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Our HBAC story- long version

Friday afternoon I called the midwife to let her know that my contractions were 5 minutes apart and strong. I was surprised and disappointed when they fizzled by morning. The next day the midwife came over to check on us. Baby's heartrate was great. I had been having contractions every ten or so minutes but they quieted down when the midwife came. She suggested I do what I had been doing when my contractions had been the strongest. So I got into the bathtub for a nice hot bubble bath, got out and laid down to read my book. It worked! My labor got going again. So I went to my room to continue my labor without distractions. I laid around and read my book. I called the midwife around 6pm and she observed me for a bit then told me to call her when I wanted her to come back, she would stay in town.
Around 8pm, I had DH call her. My contractions were almost back to back, very intense, but short. She checked me (for the second time the entire pg) and I was surprised/dissappointed to only be at 4 or 5. She told us baby's head was coming in crooked and shifted baby's head into a better position. Contractions came less often but were longer and intense. I labored in the bedroom for a while, ordering DH around, then went to downstairs to soak in the bathtub by myself. The midwife would magically appear whenever I needed her, with more hot water, a drink, advice on how to deal with the contractions. Mostly I was by myself, chanting to the baby through the contractions, "lowwwwww" and "ouuuuuuuuut" and "baaaaaaaaabyyyyyy." After about 2.5 hours in the tub, the midwife made me get out to pee. I had a contraction between each step to the toilet. This is when the words "epidural" and "csection" started flashing in my head. Afterward, I somehow made it up the stairs and labored on my hands and knees on my bed until I got too shaky. Then I laid on my side and labored some more. DH was actually asleep in the bed next to me up until this point. He had taken benedryl after being stung by yellow jackets earlier in the day and was oblivious to the wife in labor, midwife, and midwife's assistant in the room. I felt pushy but didn't want to be checked. I tried pushing on my side for about half an hour but had no progress. Then I prayed. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted and so desperate to be done. I prayed to God for strength. The midwife told me I needed to change positions, but I already knew that, I was just working myself up for it.
I got onto my hands and knees and pushed with every urge. At this point I was making a lot of noise but didn't care. I had to push that baby out. I screamed once while her head was coming out, the midwife kinda slapped my side and told me, "stop that, don't push." It took a couple more urges and lots more pushing, but 2 minutes after her head came out, I got her shoulders out and she was born. Such a relief! I was so happy and thankful. I could see that her color wasn't good, but she was moving and trying to make some noise, so I wasn't worried. The cord had been wrapped very tight around her neck and arm, so the midwife had to untangle her as she was born, then she passed the baby between my legs and I layed down. It was awkward because the cord was so short, I couldn't get a good look at her or really hold her. So I cuddled up around her while she pinked up. After about 20 minutes, I cut her cord, and nursed her. She latched right on and nursed for about 40 minutes.
Her entire forehead all the way down to her eyelids was very bruised and she had a big bump on her head, but it helped us figure out why the labor was difficult and so stop and go (for weeks before she was born). She was all caught up in her short cord so the side of her head had gotten stuck in my cervix. I had been walking around for weeks at 4-5 cm but didn't know it because I don't do cervical checks unless there is a reason to. My water must have broken at some point without me knowing it, so her skin was all peeling and her ears were curled up over themselves. She had a slow start because once her head was delivered the cord was so tight around her neck that no blood could flow through it. Surprisingly that was the only time she was stressed. The placenta had started to detach before she was born, so she ended up aspirating some blood which she coughed up later that day.
Right after she was born, my mom and 3 yr old (he had been awake for a couple hours) came in to see the baby. DH woke up the older boys (I can't believe they slept through all the noise) and they came to meet their little sister, too. She was born at 2:48am on August 14, weighing 9 pounds even and measuring 22.5 inches long. When she was 5 days old we named her Frances Glee.
Although the labor and delivery were very difficult, I am so glad that we had her at home. I didn't tear. Recovery has been a breeze. My milk came in quickly and she was well over her birth weight at one week old.
Here she is at about 6 days old:


Cristina- Mama to a bunch of super kids!
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Re: Our HBAC story- long version

Congratulations and great job!
Sabrina - Momma to DS 10/09 and DD 8/11
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Re: Our HBAC story- long version

Such a cutie, and her hair is so long and thick looking =)
~ crystal~ wife to Daniel
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Re: Our HBAC story- long version

Congrats! Glad everything worked out!!! cutie pie!!
Vanessa, Wife to Jeff, SAHM to Vivian(9/26/06) Lauren(10/04/08) Evan (8/31/11), and Samuel Dean (8/17/13)
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Wow - awesome job!! She's precious!

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Congrats on your HBAC!! and wouldn't you know you DH would get stung earlier that day darn it lol!

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Re: Our HBAC story- long version

Wow, what a birth story. So glad she is here and healthy. She's beautiful!
Mom to my sweeties!
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Re: Our HBAC story- long version

LOVE her name!

Congrats mama!
Anna, Catholic Mama & RN to Noah (12), Sophia (9), Quinn (8) & Joseph (4) and Francis (2) & newbie squish, Anthony (6/15).
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Re: Our HBAC story- long version

So cute- congrats!

And great job!
Crystal, mama to Svetlana Ash (6), Naima Noelle (4), and Yesenia Scarlett (born Aug 16, 2011!!)
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