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Unhappy Giving up on CDing...

Has anyone considered or actually given up on CDing? I'm pretty much to this point! I've gone through four diapering systems (pockets, AIO, AI2 and hybrid) with minimal success and a huge roller coaster of emotions; yes, highs and lows have characterized my jump into the world of CDing with poor fits, rashes, chafed skin, exuberant expenses and umpteen leaks as badges of dismay.

Has anyone been on the brink of giving up and then found the perfect end-all, be-all diaper combo for a chubby-thighed, heavy-wetter that brought you back to the ledge? I don't mean to sound negative about CDing because I really, reallly want it to work, but it just hasn't. At this point it is pretty much a joke around the house and has added lots of unnecessary stress and flushed (no pun intended) money down the drain.

I'm all ears if there is a ray of light from a success story out there! If not, there may be an FSOT post in the near future.


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Have you considered going super simple with just prefolds and covers? I use flip covers and haven't had a leak yet and your LO might be allergic to synthetic materials so using cotton prefolds might help ward off rashes. Just something to consider. AND if you do try prefolds and covers then at least you'll be able to say you tried EVERYTHING before you walked away.
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Re: Giving up on CDing...

Our go to diaper system is our BGOS 3.0s. They are about to be on their 3rd hiney and still going strong.
My only advice is to not go so hard on yourself. If you end up throwing in the towel on cloth, then don't beat yourself up about it! Do what works for your family, and in the end be happy with what you choose! Just as long as your family is happy, that's what matters!
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Re: Giving up on CDing...

I'm right there with you- but I can't walk away. I am too hard headed and I have ti listen to dh. He is on board because it was suppose to save money if give up it won't and he won't let me hear the end of it. Our sized BG 3.0's are great- we had some issues with stink and I can't get it out a of a couple of them. I am currently experimenting with flats, pfs, best bottoms and grovia. All of which I like, but none are "perfect" I do like the flats and snappied prefolds- but can't seem to find a cover that really does it for me. Like pp suggested try some flats or prefold- they are not as absorbent as what you've been using, but you can add an insert to the center. I like to snappie because i think everything is too bulky folded. The folds for a flat are way simpler then I thought they would be.
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Re: Giving up on CDing...

I guess that I haven't experienced a downside to cloth diapering... I have used prefolds and covers from day 1. I slowly added some flats and prefitteds to my stash. Could it be the water condition? Or like kferg mentioned, your LO could be allergic to synthetic fibers. I know of a dear friend and mommy who recently gave birth to her LO. She had pockets and other synthetic fibers diapers and she ended up trading them in because her LO would break out in rash. She ended up going the prefold and flat route. Give it a whirl and let us know. Also, I change quite often so I don't allow my LO go a long time without a diaper change. I recently got some doublers that I've been meaning to prep today for extra absorbency where my LO needs it. Let us know how things go! Hugs to you mama.

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Re: Giving up on CDing...

I would recommend giving up for a week and using disposables. Really!

I did this when i needed a break, they smelt like a chemical toilet, leaked everywhere, every time he peed, and left my little one with an awful rash. I really enjoyed going back to my flats and goodmamas! I'd always recommend simplifying if you are having problems. Prefolds and flats are brilliant. We were at home a lot of the time so i didn't really use covers much. Ds also potty trained himself young and quickly, i put it down entirely to cloth diapers that let him realise when he was wet.

I hope it works out for you, but if it doesn't don't beat yourself up about it. Happy mothers = happy babies
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Re: Giving up on CDing...

I went through that when DD was about 5 months, I didn't want to give up but it seemed like nothing was working, she was 20 lbs and 26 inches tall = HUGE legs and HUGE belly, nothing fit her right. I went with PF's trifolded for a while, I also love my sized BG 3.0's - always have. They are great daytime diapers, for night we use 4.0s literally double stuffed, 1 bg os insert and 1 HH large insert. DD is 21 months and drinks somewhere between 16 and 24 oz a night still, so we have a super soaker. For the longest time we'd have to change her with everyfeeding, but as a toddler she would have NOTHING to do with it, she would have a complete 2 am meltdown because she just wanted to sleep.

Good luck mama! I def recommend going with PF's for a bit, its cheap and it lasts a long time
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Re: Giving up on CDing...

A previous poster suggested taking a break from cd and going to disposibles for a week or so? I did this around the holidays when I was overwhelmed with just life. It is frustrating when you can not find something that works. I don't have a suggestion on diapers because my son is long and skinny. I started out with bgos 3.0, then added hemp to that, bg organics from fsot, and then after Christmas found I also liked econobum prefolds and covers. They are great at holding in leaks. I don't trifold the prefolds but fold them in half length wise otherwise the prefold slides to the back and it looks like we have a very fluffy hiney. Which diapers have you tried? If we know what you have tried then maybe someone might be able to suggest something. I wish I had found econobum covers and prefolds from the start, but wish they came with applix. I don't think my sitter would use them so the bgos and bg organics are great for her. Don't feel bad if you do give up because you tried for a while. People thought I was nuts when I said I was going to cloth diaper. My husband now calls it my hobby.
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Re: Giving up on CDing...

My DS is chubby-thighed and a heavy wetter! I tried a lot of different dipes before I decided I like Grovia hybrids best (thankfully was able to sell the other brands on eBay and cut my losses! Mamas love to buy gently used dipes for just a few dollars less). I usually just trifold a prefold for him, lay it in the hybrid shell, and we're good to go. I like to have cotton or hemp against his skin, it seems so much gentler than microfiber. The other nice thing about using prefolds is that you can buy a TON of them and not really spend much, so I can change him very often and not run out. You can use the same shell until he poops or it gets stinky, usually three or four changes.
However, in the summer DS gets a heat rash and I have to shuffle around, dig out some BG 4.0's, and sometimes use a few non-chlorine disposables. So in short, I second what everyone else said-- just don't beat yourself up! Sell what isn't working for you, try rotating different styles, etc. I've felt like quitting before, too, but I am extremely stubborn about it and don't want to have that on my record if you know what I mean, haha. Good luck, Mama!
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Re: Giving up on CDing...

I agree with the simple option- prefolds and covers. It's worked for us for 2.5 yrs
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