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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

Awwww. That is sweet, I imagine that she is just scared alone.
Although I'm not a good one to ask, mine co-sleep to at least 4. And my MDD is almost 6 and in a side car twin bed. I don't like to sleep alone so why do I think they would? As a child I co-slept with my little sister until I was 16ish.


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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

I went through many months when my son would not sleep without me (attached to my boob). While it was a nice excuse to lay down and get some rest for me, I really really wanted him to be able to sleep alone so I could get some stuff done or just have some mom time or even just to take a nap by myself on my back without anyone attached to me. We continued co-sleeping for most of the night, but were able to transition him to sleeping for naps and evening (7-10ish) in his crib alone. It was a lot of work - basically nursing, walking, rocking him to sleep and hoping he wouldn't wake up - and it took a while for both of us to get the routine down, but it has been so worth it! He will now sleep in his crib and will go to sleep (usually) awake but tired, another thing I thought would never ever happen.

Since he did fine sleeping in his crib by himself, he now sleeps in his crib all the time. He still wakes in the night, I bring him to bed for a few minutes to feed him, then put him back in his crib. And there was a time I thought it would never happen. Mostly, I credit him getting older and us establishing a consistent routine (I still always nurse him just before a nap, hungry or not).
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

Babies don't even start creating habits until about 5-6 months, so you don't need to worry! Do whatever works now, and you can work on what you want your ultimate goal to be (such as your LO sleeping in a crib or whatever) in a few months. But don't panic if your LO doesn't have it all down by 6 months old. Babies and toddlers at any age can create new habits (and let go of old ones); it's more work for us the older they are, but even sometimes they'll surprise us at how flexible or willing to adapt to the new situation they are!

It is impossible to spoil a 3 month old. It is impossible to create a monster at that age. :-) Just love, hold, cuddle with, and enjoy your LO as much as possible!
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

We transition our girls over at 5 or 6 months and use a variation of CIO. So far the whole transition for each of our older two girls only took maybe 3 days. no big deal. but we were also on a routine already so its just a matter of where they are sleeping. I don't nurse them to sleep either.
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

I'm going to go against the grain and say that I don't see co-sleeping as a habit. I see it as a natural and normal thing to do. I also don't put a limit on co-sleeping with my kids. 6 months is still less than they spent in the womb. I let my kids wean themselves. I believe my children are smart enough to know when they are comfortable being in their own beds or their own rooms, I believe that I can instill that confidence in them by keeping them close when they are very young and allowing them to make the decision themselves. ds1 weaned at 3 years and has never had any sleep issues or problems. He goes to bed, awake, at 8 pm every night after brushing his teeth and reading a story. He does not fight bed time even if he's not all that tired. ds2 is only 16 months and still in bed with us. He also goes to bed at 8 pm (sometimes a little before, sometimes a little after) and doesn't fight it either. He falls asleep within 10 minutes, and we've never done CIO, CC or any other type of sleep training.
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

We bed shared or co-slept (bassinet/crib in our room) until he was 7 1/2 months. He. slept. so. poorly.

Finally at 7 1/2 months when I was already about 4 months pregnant, I decided I was done - he needed to see how he liked being in his own room.

2 nights he woke up, we went and got him, brought him to our bed to eat - where he slept poorly afterwards. and about 2 nights, we fed him in HIS room and put him back to bed. the next night, he slept through the night from then on (5 months now)
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Re: Co Sleeping - I have created a MONSTER

I say if you're enjoying it don't worry about getting her out. We don't think co-sleeping is a bad habit to be broken, it's a loving way to model healthy sleep habits for DD She'll move in to her own bed when she's ready to be on her own at night. In the meantime I enjoy telling everyone who asks about sleepless nights that we never had that issue. We even get to sleep in when DH doesn't have to go to work; I sleep topless and DD gets self-serve breakfast lol Enjoy it while it lasts!
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