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Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

I usually put dd to bed around 8pm so I can have some "me time" Well, she just started fussing so I went into the bedroom and layed next to her thinking she need to eat - nope. She just rolls to her side, laying stomach to stomach with mine and falls asleep. She is only 3 months old and I am afraid I have created a monster I LOVE sleeping with her but I do not plan to do it forever and at this rate she will be in our bed for much longer then I thought. Luckily I just bought a "Bed Hog." shirt because it fits her perfectly! Will I have a hard time transitioning her into her own space when she is older?


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I'm lucky if I get ds to bed by 8:45. He often wakes 45 minutes later. DH was worried about the same thing so we compromised and around 6 weeks I started putting ds to bed in his crib. Then when he wakes to nurse I co-sleep in the guest bed with him. He was doing great sleeping 6-7 hours but ever since we went on a trip in early July he has been waking every 3-4 hours! Ugh! I think we have the same kind of monster! I'm tired but I don't want to think about how tired I would be if I couldn't just snooze through his night feedings!
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

We didn't even really try to break the cosleeping habit until DS1 was about 14 months when I started getting bad morning sickness, and we transitioned him to a toddler bed over about a week or two. He didn't have any problems with it, and was super excited to have his own bed. He sometimes would sleep in his crib before that, but he had started climbing out on the lowest setting, so he would just sleep with us anyway.

Now, he sleeps in his bed every night. DS2 just turned 3 months, and he sleeps about 4-5 hours by himself. He usually wakes around 4 or 5ish to eat and then sleeps by me until around 7, when he eats again. I usually either put him back in his bed or he just sleeps by himself in our bed until he wakes around 10.

He doesn't need movement, though, like DS1 did, to fall asleep. We, most of the time, just put him down sleepy and he takes a nap or sleeps for a few hours. It is a 180 compared to DS1!!
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We transition at around 6-9 months. I find it easiest and to be honest, our kids have never CIO and sleep like champs. Each going into twin beds at 16$18 months
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

well dd is almost 1 and will not go to sleep without me... its horrible. she refuses to take naps unless she is being held. She wont even let daddy put her to sleep. She screams as soon as she sees her crib
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

DS is 13 months and I lay him down every night in our bed - nursing him (he needs movement to fall asleep) while we rock or walk, then I lay him down still latched and then slowly move away...he won't stand for anyone else putting him to sleep. Sometimes my mom can do it, he loves her, so she works her grandma magic. For naps I'm the only one who's ever with him for those and I either nap with him (maybe 1/3 of the time) or do the same thing as night time. Honestly, it's just what works for him, and while it would be great if DH could put him to bed he's just not ready for it yet. He screams and cries (not just fuss) with him if he even tries to walk him to bed....though we had a few months around 6 months where he only wanted DH to lay him down.

Ds also needed to sleep only on someone for the first 6 months or so. I hear all babies are different so I'm just trusting that that's what he needs and since it's working we'll stick with it until it's not working anymore. Or until we get pregnant (hopefully soon!) and see if it needs to change then.
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

Ours didn't transition out of our bed until they were two. You're doing a wonderful thing for your baby. Enjoy these times!
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I agree with enjoying it but don't let it go on too long. I love co-sleeping but I have my almost 4 yo in bed with me & my husband in the guest room to avoid head kicks. I'm due in November with our last & I doubt I will co-sleep much after the 4th trimester. I did create a monster, he has never slept a full night without mama in bed with him.
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

We have co-slept until all the kids were 2- 2 1/2. We eventually move them into bed with a sibling once they are asleep. My oldest did not sleep through the night until he was almost 4 and we moved his little brother to bed with him. From then on it had never been a problem.

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Hang in there and do what your gut tells you.
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

I say enjoy the snuggles now, soon she'll be way too busy to spend time cuddling.

We co-slept with DS until he was about 10-11 months old. At that point, he just kind of naturally transitioned to wanting his own space.
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