dirty diapers by the end of the second day, which is about the max that fits in my washer) so I felt like 48 diapers was a bare minimum at that point (usually line-dried, which can a take a day when it's humid here). I washed both kids' diapers together, but once a baby starts solids, poopy diapers go in a wet pail (and I wish mine was bigger).
And it would have helped to have some kind of color-coding system or something for rotating covers (was always trying to figure out which cover which kid wore last, especially when DH was home and we were both changing diapers). That's not an issue if you do AIOs or pockets, or just use covers once.
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I have two in diapers too...(well, my oldest is PLing, but we're just getting the hang of it) I use pfs and covers, and have 2 doz of each size pf, and about 12 OS covers. I wash every other day, and use the same diaper pail and wetbag I used with one (I washed every three days then, and used 3 doz pfs). I have about 5 dozen wipes, and have yet to use them all even if it takes me a couple days to get the diaper stuff put away after it's washed. Except for washing once more per week, having two in CDs has been as easy as having one!
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Re: Tips/tricks for having two in diapers

I have always had at least two in diapers and will have three in a matter of days. That being said, we started with OS pockets but I have found that prefolds/fitted diapers with a few pockets for sitters work the best for my crazy life. I also switched to wool which actually brought my workload down significantly (I know, amazing right). Anyway, I was struggling with synthetics and rewashing and with two in diapers, I always have to do laundry every day. There is no way I wanted to do extra loads, etc. I only have one main pail but a few bags in strategic places around the house. I usually do laundry either in the middle of the day or at night. It works out well most of the time. If I go more then 1.5 days, there is just way to much for one load. And I am not big on odor so I would probably do diaper laundry every day with just one in cloth!
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Re: Tips/tricks for having two in diapers

I have two in diapers and we use mostly OS diapers. I didn't start until DD was 6 months and DS was 18 month and I've only ever just used one pail. And since their diapers are OS I don't *really* have a separate set of diapers for each of them. I do tend to divide them up by color but in a pinch I've put DS in a pink diaper.

We use Softbums and a few different brands of OS pockets. That's my preference for easy changes. It's really not very hard to CD two. Diaper loads are bigger I'm sure but I only have experience in CDing two so I don't really know the difference. We wash every other day.

Come Feb I may be CDing 3! DS is scared to death of the potty chair so we are holding off on PLing for now until he's more comfortable with it. Hoping he'll be day trained at least by Feb but if not...well we will just have a lot of diaper changes around here!
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Re: Tips/tricks for having two in diapers

Hopefully this helps http://www.the-cloth-diaper-connecti...peringtwo.html
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We had 2 in cloth for about 6 months, we just used mostly OS, but combined everything
I'm Kassi!! LOL

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