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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

I know exactly how you feel. Sounds like a growth spurt. It will get better. And when it does, you'll watch your little darling BFing and be glad you didn't give up even when it was hard. My DD was like that last night (I think she's going through the 9 month growth spurt), and I said I would quit every day for the 1st 6 weeks of her life, but I didn't, and I'm glad. And sometimes I throw a little tantrum too.


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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

Nights are hard.

If your nursling doesn't ever seem satisfied, then please see a lactation consultant. There could be some small changes you could make that would help her get more milk and be more satisfied. IIRC, you said in a previous post that she was gaining slowly. That could mean she's not nursing as efficiently as she could.

It can be hard to parent two little ones who both need you very much. Someone will always have to wait a minute. And don't feel bad about taking 10 minutes for yourself for a shower. If everyone is fed, changed, etc., I jump in the shower. If someone starts to cry while I'm in there, I just finish up as fast as I can.
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When my LO turned 6 weeks we learned how to nurse laying down. I am currently sick and if it weren't for nursing and laying down, I don't know what I'd do! My husband even latches her on for me when I am sleeping.

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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

If it is stressing you out then the baby can feel it, maybe you should switch to bottle feeding.
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

My son has a tongue tie and seems to get tired of nursing once my let down has ceased and he actually has to work at it. Our ped. calls him a lazy nurser. There are nights that its seemed like I wake up every hour to feed him. When he was new and we were adjusting (I also have a 5yo) it was exhausting and I would get frustrated at him, then myself for being frustrated at him, then I'd take it out on my older one or my husband, then be mad at myself and the baby all over again....
I don't feel that way now, but I do still get frustrated over his control of my life at night. I have to make a choice on those nights. Whats more important. My almost one year old who only knows that I am his lifeline or my needs for sleep and privacy. He's always won that battle. I look down at him falling asleep, or trying to, and I know I have to get out of the way.
Let me add though, that with my first (the now 5yo) I quit nursing at 2yo because I felt like it had become too invasive and I thought it would make room for daddy to become part of the bedtime routine. (It didn't go as planned, even without the boob, he still needed me until he was about 3.5). Now I have an easy to bed, sleep through the night, comfortable to come into our room when scared or lonely, big boy kindergartener. I feel very at peace with our co-sleeping, nursing choices and intend to mimic them, for the most part, with my little guy.
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No flames mama! It's so hard at night. I totally threw a tantrum the other night when it was taking forever to put ds to bed and he would cry every time I put him down.

My DH is really good about bringing me back around when I am totally emotional and helps me to not make a rash decision.

Don't make a decision about continuing nursing during an emotional time. But if you think about it while calm and weigh the pros and cons and if switching to bottles would be what you feel is best for you, your baby, and family then so be it. Don't feel guilty and ignore any judgments.

I'm really surprised at how women can be so encouraging and supportive to each other but then also be so judgmental and hurtful. (not here specifically, just in general).

My first 2 were 21 months apart so I remember how it was! Hang in there!
Caroline-happily married to Keith since 4/27/02; momma to D (5/10/05), M (2/10/07) and S (3/25/11)
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

Have you tried nursing in a sling? That way you may be able to play more with your older child.
it takes some practice, but it's worth it!
Sara- mommy to Claire (01/10) and Micah (3/12) and someone new (10/14)
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

I completely sympathize, I only have one child atm, but I felt like this when ds was first born. I was so frustrated with nursing for a good 6-8 weeks, but everyone kept telling me it gets easier, well it really and truly does. Sometimes I still find it hard, but I love it It is such an incredible bonding experience and I think its probably a lot easier than making formula in the middle of the night. Just remember what a great thing you are doing for your child and how close you will be with her! I definitely threw a few tantrums in the beginning, lol. Im glad your morning got better!
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That sounds just like my now 5.5 yr old. Somehow I got through it and it was much easier, but it took some time, and willpower.
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

Quick advice~ Try co-sleeping. You can nurse all night long and sleep thru it pretty much. Wear baby in a sling or wrap during the day and you can tend to your toddler with hands free and baby will stay content for long stretches of time. Babies DO nurse frequently the first 6-8 weeks while they are building your DOES settle down and they will start going longer stretches between feedings. Hang in there and know that it does get better! Try to also keep in mind that your baby is use to being with you all the time...9 months of constant contact in the womb. It takes time for them to feel secure away from you- they cannot see good at first and only have your smell and warmth to help them sort out this HUGE world they have been thrust into. They need your constant touch and such to help them figure everything out. So big *HUGS* mama, I know it can be very exhausting and frustrating. :-)
Kellina ~Wife to a Cowboy & Christian Homeschooling Mama to 9 kids and YES we would love to have more! Baby #9 is here!! IT'S A GIRL!! Born Oct 1st 2014!!
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