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organizing with 2 kids....

We live in a fairly small 3 bedroom house. 1 bedroom is ours, 1 is DD's, and 1 is for computers, sewing, crafts, and the spare bed(although right now it is more of a junk storage room and the computer and craft stuff is in our room). Well, DS will be here in less than 16 weeks and while he will share a room with us for the first few months all of his stuff cannot. DD's room is pretty small, but I think it is really our only option to make them share a room. Problem is, how the heck am I going to get another dresser in there for him and a toddler bed in there for her (since he will eventually have her crib)??? Her dresser is long and short and has 6 small drawers. I would just get 1 or 2 bigger, taller dressers but we use hers as a changing station too, so tall dressers replacing that one are out.

If you live in a small space, how do you do it? We are getting baby clothes for DS from friends, thrifts stores ect....just trying to get ready for him. So far I have 2 walmart bags with clothes in them on the couch because I have no where to put them!

Clothing organization is the biggest problem. I can't make enough space in DD's dresser to give him space too. If the drawers were a little bigger then sure, but they are really small.

Ideas and PICS would be awesome! Get me motivated to move this little guy in!


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Re: organizing with 2 kids....

Is her closet full? Could you fit a small 3 drawer dresser or even those plastic organizers with drawers to put in there?
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We have 3 dressers in my room. You could always do the same or stick a small dresser for him in a closet. Maybe no dresser at all but bins under the crib or hang clothing in the closets? I will probably use one of those clear 3 drawers plastic things on wheels for my newbie. He will be here in 7 weeks. We are taking a very minimalist approach with this baby though. He will be our third. Our home is less than 1100 sq ft.

ETA: I have all the dressers in here because my 10 year old feels the need to wear 5 outfits a day if he can easily get to them.

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Re: organizing with 2 kids....

How small is small? Some would consider our house small & it probably is, but to us it's perfect. Do you have a finished basement? A large living room? Both of our boys have their own room but DS2's closet is pretty large so we keep some storage in there. We also try to keep things really minimal. We keep toys to a minimum, we love closed storage, we use our basement for a lot of storage & our personal art/crafting place. Our living room is also a decent size, so I have a cabinet in there that houses my photography/scrapbooking stuff.
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Re: organizing with 2 kids....

Honestly? Wait about 17 years until they move out. Because until then, no matter how great an organization method you have it will be moot. Especially with boys (they have an innate aversion to putting their laundry in the hamper and peeing without getting the toilet seat wet).
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Re: organizing with 2 kids....

Versatile storage.

Both our girls share a small room. They share one 6-drawer dresser with a changing pad on top. I pared down clothes a LOT to make this work. Younger DD has one drawer of diapers, one of clothes, and one with pajamas/socks/swimsuits. Older DD has one drawer for pjs, one for tops/underwear/socks, and one for pants/swimsuits. A few things hang in the closet, mostly sweatshirts, sweaters, dresses, coats, and a couple of off season items just in case.

The rest of the off season stuff is in labelled totes in the basement. Each girl has one summer tote, one winter tote, then they share one for shoes/boots, and share one for socks/underwear/tights/coats/hats/mittens. I used to store by size, but would end up going through every tote because they are sized so differently. Since we really just have 2 seasons here, it made sense to store them by season and pick out what looks like it will fit.

There is also a 9-cubby shelf in their bedroom. Extra diapers, leg warmers, a couple of toys, and books go on that shelf (for now - what I love about that shelf is that I can change what's in it whenever I need to). In the closet, I have one of those wire cubby shelves. I put outgrown clothes in one cubby, extra misc baby stuff in one cubby, then blankets take up a couple, humidifier, extra toys, and other stuff are all in there.

That said, most of their toys are in the living room, which works fine for me, but maybe not for everyone.
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This is the closet for 3 boys - 9, 2, and 3 months.

The 9 year olds clothes are on the right and the orange drawers on the right are his. The little clothes on the blue hangers and the orange drawer are for the 2 year old. The little clothes on the white hangers and the 2 white drawers are for the baby.

Shoes, socks, and current jackets (windbreakers right now) live in the coat closet.

They can have only as many clothes that fit in their section of the closet. If it doesn't fit, it needs a new home. This is easier with boys.

Out of season clothes are stored in our basement. I have also stored them under the kids beds when we didn't have storage space. You can fit A TON of kid clothes in space saver bags if you have to.

Hope that helps!
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Re: organizing with 2 kids....

Is there any reason you need the guest bed? Could you do without it? I might try getting rid of all the unneccesarily stored items (everyone has it) and the guest bed. Use your dds room for their beds, a rocker if you have one, their soft toys, etc. Use the 3rd bedroom for your sewing and crafting things, their dressers (or just his) and their toys. Then when you want to craft they can play happily there too
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Re: organizing with 2 kids....

If the problem is that you feel you have too much "stuff", you could check out the Minimalist Families forum under Thrifty.... it's really helped me get motivated to get rid of clutter!

My YDS's clothes are in a cabinet in our mudroom/utility room.... because that's what works for us. He never gets dressed in his room anyway, and this way, when he goes up a size, I can work on switching out his clothes while he's napping in his room.

ODS's clothes are in 3 under-bed plastic rolling bins, and DD's clothes are in the only dresser in their shared room (sorry if that's confusing.... ODS and DD share a room, YDS has his own for now, until we move him in w/ them too so that the new baby will have his/her own room.... I'd rather have the one who doesn't STTN have their own space since we don't co-sleep)
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Re: organizing with 2 kids....

My DS room is about 9x9-small! #2 will be with us initially, But eventually they will somehow share. In the meantime, #2s diapers are going in 1s dresser (whack doubles as a changer), we are putting a small 3 drawer dresser in our closet under DH's clothes, and have organized ds's closet so it is divided in 2 halves. One side has 2 hanging bars, and the other half has 3 shelves (laundry basket on bottom) in addition to the closet length shelf on the top row. Right now the shelves have extra PFs, baby blankets, hats/gloves, spare toys, etc. We will move most of those out and add them to our linen closet or hall closet and use the shelves for cfolded clothing for the boys. Thankfully although the room is tiny, it does have a large closet.
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