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Almost 10 months and still no solids....

My DD is almost 10 months and has ABSOLUTELY NO interest in solid foods. She is EBF and I think that may have something to do with it. I have tried to puree foods and give them to her and I have tried giving her small pieces of our dinners(she only has 2 bottom teeth). She gags on stuff and spits it out as if she doesn't like the taste of anything I try to give her. My doctor has made comments at the last two visits that I can TRY food whenever I'm ready, and when I told him that she wasn't interested he insisted that I make her eat them.

So.....Should I be concerned or just keep casually trying things until she takes to it?

Thanks in advance for any help!!


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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

I didn't even give DD2 or DD3 any solid foods until around 10-11 months when they were able to feed themselves Cheerios and such. I skipped pureed foods all together. With DD1, I did give her jarred baby food at 6 months. She never really ate a lot at one time, maybe an ounce or two a day, she didn't really pick up with eating a lot until closer to 14 months. I personally wouldn't worry a lot as long as she is nursing well, and gaining weight well. At her age I think it's more of a tasting and experiencing new things. I'd just keep trying and not force it.
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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

I have a 7 month old who isn't interested in solids. She is also EBF but her sister started on solids at 5.5 months also was EBF. I totaly didn't expect for it to be this way. I'm not worried because I know other people who have had the same thing happen. I have a friend who has a 14 month old boy who is just now eating some soilds but likes to drink smoothies. Have you tried that? I also have another friend who said her boy didn't want to eat until he was 10 months when he could feed himself. They were both EBF also. I'm gettng the inpression from my girl that she want's to feed herself because she trys and if she can't do it she won't eat. She also gags on the taste. The only thing that doesn't make her gag is avacado. So I wouldn't force her or be to concerned.

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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

It's perfectly okay to follow your kiddo's cues. If your kiddo is saying 'no thanks' to solids even at 12 months, that's just fine. The important thing is that they're
1) making 6+ dirty diapers a day
2) gaining weight appropriately
3) being given opportunities to try solids

So, I would put the kiddo in the high chair at dinner time and have things on her tray that she can try. If you prefer purees, then I'd offer her some of that.

That way, whenever she changes her mind, it's available to her. You don't want to force feed her - I'm sure your pediatrician didn't really mean it that way - although I have seen in here where people have indicated that their pediatrician really did want them to do that, so maybe.

either way, I would just continue to follow your kid's cues. personally. My little one didn't want it at all until 7months and she still eats very little solids, really (10 months). I find myself worrying about that artificial timeline of '1 yr' to be this big kid who is on a solid diet instead of a liquid one and I remind myself that my kid might not wean from a liquid diet until much later and that's perfectly okay. I hear my friend tell me how her husband worked so hard to wean their kid at a year old to solids and I just think 'why?'

but that's me.. and I don't know if it'll work for you.. but here's support for you if you feel the same
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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

OMG it's like I wrote that!! DD will be 10 months next week and refuses to eat anything but cheerios and puffs for some reason. Her Dr asked if I wanted her to see an OT to help with it. I told him no but am slightly concerned because she isn't really gaining weight. She doesn't have any teeth yet so maybe when she gets them she can try some more veggies. We have tried table food and sometimes she will put it in her mouth, then gag and spit it out. Sometimes she will eat 3 or 4 bites. She goes in her highchair when we eat dinner and just plays. BM is supposed to be all they need for the first year so I'm trying not to get too concerned. DD has had a feeding tube for medical reasons before to help her gain but as long as your lo is gaining weight then there isn't a problem. We keep offering and I think that's all we can do for now.
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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

My almost 8 month old isn't all that interested in solids, either. I asked my Pedi about it and he said "What ever you're doing, its working great. I'd keep doing that." That made me feel validated that it wasn't some big deal that he eat "solids" by a certain date on the calendar. He said we could "re-evaluate" at 9 months, but if everything looks good, he doesn't care when LO starts solids. He said all kids eventually eat. He said he doesn't worry about things that will happen on their own time... My sentiments exactly. Its just nice to be supported by the Pedi.

So... we offer, LO usually "tastes" but doesn't eat and he nurses like a champ. He's stayed consistent on his growth chart and he weighs nearly 19 lbs at 7.5 mo. He is happy, peeing & pooping and developing normally. The food thing will come.
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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

I wouldn't worry There are actually some doctors that agree that it is best to EBF until age 1. She'll eat when she's ready
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I agree don't push! She'll eat when Shes ready. Unless it start to affect her wet diapers per day and weight I wouldn't he concerned. Your milk has everything she needs. Our DS is 8 months and isn't interested either. We sit him at the table with us, offer food which is usually smacked to the floor and shuddered at. After that we give Him an empty bowl and spoon to bang around while we eat. That way he's with us, has the opportunity ect to out routine..he's 20 lbs, crawling,pulling up,babbling, EBF and doesn't want anything other than mama. But he's healthy and on track so I'm not worried about it.
Btw our DD was EFB we offered "solids" at 6 months too and she loved it, tried everything ect...all babes are different!
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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

My baby is almost 14 months and still barely eats solids... But shes doing just fine!!
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Re: Almost 10 months and still no solids....

Both of my boys were like youngest was close to a year old before he showed interest in food, and has *never* liked anything with a mushy texture, including presently. ITA with all PP re: following her cues...if she is healthy, there is no reason to worry. Giving her opportunities to explore food with no pressure will give her the space to keep her innate ability to discern when and how much to eat. Lord knows we don't need more girls being raised with eating dysfunction! You've got great instincts about your dd, trust them and know she's already telling you what she's ready for(gag reflex is a sign she's not physically ready to digest).
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