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My 2 year old is 21 pounds and 31 inches. Some kids are just tiny

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At one that is a perfectly fine weight. My oldest wasn't 20lbs until at least 18 months, and she was over ten pounds at birth. She's still small, 27lbs at 3 & a half. Neither doctor she has ever seen has had a problem with it.
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My DS was almost 17lbs at 1yr. He was 9lbs at birth. He's now 24lbs and almost 2.
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Re: Being told hes under weight and to wean

it sounds genetic.. my lo's are all small too! so sorry about the doc.. I'd say maybe get another?? some docs go overboard with the weight thing and don't look at genetics..
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Re: Being told hes under weight and to wean

My first was smaller than that at that age. She didn't hit 20 pounds until she was 2 years old. She is 33 pounds now at 5 years old. And our doc never gave us a hard time about it. Some kids are just smaller than others. The growth chart indicator isn't an exam score where higher is better and your kid is failing. I would say that as long as he is increasing weight and not losing it, you are fine.
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Re: Being told hes under weight and to wean

DD was that same weight at 1 yr, and I think 32"? Anyway, they threatened me with FTT, and I blew them off. DD is fine, just really active and not fat (we don't eat junk, she didn't get formula, etc!)
Is he following his own curve? Are they using the breastfed infants growth chart or the formula fed? Look for the growth charts on the WHO website, print those off and don't worry so long as he is following A curve
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Re: Being told hes under weight and to wean

Originally Posted by kocho View Post
Tell them to use the WHO charts. The charts in the doctors office are for formula fed babies, not breastfed babies. He's fine mama!! He looks totally healthy and if your other child was similar at that age, then they should take that into consideration. So frustrating.

Here is the CDC/WHO chart based on EBF babies. There is one for girls and one for boys.


Plot LO out on it and see for yourself! With our first two Pediatricians I was told LO was falling off his growth curve... I was told about the WHO chart (which by the way, the CDC supports and endorses here in the US) and printed it off. LO was NOT falling off his growth curve - he was as consistent as clock-work!

Now, I have to say, however, that if LO is truly falling off the EBF growth chart, I'd be a wee bit concerned. I agree that you need to look at the whole baby - the big picture - but not gaining weight at a steady pace is an early indicator that something might be up. It could be that LO has been sick a few times (throwing up/diarrhea, etc.) and should "catch up" to his original curve (my LO did this) or there could be something else medically going on... maybe LO is distracted (most kids are at this age - we noticed this problem, too and worked on it) and isn't quite eating enough. I think its a valid concern to look into. We want our kids to thrive and good weight gain indicates that LO is getting all the calories they need (and nutrients) in the right concentrations to grow bodies and brains. Just because they are getting "enough" doesn't mean that is all they really need for optimal growth.

Its not about weighing a certain amount by a certain age. Every baby is different and genetics CERTAINLY play a huge role. The important thing is that LO is follow THEIR growth curve. If they are small, no biggy. They just need to be consistent to some degree. It shows normal growth for them.

I agree with the PP that weaning is NOT the answer. That is just silly. Regardless of whether he is getting enough or not, breastmilk is the BEST thing he could get! Some doctors really make me mad. That is just stupid to suggest weaning - he sounds like a dummy to me. Maybe find another doctor who truly understands the benefits of breastfeeding and can give you better counsel.

Here is a comparison chart of what is in formula and what is in breastmilk. See for yourself which is better.

If breastmilk isn't enough (i.e. low supply) then formula is a good supplement but to recommend weaning is just stupid. Wean to what? What is a better solution? (Can you tell I don't like your doctor? lol)

Your LO is a cutie - that's for sure! GL Mama! You'll figure out what is best.
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Re: Being told hes under weight and to wean

Definitely don't wean! Can you imagine how you would feel if you weaned and your DS was still small? That would make me want to
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My 6 year olds are only 34 & 38 lbs, and my 3 yr old is 33 lbs. My 8 month old who was 9 lbs at birth is only 16 lbs.... Every kid is different!

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Re: Being told hes under weight and to wean

I agree with songbird516 -- breast milk is one of the BEST foods you could be feeding him! This is like saying, "You're too skinny! Stop eating ice cream!" Ignore. Oh, and several people suggested asking your pedi to use the WHO charts -- agree! Or find a new pedi.
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