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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

We are a pretty conservative family (though since we live in a very liberal area, I doubt anyone on the Bible belt would call us that) and plan to send all our kids to a private Baptist school. The education is definitely better, more one on one time with each student, they will be surrounded by kids and adults who share our values, and not be in our ghetto neighborhood. Lol. Definitely worth the money.


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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

Our 3 year old DD is going to a private school for full-day preschool. She is high functioning autistic and qualifies for special education services at the public school but the private school is able to provide her with more therapy hours and a lot more one-on-one time in the classroom. It is very expensive but we qualify for a grant for part of the tuition and family is helping us out with the rest. Early intervention makes all the difference in the world for kids on the spectrum so we consider ourselves extremely blessed to be able to provide her with such a high level of intervention in her preschool years.

After she requires the intense special education services we will likely continue in private school. In our area there are many amazing private schools - especially for high school - that do a fantastic job of preparing kids for college.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

It really depends on what you are looking for in a school. I went to private schools until I started my Master's degree. DH and I have sent our children to private schools.

For us, it is a values thing. The values - moral and spiritual - that are important to us are supported at their schools. However, we would probably homeschool if the schools were not providing a high quality education. It is a sacrifice to pay their tuition, but we look at it as a long-term investment in their future.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

My kids go to a pricey "prep school". We picked it because the education is better than our local Catholic school but they are still allowed freedom to discuss their religion and moral beliefs (which the public school in our area isn't really open to). Homeschooling just wasn't for us.

Truthfully, the "book" education is worth every penny. However, I'm not the biggest fan of the fact that my kids are kept in a little bit of a socioeconomic "bubble". We live a relatively frugal lifestyle which is NOT the norm for the families at this school.

There are pros and cons to each type of schooling. I don't judge because each family's needs and wants are so incredibly different. None of our friend's kids go to prep school and that's totally cool with me.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

My DD goes to a Christian private school. We like it cause it goes along with our beliefs, more one on one and great staff. We live in a small town and there just seems to be too much politics in the public school, so we are going to avoid it if possible. (For example short version a friend of mine was fired as a teacher cause the principal of the middle school wife needed a job)It is pricey but worth it in our opinion.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

I went to private school and then public my sr year of high school. I am so very glad I never went to public school for the majority of my schooling. Most of the reasons I want DD in a private school have already been mentioned. But my reasoning was confirmed when I did my internship in the public school system. Some of the teachers treat the kids like crap, there were a lot of kids that I would not want my DD around EVER, and I feel that academically private schools have a lot more too offer.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

Not at the moment but I have been thinking about it a lot. Thankfully we live in one of the best public school zones in the country so we have it pretty good already.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

We send DS to private Catholic School. He did two years at another (christian) private Preschool (3 year old class, then PreK). I am so glad we did it. The envirnoment was so nuturing and he loved it. He already knows how to read! We were so forunate to find such an awesome program. PreK is not a requirement in GA but we felt it was the best decision for us. He just started K this week and we are also happy with our decision to continue the private school route. I got my BS from a private university and loved it. They were nice small classes and great interaction with my professors.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

DS is currently in private preschool, and his little brother will most likely follow him there as well. Both DS and our next little bean are (or will be) September babies and thus just miss the cut-off for school admittance in our area. So my DH and I have chosen a private school in the area that goes up to 2nd grade and advances a child based on their progress and development, not age. Both DS' will probably be there through kindergarten or 1st grade (or rather until they are 6 or 7) before moving on to Public School.

But we have no intention of sending them to Private School for the rest of their school careers. We might be able to find an area private school that has superior academics to our public school, but I don't think the difference is big enough to merit the cost. The district we live in is good, not the best, but not the worst either. And I believe that the big difference in my children's success is going to be my involvement as a parent, not the school.

This POV is mostly derived from my own upbringing. My mother was more concerned with working to afford private school than actually being around as a parent. I'm not bashing my mom, but she worked way more than I will ever be comfortable with as a parent. A large part of her earnings went to private schooling. I feel it is more important that I focus on being present for my children, and involved in their schooling than off working to try and afford a private school (which would be well beyond our basic budget).

All that said, I am not closed-minded to private schooling. And if it ever becomes necessary for one reason or another (I don't feel that my children are thriving in a public setting, etc.) then I will not hesitate to enroll them in a private school.
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Re: Do you send your kid to private school?

Our kiddos attend public school but we moved to a smaller town with a much better school system. If we had stayed in the city our kids would have gone to private school.
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