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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

We are open to life Christians.... Michelle Duggar put it in perspective in an interview I listened to the other day.... she said if you asked her #17 child if she was sorry she was alive, she would obviously say she was happy to be here! God plans our children out before they are born, and their timing, etc. Our job is to let God's will happen


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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

I've heard of it, know some people that practice it, and don't necessarily agree with it. I think children should be born to parents that expect them and desire them- but I also think that having more than you can responsibly care for is irresponsible... so it's cool with me however many children people have as long as they can meet all of their needs (including the need for loving contact from their parents- it drives me crazy that the older Duggar kids do more for the little kids than the parents). It's none of my business.

Personally, I don't want to have more kids than I can fit in my lap I'm about to have my third and I believe we are finished. I would love to have more, but we feel that it's a responsible decision for us to stop at 3 so that we can ensure their needs are met properly.
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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

Generally dh and I are quiverfull. I normally don't like to label myself though. We weren't always this way. We knew we wanted several children but it wasn't until after our first was born that we came to believe this way. The majority of our church is qf and that did help with our decision.

We do not believe in using hormonal bc and right now no bc period. There may be a time when we feel led to prevent but that's a decision we thankfully do not have to consider right now. Example would be if I happened to develop a condition that would cause death if I got pregnant again.
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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

Quiverfull is the what I believe we should be, but my dh just isn't there. He's a planner and it makes him uncomfortable to think about future finances without knowing how many mouths he'll have to feed. We respect eachothers feelings. He doesn't put the burden of bc on me, and I don't nag him about his feelings. I do pray for him though...
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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

I just had #6. However, we aren't really Quiverfull. While we've never used any sort of artificial birth control, I've always actively managed my fertility. I chart and have gotten very good at avoiding using those means. I also do not plan on having another, though there is always room for divine intervention. Mostly, I'm stopping because I know my own limits.

Also, we don't completely abstain from intimacy when avoiding- just adjust our methods so pregnancy isn't a concern. Probably TMI, but it makes using this "system" more doable for many couples, so wanted to point out that as an option.
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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

I would be, but it takes 2 you know. So when Chaise decides to get a vasectomy, we are done. Simce we are very clear on my beliefs, and he respects me, it is his responsibility to prevent them if he doesn't want them... so if any babies sneak in before then, we will love and welcome them.
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We are! I decided this to some extent before we got married. I guess I got my belief from reading in the old testament in the genealogy, it states God opened the womb and they conceived, and God closed the womb, etc. this is what got me thinking I guess. Also I felt that hormonal birth control tends to not be very healthy (at least for several women I know). Then after dh and I got married I did much more extensive research on bc and decided the only thing I would ever be able to do in good consciance is nfp. I don't really have an issue with NFP, and may use it at some point, just not where we're at right now. I also have told dh that if he decides he is done and wants to get a vas, I would not go against him, but I won't get my tubes tied. He is very much on board with the quiverful life though, so I don't think that will ever happen.
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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

I have done some research on the religion, just because it interested me. My take on having children is this, though. God commanded Adam and Eve to have children, then he also commanded Noah and his family the same thing "fill the earth". The Bible says that children are a blesssing....however, in the first century, after Jesus' ransom sacrifice, the Christians were commanded, not to make more Christians by having children, but to go and preach and teach about God's kingdom.
In matthew 24:14, Jesus said to "go forth and make disciples", not to go forth and make children, if that makes sense. It's impossible in these days to have a huge family and to have time to go out and preach to others in the way that Jesus and his disciples did. Having a family, especially a large one, is consuming of time and resources. Paul advised those that could, to stay single so that they could focus on preaching about God's Kingdom and doing His will to their fullest extent. He wasn't saying that having a family was a bad thing- there are lots of examples in the Bible of families who worshipped God together, but in these days that Jesus said would be so difficult to live in ("last days of wickedness") a very large family can make it that much more difficult.

So I think there is a balance to be had. Yes, children are a gift from God, but it is NOT a Bible teaching that Christians are commanded to have as many children as possible. Also, the Bible says that "time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all", so I also do not believe that God dictates our whole lives, including our reproduction. There are examples in the Bible where he blesses godly women with children, but to say that HE is doing so to all professed Christians today is going beyond what the scriptures say.
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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

my dh & i r quiverfull. we believe in not useing birth controll/nfp & that God will show us a single that he is done & r family is complete. we believe that the children God gives us r a blessing & ment to b here & he wont give us more then God feels we can handle or care for. we also trust that God will provide for all r needs w/ how large or small he plains r family to be. we also learned that w/ the resorces he gives us we need to use wisly to provide for r family. we save all r clothes that r still in good shape & hand them down. Aney shirt, pants, bedding, ect.... that is ripped we try to fix it but if we cnt we try to find another use for it. like make cloth wipes, cloth diapers, cleaning rags, bags, ect.. we also by used & donate aney extras we have that we dont need.
my prago brain just went blank on me. lol but if i can come up w/ aneything to add i will
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Re: Any quiverfull mamas out there?

Technically yes and no. We do believe in practicing NFP, but it was our charting error after the birth of our son that caused me to conceive 3 months post-partum.

We'll have been married for about 2 years and 2 weeks when baby2 is born.

We are Catholic and stick to the no birth control teaching - and only NFP if there is "good reason"....
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