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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

Originally Posted by Greenebean214 View Post
*whips breast out, squirting in their direction* "oh, you guys need any milk for your coffee??" LOL ok so I would never do that, but that is the scene I would be playing out in my head! People are so ridiculous. I'm sorry you had to deal with that!
Believe me...I considered it. I rarely nurse using a cover. Baby hates it, and it is just one more obstacle to work around, so I try to be as discrete as possible while still making sure my daughter is comfortable. One of these days when someone comments about it I may have to just give them a free tasting!!


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Gosh this makes me so frustrated. I'm thankful that my closest family is supportive of bfing, but I have definitely gotten looks when we're out in public. I also nurse without a cover, although I do my best to be discreet. I wish more people understood how important breastfeeding is, and that women who choose to do it don't want to spend their time out of the house hiding in dirty bathrooms or in cars to feed their children.

When DD was a newborn, I was so worried about what other people thought, I spent lots of time hiding. I regret it now and am so glad I've learned it's ok to nurse in public, without a cover. And with men around.

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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

My daughter was 2.5 months old at my brother's wedding, and I nursed right in the reception hall. It never occurred to me that it might bother them; not sure what I would have done if he had said anything. Later he made some comments that made me think that he's not as comfortable with nursing as I thought...but I didn't change what I was doing. I might have at their wedding...except for his whole wedding was a huge inconvenience for everyone (Monday afternoon wedding, anyone?! Oh no, don't worry about people having to, you know WORK or anything), so maybe I would have nursed right in front of him just to spite him.
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So sad. Sorry it's such a hassle for you with your SIL. I used a cover when my baby was little and we were still figuring it out or I would've been flashing the world, but haven't used one in a long time. Never had any issues, thankfully. Good luck!
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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

They actually requested another table? Wow dramatic much. This is what boobs are made for, people need to get over it. If more people BF in public it won't be as awkward but I know a lot of people are to nervous to and it makes the ones that do get stared at like a freak or kicked out of places.
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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

Keep doing what you're already doing!! The only way to normalize it is to be proud and nurse our babies whenever, wherever!! I think I have a bold/confident persona and ppl may be intimidated/scared to say anything to me. I'm totally ready to clue someone in when/if anyone approaches me
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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

Don't you know you shouldn't even bring your baby out in public because that implies that you *had sex* and we can't be thinking about that!

I haven't had a confrontation in my nursing career either. Pity the fool who tries it with me.
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Originally Posted by VeganCupcake

I haven't had a confrontation in my nursing career either. Pity the fool who tries it with me.
DITTO!! :-)
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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

I haven't been confronted in a negative way when I NIP, once I was out with a friend at a restaurant/bar she goes to frequently and knows the employees. DS was getting hungry so I fed him, no cover, no big show. A bartender and server were both at our table having a conversation with each other and it took several minutes for the (male) bartender to even realize DS was nursing. He then politely excused himself, claiming he didn't want to make me uncomfortable (to which I nicely replied, "If I were uncomfortable, I'd use a cover"), and went on his way. I didn't fault him because if you're going to be uncomfortable with BFing, he went about it the right way by not asking me to change what I was doing. I use my cover sparingly, and even then only around male friends/family members. I almost never use it when out in public and there are only strangers around. Other people's baggage is not my problem.
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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

OMG! I was just loggin onto DS to vent about my NIP woes. =(

So, I am pretty much a homebody, I go visit my Mom & grandmother (who live next door to eachother) almost daily. I am a 3/4 Nursing Student too, they watch DS2 while I am in class, I leave a bottle of BM for him.
I BF my 7 mo DS on the regular, he wants to eat, I feed him. I ALWAYS wear a nursing cami/tank, pull up whatever side we're going for, uclasp, he latches.
Now, I have NEVER had an incident where I was totally "out". I even pull my shirt to his face, so really you can not see anything unless you're standing over me, then you could see nipple/mouth.
Anyhow, my grandmother makes remarks, regularly, about how I need to ween him (OMG! Are you serious?! I couldn't BF DS1, I pumped every 2 hrs for 7 weeks & had NO milk, medical reasons, so I am CHERISHING this w/DS2) how I need to go to the back room for that, why would I feed him so much? And more.
It drives me insaine. I have stopped going over as regularly, they don't seem to notice. I am not sure what to say to her...I don't want to be rude, I know she's from a different time (I wasn't aware that the actually discouraged BFing back in the day?!) but I just don't feel that it's as big an issue as it's being made out to be.
I NIP at restaurants (try making or eating a meal without having to feed your LO, its impossible, they KNOW) I just see it as he's hungry, he eats.
When we eat, we don't throw a cloth over our faces, go sit in a bathroom, go out to the car, you get the point.
It makes me sad that I am supposed to do things so differently to accomodate other peoples personal preference. I'm glad to know there are other mamas having troubles with all of this. Like I said, I didn't BF DS1, not by choice, but I wasn't able to.

I can and I WILL BF DS2, if they don't like it, well, I don't know what to tell them.
Lindsay, a 30 something Mama to 2boys; A born 04/08 and O born 03/11 and baby C born 1/15 Finally finding happiness after a long search that's taught me plenty. But I have lots more to learn!
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