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Adding meals

When did you start adding meals? Right now my LO eats dinner but not breakfast or lunch; I don't want to do anything to mess up our BFing so was curious when others added meals. Also, how concerned should I be if he starts dropping feeds with the increased foods? Thanks


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Re: Adding meals

Under a year old, they should not drop a feeding when introducing solids. If they do, you should back off the solids till they are back to what they normally would do, as far as BFing.

Check out and search "starting solids".

Should I offer solids before or after nursing?

What we're aiming for during the first year is to have solids complementing breastmilk, not replacing it. This means that when solids are introduced the breastfeeding pattern is not interrupted at all, but baby is fed solids in slowly increasing amounts as his appetite increases. Baby will be getting the same amount of breastmilk (or even more) as he gets older, with increasing amounts of solids on top of that.

I think the main point in the matter is maintaining breastmilk as baby's main source of nutrition throughout the first year. This is important both to baby's good nutrition and good health. The nutrients in breastmilk are particularly important for growth and development during baby's first year. In addition, some (but certainly not all) of the health benefits of breastfeeding are directly related to the degree of exclusivity of breastfeeding (the greater the percentage of baby's diet made up of breastmilk, the greater the health benefit).

Nursing before (rather than after) the solids is a good way to help keep the transition to solids proceeding slowly so that mom's milk supply is maintained and baby gets the breastmilk that he needs.

Here is the link:
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Re: Adding meals

I took my baby's lead and she decided to have only solids for breakfast at about 9 months. The rest of the day, she continued to want to survive on a liquid diet.

Now, at almost 11 months, she has severely decreased the amount of liquid she will intake. It's easier for me to tell, because I use bottles, but it appears that she's attempting to wean herself. I am not pushing her to add meals at all. I do put her in the high chair 2-3 times a day, but for the most part, she just made a mess and drank from her bottle. Her small intake of solids never interfered with the amount of liquid she drank.

now, she pushes the bottle away or won't open her mouth, or will only take 2 ounces where she used to take 5. She no longer wants a big morning bottle after waking up and is still interested in eating every 2 hours, but not in liquid.

I am concerned because this is my first kid and I've never experienced a child weaning themselves before. The idea of having to make sure that she's getting all her nutritional needs met with solids seems daunting. I'm glad that she's still taking atleast 20 ounces of liquid a day.

and I have been trying to maintain the liquid diet until 1 year because that's what I'm supposed to do. but the child doesn't seem to have read that book. I have a difficult time believing that some amazing thing happens to her digestive system on her 1yr birthday making it all of a sudden okay for her to live on a mostly solid diet.

I do, however, think it's important to follow your kids lead and try to keep them on a liquid diet for as long as possible (up to a year, I guess, or longer if you really want to).

I firmly believe that your child will decide the right time to add meals, if you allow them to. I always gave her a full bottle with breakfast and over several months, she decreased the size of that bottle until she was completely unwilling to have it at all.

I think, if you replace a meal that your child is not ready to give up, you can possibly see them start waking up extra at night, etc to feed to get the liquid that they need.

So, I think to just be in tune with your kid and let them lead you.
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