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Originally Posted by bluedaisyma
I teach my babies how to crawl to the edge and turn by 6 months (or whenever they crawl- so really, 4 1/2-7 months in my cases).
How in the world do you teach a 6 mo old to go feet first?


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We also removed the bed frame and boxspring and put the top mattress right on the floor. I keep two pillows on my side of the bed, on the floor, because even with fhe mattress on the floor, 10 1/2 mth old DD can still hurt herself rolling/falling/crawling off the bed. We had to rearrange a storage closet and declutter some to put away the frame and boxsprings, which was a pain but still very worth it to have a happy, secure, cuddly baby.

We did not do that with our other two, but instead used a variety of pillows and two long guard rails (metal frame with mesh fabric ones that you can buy everywhere) but still, both of them fell off once. It was awful! I wish so much that I had thought to pack away the sleigh bed back then.

DH has been complaining that he hates having to bend so far down to get onto the bed and that it hurts his knees sometimes when he gets up when he's still sleepy, but I just say "too bad, you're a grown man. Suck it up! The baby needs this for now."
And he sucks it up and agrees.
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We quit cosleeping right at 4.5 months. Mama and dad need their privacy and we all sleep so much better now.

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Re: Baby fell off the bed.

Originally Posted by ArtyMtnMama View Post
How in the world do you teach a 6 mo old to go feet first?
We did this too.

We would see the kids headed towards the end of the bed, then we'd turn them and bring them down feet first in our hands.

After a while, the start doing that turn on their own. Then we hold their hands so that when their feet land, they are still stable and don't fall on their butts.

After that, they are doing it on their own pretty much.
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Re: Baby fell off the bed.

We we have been cosleeping from the begininning. We have our crib side cared to one edge and the other edge against the wall. we also have a video monitor, Which has been amazing! I would highly suggest it! So if we see him rolling or waking up I would go right in. I have never had to go to bed with my DS. when we are traveling we just bring the monitor and put pillows on the edges of the bed to block him from rolling off before I get in there if he wakes up. I also taught him to go " feet first" from about 6 months old. Everytime he would start going for the edge of anything i.e bed or chair I will turn him around and tell him " feet first" and gently help him down. He mastered it fast! No I can say feet first and he know what I mean. Jut because your lo is moving doesn't mean you have to stop cosleeping. It just means a change in a situation for a shot period of time. Hope you find a solution that works for you and your family
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Re: Baby fell off the bed.

Yep we put our mattress on the floor until the kids were done nursing at night and then they went to their own beds.
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Re: Baby fell off the bed.

dh taught our ds to slide off the bed. We don't co sleep now b/c I work nights and ds would wake up looking for me and not be comforted by dh. I agree with pp's though, mattress on the floor or show her over and over how to slide off the bed. Dh did it a number of times with ds a few months ago now he's an expert

like others have said when they get close to the edge of the bed you turn their feet around and slide them off..
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Re: Baby fell off the bed.

We tried to put the crib directly next to the bed when son was NB... that worked until i broke a toe by kicking the crib into the wall. i had a bad reaction to a zombie nightmare. c/s drugs' are brutal.

then he started sleeping in bed with us. he rolled off ONCE around 6 months. i felt worse than when i kicking his crib into the wall.

my solution was: i snuggled him until he fell asleep (normally 30 mins or less), picked him up out of the bed, and put him in his crib. and as dangerous as this might be, i put one of our work undershirts with our smell on it in the crib. it helped with the transition.

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I thought we were the only people to put our matress on the floor! Holla!

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Re: Baby fell off the bed.

I was going to suggest teaching her to get off the bed safely- but I see many already have! We start doing this once they start to get up on hands and knees and are thinking about crawling- we show them turn around and scoot backwards to the edge until their feet touch the floor, and they would just slide down until they plopped their little bottom to the floor if they didn't stand yet, or stopped at feet and walked off once they were walking. it really didn't take much time before they learned to do it on their own. We also repeatedly told them while we were training them "Get down safely" and they use it for other things as well- getting off the couch, a chair, etc, whe they looked confused at how to get down, we just told them "get down safely" and it seemed to click- oh yeah!

The other thing we do is to sidecar our crib- even though one side was open, it did give a tall 3 sided area that would contain them for a little bit- and once they are asleep, I roll them into that part, which has the mattress lower than ours, amy kids would wake up and pull themselves up pm the rails and holler for me, even though they knew they could just go around! It also gave DH and I a bit of extra room and privacy when we needed it.
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