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Oregon homebirth risk criteria?

A friend sent me this blog post, because I am pregnant and planning a homebirth this time. I have to say it freaked me out. What do you make of it?


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Re: Oregon homebirth risk criteria?

I didn't read the whole thing. But I do think it's a good idea to learn as much as you can. Read information and statistics from both sides. Do the research then decide for yourself what you think is best for your situation.

In general I'm ok with fewer governmental oversights. I don't need to have someone else tell me what I can and can't do. If you educate yourself on the issue, you can assess the risks and decide what you're comfortable with.

Home births aren't for everyone. At my consultation I asked a lot about the risks and worst-case scenarios and possible outcomes. She assured me that home births aren't right for everyone. People that worry and assume the worst would probably be better off in a hospital.

I did end up going with a hospital since this was my first baby and I was a little worried about some of the risks, but mostly because insurance covered it 100%. So the 16,000 bill they covered, but the $3,000 or so for a birthing center or home birth isn't covered. Next time around I'll do the research but I'd consider a home birth since I hated the hospital experience of random doctors and nurses rotating in and out. In my barely over 24 hours there I had at least a dozen different people take care of me.
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Re: Oregon homebirth risk criteria?

Personally I am a safety of my baby first kind of gal. I do natural hospital births and would never consider a home birth. I think that what this article is pointing out is that yes the Oregon laws are lacking, so almost anyone who calls themselves a midwife can do a homebirth. I would be sure to research the midwife you choose to use if you choose to go the homebirth route. Get someone experienced who knows when it is time to transport to the hospital. I think mamas who choose homebirths are very brave. I personally would rather already be in the hospital if there were a complication to arise, it would be that much quicker that the response would be there. My babies life is not worth a poorly trained midwifes mistake.
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Re: Oregon homebirth risk criteria?

I agree that it's good to educate yourself. If you want a homebirth, I'd suggest being 10-15 minutes away from a hospital in case you should need their services.

I wanted a homebirth, but was told by a dear & trusted doctor that he did not recommend one for me with my history. I ended up with a C-Section after 30+ hours of labor without an epidural (that was really important to me because I wanted to be able to move during labor), I was fully dialated but DD just would not come through even after 2 hours of pushing, so my midwife called in the doc for a 2nd opinion. My midwives were VERY PROFESSIONAL and hands-on. Based on my experience I would definitely recommend a midwife.

Originally Posted by AleahDeann View Post
My babies life is not worth a poorly trained midwifes mistake.
Keep in mind doctors can be poorly trained, too!
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Re: Oregon homebirth risk criteria?

I had #1 FT in a hospital 100% natural but their forced pushing I tore and needed 1/2 hour of sewing me back together. In general I have had as much luck at home patching myself backtogether as with bad hospital experiences. I had #2 at home in a birth tub FT #3 was preemie at home in my bathtub all was OK and he was strong enough for kangaroo care at home my midwife came a ton of times for weeks afterwards and is amazing and licenced. message me for her contact info she is very informative and low pressure!!! or google sprouting hope midwifery. She has lots of experience and is super supportive of you and your care. I'm in Newberg OR the main point of the article is to put a shadow on the homebirth idea mamas have been having babies for centuries and the main reason it was dangerous was a lack of diagnostic info that we have now to help know if your placenta is low for instance. Countries that have homebirth as the norm have a better maternal outcome than the US. Do checkout midwifes as an option and express your concerns as a good midwife will be experienced and have lots of back up plan info and help you make a good choice!
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Re: Oregon homebirth risk criteria?

That person is hateful and spreading hate and fear. I am sorry reading that made me freak a little and I had a midwife attended waterbirth at home geez.

I love my midwife.

It is ultimately up to you to check the facts and make the best decision for you and your family.

I will say I worked in a L&D unit before I became a SAHM sadly Mommies and Babies sometimes did not make it there with all the technology available.

May you find what brings you peace.
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Re: Oregon homebirth risk criteria?

I completely agree with the poster before me. I've had a home water birth that was also a VBA2C(vag birth after 2 csections) and this site freaked me out too. I think it's very biased and the author of the blog deletes/refuses to post comments that correct statistics or do not agree with her. There are bad outcomes everywhere and us mothers need to do research and really look into the back ground of whatever provider we choose both OBs and MWs. I used Ellie Legare of right at home midwifery and really loved her. I felt safe and knew she would not hesitate to transfer me if it were necessary. My best friend who witnessed my homebirth is due any day with her baby and is using Ellie too.
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