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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

Originally Posted by grinnellian2001 View Post
This, this, this!

I toyed with being a SAHM (really a WAHM since I run a couple pretty successful side businesses) but am really struggling with the idea of giving my my career. In my field (museum work) there simply aren't enough positions that I could leave and have any hope of getting back into a similar one in a couple years. I could branch off and do consulting work, which I might end up doing eventually, we'll see how it goes. My mother was a WAHM with a thriving full-time plus consulting business so that is the norm for me. I can't imagine not using my training for something (working FT or PT, consulting, running a WAHM business, or perhaps home schooling). I'm very worried about how I will feel when our LO comes, though. I'm not looking forward to daycare. Fortunately we are in a position financially that I can bump down to part time for awhile and my employers have been supportive of that...
I have done SAHM (about 15 months) and I have done part-time WOHM... and I love working part-time. It is a really nice balance for me. I work 20-25 hours a week (before current baby I was more like 25-30 hours), spread over 4 days, some of it from home (but with childcare, I cannot work and take care of my kids at the same time). With this schedule I can send my kids to a co-op preschool (where I work a 3 hour shift every week) and we have time for play dates, running errands, going somewhere special or just hanging out. It is also easier to keep up with nursing this way, I don't have to pump as much (just 3x a week--on the days I go in to the office, and I pump when I get home, not at work (hate pumping at work)).


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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

No, lol. The only thing I like is the money. I miss being a SAHM something fierce, but it makes me feel good to be financially independent.
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

I love my job - and as a pp mentioned, I made a career choice that involved a specific education including graduate school which is also a competitive field in a not great job market, so even if I didn't love it - I wouldn't have considered SAH after the boys were born (I did take a year off after dd was born and wasn't really good at SAH).

However, I work in a professional environment where I can flex my time so I never have to miss a school event for dd or worry about the boys being sick and not having child care so I'm pretty lucky that I never (well ok rarely) have to choose between work and kids.

I could imagine hating any job if I didn't have the freedom that I have in my current job.
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

I am heading back to work next month, as a part-time WOHM. I have been a SAHM for 5 years, and I feel a little guilty that I am excited to go back to teaching. But, really, part of the reason I became a teacher was for the hours, vacations, and flexibility to be with my family. I mean, if they have a snow day, odds are I do too.

My SAHM friends are excited for me, but I know they are wondering 'why now?'. I just had DS2 in May, and he will be 4 months. I SAH for the older two, what's another 2 years, right? Really, I am ready to go back. I am a little burnt out at SAH with my kids, and going back PT (for now) is the best situation. A friend is going to come to my house and watch the kids in the morning, and the school is 4 miles from my house. My hours are 7am-12pm, and I will be home in time for lunch and to meet the oldest off the bus. For me, this is the best off all worlds. But I'll let you know how I really feel in October.
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

What does DP stand for?
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

Dear Partner...technically, she's my wife, but she wouldn't be everywhere & we've been together so long that she's been my "partner" way longer than "wife", I'd really like to think of my spouse as an equal partner; just sayin'...
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

I have a good job, with good benefits and work with great people. I don't hate it, but I do wish I could be at home with my son more. If we were able to do it, I would definitely be a SAHM, or at least find a part time job that's closer to home. DH and I both work about 45 minutes from home, so that makes it harder as well because we spend a lot of time in the car when we could be with DS. I'm determined to find a way to SAH though. I know that I definitely want to be able to by the time we have #2.
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

Due to unforeseen complications, an almost complete lack of childcare in my area for kids below 2yo I am a SAHM, for the moment. I hate it, I miss my nice job, great pay and benefits. I also don't think that my DD is getting the best out of it. I did not go to school for early childhood education and I think DD would be better spending the day with those who did.

I also come from a family that the idea of a SAHM is strange all the women in my family had full carers going back to great-great-great grandmothers/aunts. No one alive was raised by anything other then a women with a job.

My DD is nearing the age that we can put her in the local daycare(oh, except for the summer as they close WTF) so I have started the job hunt. The main problem now is that I live in an area that finding a job like the one I had is just a bit more common than winning a Mega Millions lottery.
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

I don't hate being a WOHM but sometimes it's really hard. I feel like I miss out on a lot. I like my job, usually, and having adult interaction is great. Sometimes I wish I could stay home but I'm sure after a month or so, I'd be ready to go back to work. That's why DH is the SAHP, he and DS are on the same level.
Maria, WOHM to Nate (9/23/2010) and Alex (5/5/2012) and wife to SAHD and high school sweetheart Aaron.
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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

I'm a teacher, too. My daughter is 6 months old today, and I've been able to SAH with her except for 3 weeks between the end of my maternity leave and the end of the school year. Wednesday is my first day back, and at this point I'm really bummed. She's very dependent/attached to me. She won't take a bottle or sippy cup without a huge fight, so I feel like I'm abandoning her...she needs me to be there for her and I can't. Ugh.

I had a lot of fun with her over the summer. We hung out, went to organized activities, and I made friends with a few SAHMs. At this point, I do think being a SAHM would be right for me. I am in the camp who went to school for a long time to get a degree in a field I'm passionate about, though. My job is challenging and rewarding, and the pay is decent and so are the benefits. I also don't like the idea of having to depend on DH to make all the income. So no, I don't think I'd want to leave my job permanently. In a perfect world, I'd SAH this coming school year, and go back part time the year after that. Since that is not financially possible, we'll just have to adjust. Luckily, DD will either be home with DH (he has a couple part time jobs that are mostly evening/weekend, plus a home business) or with one of her grandmas, so I don't have to worry about finding reliable childcare. A couple times a week DH or my mom will bring her to me on my lunch break so I can nurse her, so that helps too. I have also intentionally habituated her to go to bed late and sleep late...that way I'll have plenty of time with her in the evenings. And of course I cannot complain about summer and holidays...I figured that once all that's counted in, I'll be a SAHM for about 1/4 of each year.

So in short, no, being a full time WOHM isn't my ideal, but I enjoy my job, we'll adjust, and I know we have a lot to be thankful for.

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