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Breastfeeding with PPD?

My DS is 7 weeks old. I was very thrown off when I started suffering from PPD and anxiety right after his birth...I just didn't expect it at all. It has not gotten better and I am going to see my PCP tomorrow to talk about meds. Anyone else taking anti-depressants and breastfeeding? Part of the reason I feel depressed is from breastfeeding because he is hungry non-stop and I feel like I can't go anywhere or do anything outside of my home. People keep saying it will get better and his feedings will space out but they aren't and I am really scared they never will. I don't know if I can take this kind of isolation and depression much longer. Should I consider putting him on formula instead? I want him to be nourished with breast milk but I also want both of us to be happy. I am really having a hard time with this.


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Re: Breastfeeding with PPD?

Lots of women take antidepressants and breastfeed. There are several that are quite safe to take while breastfeeding. Zoloft is probably the most studied in breastfeeding, but others are also ok.

The hormone changes that occur when you wean can actually make you feel more depressed (since oxytocin is released while you nurse), so I think it's actually a better idea, if possible, to continue breastfeeding while you take meds, get therapy, go to support groups, etc.
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I took zoloft for a year while bf'ing. For us at least I felt it was safe and saw no reactions in Ayla.

As for the non stop boobie hound you have , well it does eventually taper off. Took us 4 months.

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Just giving you some support. I have had a lot of anxiety and depression, for the same reasons. My DD is 5 weeks today.

For me, it comes and goes, so I can get by on random as needed Percocets. They also gave me Lexapro but I haven't taken it.

Just letting you know that you are not alone. If you need to supplement a bottle now and again for your own well being, do it. Happy mom, healthy baby.
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DS is 3 months today and the nonstop attachment to the boob is slowing down a bit. It is still a lot but it is becoming more manageable. I have slowly learned how to feed in public and for my sanity will take my boppy and baby and head out. I hope things start getting better for you!
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Re: Breastfeeding with PPD?

I am taking zoloft and breastfeeding my DS.I felt that any risk was greatly outweighed b the benefit, and would encourage anyone who felt that they needed it to give it a try. (And I am NOT pro med normally at all). Secondly, I would encourage you to try to find a Le Leche League in your area, and attend a meeting. It can be a great support system for you. When my first DS was little, I had not gotten comfortable BFing in public yet, so would take a bottle of pumped milk with us sometimes and/or feed him in the car before we went into somewhere. I became more and more comfortable, and am now able to discretely BF anywhere (while chasing a 1 and 3 yo!), so it does get easier! What works for me, is wearing nursing tanks and a shirt that I can pull up. That way everything is able to be covered (belly by the nursing tank, breast by baby and shirt). Also the older your LO gets, the easier it will be to nurse in public even if his feedings don't spread out more as he will gain ore head/neck control. You're doing a great job Mama, and no matter what you decide I know you will make the choice that is best for you and your LO. =)
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I started taking zoloft when ds2 was 5 months old. He just turned 2 and I'm still taking it and he's still bf. I didn't notice any effects on him, his growth has remained steady and he's met all milestones. Both my psychiatrist, ob and DS pediatrician ok'd it too. I also went to a counselor for 6 months and that helped a lot with the guilt. Before zoloft, I was not the mom I wanted to be. I was angry all the time, no patience, no desire to mother my kids. I knew it wasn't right, but I couldn't figure out how to change. I resisted taking the meds until dh and I sat down for a heart to heart and I saw how much I was negatively affecting my family. It has ended up one of the best decisions I've made, my reactions to typical kid behaviors are normal, I enjoy them, I don't want to hide all the time.
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Re: Breastfeeding with PPD?

Another mama here who has taken zoloft while BFing. It took me 11 months to admit there was a problem. The only thing I regret is not taking action sooner.

I agree with PP that you can work on being able to BF in public. Building a nursing wardrobe will help alot with that. They don't have to be expensive nursing clothes, you can find lots of things that will work. Also nursing in a sling would be a great skill to learn. I never did that with my first baby but I hope to with my next.
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Re: Breastfeeding with PPD?

I wrote an essay on this for an english class shortly after having DS. It can be worse for your PPD to end the nursing relationship. Talk to the doc about a safe medication to take while nursing, and be sure you are getting enough sleep. Even if it's not at night. If DH can take over a pumped feeding in the middle of the night even for a night or two (you also don't want to deal with supply issues at the same time) it can help you alot.

ON nursing out and about... look into a a carrier that you can be comfortable nursing in. a mei tai or a SSC can provide alot of coverage. or site liek have great nursing shirts that provide coverage. Or if you had a bella band during pregnancy... wear it around you tummy for tummy coverage and use a nursing cover.
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Hugs mama! I have no advice on meds as I'm able to control my PPD using other means, but its ok not to nurse if it makes you feel bad. Can you pump and have someone bottlefed LO while you take time to yourself? In my experience, my LOs feedings spaced out around 12 weeks - give it some time! This babies tummy will grow! And they want other forms of nutrition eventually too!

My PPD is partly caused by bfing. I pump at work and nurse at home. The oxytocin I get while nursing is like a drug, and so I have withdrawals during The day. I'm able to counter act that with exercise and omega 3s. I wish I was in the situation where I had a baby stuck on my breast all day! Just remember, there is an end in sight!

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