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help us make a schedule!

As you may notice I am up at 2:14 am

I have a 25 month old son and a 5 month old ebf daughter. Our lives are pretty chaotic these days...

Does anyone else have kids this age? If so, what do you do all day? I mean, I feel like I am either breastfeeding her or getting him out of whatever mess he's created while I was breastfeeding her! I SO need a routine! My daughter is on no kind of schedule. I feed her when she's hungry and try to let her sleep when she's tired, but it's getting to the point where we need a little more consistency. I don't mean I want to enforce a strict schedule, esp on the baby, but I need to schedule some time in my day for picking up the house, doing laundry, cooking, and some more structured time with DS. He is pretty bright, and is ready for some "preschool" type activities. I don't want to put him in preschool at 2 though.

Maybe if I have more of a routine, I won't be up at 2 am!!!!

Thanks for any advice!


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Re: help us make a schedule!

sorry mama I dont really have any advice it really took us about 6 months before we *fell* into a schedule with mikey which was up for 2-3 hours and down for 1-2 worked out nicely until now he is changing his sleeping patterns again.

We have been incorporating teh park during the day which is noce for him because he can explore and also get so fresh air and activity.

Mayeb you can try some letters and numbers flash cards or make games with letters corresponding to certain rooms and what youre cleaning at the moment
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Re: help us make a schedule!

when our Daughter was born, our son was 15 months old and i was ebf her.. it was hectic! SOOOO... i had a basket of toys in the room i was BF and just things for our son to do while i was in the room watching him and feeding our daughter. We would also watch TV and try to find little activities i could do while nursing. I then quit nursing and now that my son and daughter are older, they have more of a schedule--- Daughter and son get up at around 7-8am... get breakfest.. watch TV until about 11-12- eat lunch... nap for a few hours... up- snack time.... play together or seperate (mattering on their moods).. dinner... bath... story time... bed around 8-9pm. thats my typical day with a 10month old and 2yr old.

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Re: help us make a schedule!

I've printed out some activities from different homeschool curriculums and some character based websites (like has dora, blues clues, diego, backyardigans, etc).

I don't really have any advice as I'm trying to implement a schedule/routine here too...but, good luck! I'm just trying to figure out kind of how their behavior goes through the see when they need more structured activities..when best to wake, nap, and go to bed....when they need more outside or active play..etc etc.

Good luck!
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Re: help us make a schedule!

oh my momma - I'm so sorry!!

I think your doing the best you can . I think your doing right by feeding the baby on demand also. We did this, and I just couldn't imagine putting DD on an actual bfing schedule.

Have you ck'd at your local (or even next closest town/city) library for reading to win type classes? The next town over offers classes from 0-2 on Wednesdays and 0-5 on Thursday, but our city only offers things for 2 and up. So, maybe they have something (even if it's just once a week) for your oldest to learn and be around other kids to play.

Maybe take a few days and (like u have any extra time ) write down when and what your kids are doing during the day. Then, you can look at this and see when there are times in your day that you could start making small changes in their schedules (obviously nothing big for your youngest-maybe something like tummy time?) where your able to do laundry for 10 mins at a time, or something like that. I took notes a whole lot during DD's 1st yr, and kept a log of when she woke at night too. This helped me to evaluate our day and see where I could make changes.

I wish you well momma, and I hope you get to take a bath or something for yourself occationally!!
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Re: help us make a schedule!

I had dd #3 when dd#2 was just 21 months old. Then when dd#3 was 11 months old I had ds. So within 36 months I had 3 children who were under the age of 4. (plus an older child age 7). I gave up trying to force a schedule. It made me crazy and I found myself stressed all the time. DH just said, do what you need to do to get through the day - and I will help you when I get home. The man did a lot of cooking and laundry in those years. If we were up late, it was no biggie because he would get my older daughter to school on time. My advice is just do the best you can, but don't stress about a schedule when you are ebf'ing. Eventually their sleep and play patterns will fall into place when your babe weans. In the meantime, just try to encourage your older child to rest when you and the baby can rest. When my dd#3 was born I would get dd#2 to nap with us by laying on mommy and daddy's bed. She LOVED to be in our bed so she was happy to rest with us if I let her lay on my bed. We had a very crowded bed during those years.
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