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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

My DS didn't outgrow his OS diapers until 3 1/2 (36 pounds). Keep in mind that your little one will change a lot between now and then. Once he starts walking and moving, he will slim down a TON!

And it's been fun to sell our OS stash to buy new toddler diapers


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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

My son is two and still fits the BG but did eventually out grow the rumparooz. when he was about 15 mths he had a gut and i thought the diapers wouldn't last but his body has canged and they still fit.
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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

Is he crawling? If not, he might thin out when he does start!
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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

My DS2 was also very huge (chubby) as an infant. We were mainly using OS Rocky Mountain Diapers, which he didn't seem to be outgrowing. However, I had to change his stash completely b/c he couldn't wear PUL without always having a rash (took me a while to figure out it was the PUL causing the issue) so when I changed his stash over I just bought size Larges (or made size Larges) even though he was only 8 months old. I didn't see the point of OS when he was already into the size ranges for Large...!

And now, having tried sized diapers, they are my preference b/c I think they look and fit better

If your stash is working and still fitting, keep on using it Maybe you'll have an opportunity to supplement w/Larges and then you can see for yourself how the fit may or may not be different.
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I have a 3 1/2 year old still in OS diapers. He was on the biggest rise setting at like 8 months old. We switched to kawaiis after he outgrew one size fitteds, and it works well because they run big. He's autistic, with no end to diapers in site. He still has another snap to go on the waist and he'll be on the last one. He's smaller than average, about 29lbs.
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Look at the rise when you buy o/s they range from 18-19". My son is 2 is outgrowing the rise. But is fine with the 19" rise (like o/s bg)
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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

Our son outgrew his BG 3.0 pockets at about 8 months and never fit back into them. The waist fit, but the legs were too tight and the rise too short. However, he was and still is 99% for height and weight. We used mostly size large diapers, and they were all larger than the OS diapers we tried. Most large diapers fit him until he was 35 lbs.
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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

I was afraid of this with DS when he was that age. In our one size Ebay dipes, he was on the largest rise but still had a little room in the waist. However, once he became mobile, he lost a little weight and now I've moved him back to the middle setting for the rise and he has TONS of room to grow in the waist. It doesn't seem to make sense that losing weight would affect the rise, but it somehow did.

And just for fun, I put one of our one size Ebay dipes on DD (who is almost 4 - abt 38 lbs and 41") and she surprisingly enough, it fit her just fine!
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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

Originally Posted by bcarroll9494 View Post
My dd1 was off the charts for height & weight .... but it was the waist that she outgrew first, not the rise.
This is my "little" guy. He has a really big waist & that is what he outgrew first. He's 20 months now & is close to 35 lbs & 38 inches. He has a 23 inch waist. He wears a size 3 or 4. We've been using disposables since my knee surgery 3 weeks ago (and the death of our washing machine LOL) & he just fits in a size 6 but could really use a 7. Pampers does make a 7 but I've only seen them at Amazon.

He outgrew most all One Size at or before 18 months. We had BG Elementals, RaR's, Happy Hiney's & Fuzzi Bunz (he outgrew them earlier). He outgrew the Grovia hybrids & Econobums at 11-12 months. Now at 20 months, BG 4.0's bearly fit in the waist & rise on the largest settings possible. He can still fit in the Flips covers now but is so wiggly that they can be hard to use since the inserts shift as he wiggles. I wish they were more secure in that aspect.

I've switched to XL Sbish fitteds & XL Motherease Airflow covers. I'm also interested to try some of the Motherease Toddlease fitteds.

But most kids slow down & while some do outgrow one size diapers, most are able to use them until they PL.
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Re: Fear of OS diapers being outgrown...

I had a 20 pound 6 month old boy who was wearing BG 3.0 pockets on their largest setting.

I had the same fear about them being outgrown, but it worked out just fine. He grew taller, slimmed, and fit into them STILL at 33 pound when he was 2 1/2 and potty trained. So its possible!

I have a pic of my son right before he potty trained last summer, he was around 33 lbs wearing a BG 3.0. I'll post it!

Here's another "how it fits" picture on him a year later weighing 35 lbs. Age 3.5:

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