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EC/early potty learning - dealing with daycare, other setbacks

So we started ECing Z at around 12/13mos, and by 18mos he was using the potty most of the time with our prompting. The last few months he's been much better at telling us he needs to go, and has wanted to wear underwear, so we are doing that. We tried not to push him too much since with a new baby sister and everything who knew how he might regress, etc.

anyway. At home, he's out of diapers completely, and has an accident once a week, maybe? usually when we are out - and usually due to needing to poo - the accident is pee, but when on the potty right after he usually does both.

We still sometimes need to coerce him or something to get him on if we are going out, or if we just got home. Post-nap can also take some cajoling. But he can hold it for a long time, so its hard to tell if really does need to go or not. But if we are home he'll say 'use the potty' when he needs to go most of the time.

anyway, my issue is daycare. he's in daycare/school 3 days a week (was 2 days until this summer) and they use disposables. We did ask them to try putting him on the potty when they changed him, but he'd cry and complain about it. I tried putting him on when I was there, and he did pee though. But after being in undies since May I guess, he started fighting the diaper we put on him in the AM. We ended up bringing in his potty (their potties are a little too big for him I think) and after a few days of accidents he started going on it.

then, two weeks later, he'll sit on it, but NOT pee. And cry if you put him back on when he's 'done'. And then he pees himself later in the day. They are just not set up to wait for him to tell them he needs to go (plus, he isn't telling them, so its moot!) and they go on a schedule. So now we'll put him in undies when we go, but if he doesn't pee the first time they put him on, they'll put a diaper on him. I can't argue with this, unfortunately, neither can Z, since he was fine with the diaper for the rest of the day - I am just worried its setting us back at home, maybe. He even had an accident at my MIL's yesterday which is pretty unusual for him. (they were at home, so pretty odd, he held it all day until after his nap, only peed a tiny bit when put on, and then had an accident a bit later)

anyone had a similar situation? I am loving only having one in diapers and don't want to see him regress due to what is happening at daycare, but I'm not sure how to get him better 'trained' for their needs - their bathroom is also much more open/noisy with kids coming in and out, I'm not sure if that's also making it harder for him.


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