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Can I leave my baby and come back to nursing?

DS is almost 13 months old. He is only nursing 2 times per day, morning and night. I have not been on a date with DH since he has been born. We are wanting to do a get away weekend on Sept. 10th, but I am not really ready to wean those feedings. Can I leave him or will he just wean? Will my milk just dry up? I highly doubt I will respond to a pump. I just don't know what to do, and I am torn. I am not done nursing, but he could wean easily. He takes a straw cup all day and does great, and never goes to sleep nursing. Any advice?



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Re: Can I leave my baby and come back to nursing?

I hope someone else has a better answer for you, but personally I wouldn't go. Maybe just get a baby sitter for the day and be back in time for bed time. Or sometimes I like to go out at night after the girls are in bed. That way I get out with my husband for an evening date and someone will stay home with them while they sleep. Maybe you have already done this and just want a longer get away? I don't plan on anything like that until my daughter is fully weaned.

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Re: Can I leave my baby and come back to nursing?

That's really hard to call. I had to leave DD for the first time earlier this week - left early Sunday afternoon and didn't get back until about 10pm Monday, so not as long as you would be gone. I took the pump with me so that I wouldn't get engorged and just crawled into her bed, woke her up, and nursed her when I got home. She did fine and she's nursing again as if I never left. But, she is 4 months shy of being 3 years old, so she's a lot older and she still nurses 4-5 times a day, so our pattern is different from yours.

If you really want to go, then I would suggest taking a pump and pumping at the times he normally nurses so that your body doesn't get the message that it should stop producing milk. If you don't have a pump, look for videos online for how to hand express and do that instead. The point is to empty the breasts at the usual times.

He may go right back to nursing when you return, or you may have to encourage him a little. At his age I would think he would pick it right back up, especially if you resume it in a quiet place with no distractions.
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Re: Can I leave my baby and come back to nursing?

my daughter is 14 months and most days nurses more than that. I work PT evenings (I do pump) on some weekends. My DH would love to spend the weekends that I work at the beach with my parents but I'm too scared about the nursing situation...DD is pretty "attached" to nursing and she probably wouldn't wean but I still think even being away the night time and the morning session would be too much time away
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Re: Can I leave my baby and come back to nursing?

With DS we went away for 2 different weekend between the time he was 14 and 16 months and he didn't wean. He self weaned at 18 months. I think every child is different, but for us the first thing DS did when he saw me was sign milk.
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Going for 2 days without nursing will not be good for your supply or your bf relationship. If you would be ok with him possibly weaning, go for it.
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Re: Can I leave my baby and come back to nursing?

With DD I went away over night when she was 11 mths old. There wasn't an issue she just started nursing again when I got back . I'd say go for it, but each baby is different.
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Re: Can I leave my baby and come back to nursing?

I've done it.

Even though you don't think you want to try the pump, I HIGHLY suggest it. Even if you're not producing much milk, it would be beneficial to do it so your body doesn't think you're ready to wean (and also so that you don't get MASTITIS!!! It's horrid.)

Your baby will very likely come back to it. If you were gone two WEEKS (like I just was), then it's less likely. I sadly had to stop completely after my long trip. But I was away for 5 days earlier this year, and she came back just fine.

When you get back, just make sure you let her nurse a little more frequently and as long as she would like. Your milk supply will be back in a couple of days.

It's healthy to keep a good relationship with your husband and "get away", but like I said, I'd HIGHLY suggest pumping, and as soon as you come home, nurse that baby.
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