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I'm terrified I'll fail at TTA

I'm so afraid of getting pregnant. Right now we're using condoms but I feel like we should be using a Paraguard, BCP, condoms and pull out. Ok, maybe not quite ALL of that but I REALLY would take it hard if I got pregnant. AF still hasn't returned and I'm 9 months PP but I constantly worry about getting pregnant. I try to watch for signs of ovulation and haven't seen any yet but I've never tracked that before. Hearing stories about condoms breaking , IUDs falling out, ovulating twice in a month and everything else is nearly enough to make me abstain. If you're extremely serious about avoiding what all do you do?


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Re: I'm terrified I'll fail at TTA

I am VERY not ready to be pregnant again as well (DD is 11 months). I've had AF since 4 months PP, though, despite exclusively BF'ing. Anyway, I monitor my CM (mine is very obvious), and use condoms unless I'm well past O'ing. I've never had any sign of O'ing twice in a cycle, but I know it *can* happen. I'm just not comfortable with hormonal BC or anything that could potentially cause a miscarriage or failure to implant if an egg is fertilized. We do our best, and have faith that if I *did* get pregnant unexpectedly, that I'm taken care of by Someone bigger than me.
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Re: I'm terrified I'll fail at TTA

We depend on condoms too. So far we've never had a break or slip or anything concerning. With "perfect use" they are pretty effective, like 98%
My babe is close to 7 months and I'm still waiting for PPAF :/
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Re: I'm terrified I'll fail at TTA

I am in your EXACT same boat! And my DD is 3 days older than yours, too funny! We used condoms too and I take tests every so often, since PPAF hasn't returned either. I actually took one this morning actually and it was negative so I'm pretty happy about that. We don't use any other forms of BC, but we don't DTD as often as a married couple should either! If we were very active I would for sure be on another form of BC. Let me also say that the month I got pg with our youngest DD we only DTD 2x that month and both times were with a condom, no spilling over/breaking/or falling off so I really have NO idea how we got pg with her!! It makes me beyond nervous that it will happen again. So my only advice is to double up on protection. Hugs!
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Re: I'm terrified I'll fail at TTA

haha, you sound like me! i got pg with DD on the pill! i had no idea and went to the doc because i thought i had a UTI. they told me i was pg (i was not married and had no plan to be). anyway we have sinc had another that we planned, but i am on the nuva ring now and was freaking out that i am going to get PG on it. i would love to be PG again and have a baby but i dont know about having another "kid" lol. so i am just trying to calm myself and just take it as it comes. If i have anotherone well then it was ment to be.
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