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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
Don't you know you shouldn't even bring your baby out in public because that implies that you *had sex* and we can't be thinking about that!
Too funny! I nurse where ever, when ever, and for as long as I would like. I have yet to hear a good reason why I shouldn't. It's normal and natural. The more it's seen the more it will be accepted. Sit in front of Victoria's Secret to breastfeed next time. See what she has to say then!

I actually work with an RN who has commented a couple times "he's STILL nursing???" I don't get the impression that she's being judgemental, just shocked that anyone actually nurses this long. I just shrug and tell her we'll nurse as long as he wants to and remind her how healthy it is for both of us. She did actually think for a minute last time and said "I guess I shouldn't comment since I'm still up half the night giving bottles to DS" who happens to be several months younger than my DS.


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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

Originally Posted by carolineb View Post
When marketing "experts" made the boobs a selling sensation people got normalized to that and now they are seen as an instrument for sex and pleasure so clearly feeding our babies that way is gross because they shouldn't be used for THAT. Ugh. Makes me sick.
So true!
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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

Originally Posted by humbeeb View Post
OMG! I was just loggin onto DS to vent about my NIP woes. =(

So, I am pretty much a homebody, I go visit my Mom & grandmother (who live next door to eachother) almost daily. I am a 3/4 Nursing Student too, they watch DS2 while I am in class, I leave a bottle of BM for him.
I BF my 7 mo DS on the regular, he wants to eat, I feed him. I ALWAYS wear a nursing cami/tank, pull up whatever side we're going for, uclasp, he latches.
Now, I have NEVER had an incident where I was totally "out". I even pull my shirt to his face, so really you can not see anything unless you're standing over me, then you could see nipple/mouth.
Anyhow, my grandmother makes remarks, regularly, about how I need to ween him (OMG! Are you serious?! I couldn't BF DS1, I pumped every 2 hrs for 7 weeks & had NO milk, medical reasons, so I am CHERISHING this w/DS2) how I need to go to the back room for that, why would I feed him so much? And more.
It drives me insaine. I have stopped going over as regularly, they don't seem to notice. I am not sure what to say to her...I don't want to be rude, I know she's from a different time (I wasn't aware that the actually discouraged BFing back in the day?!) but I just don't feel that it's as big an issue as it's being made out to be.
I NIP at restaurants (try making or eating a meal without having to feed your LO, its impossible, they KNOW) I just see it as he's hungry, he eats.
When we eat, we don't throw a cloth over our faces, go sit in a bathroom, go out to the car, you get the point.
It makes me sad that I am supposed to do things so differently to accomodate other peoples personal preference. I'm glad to know there are other mamas having troubles with all of this. Like I said, I didn't BF DS1, not by choice, but I wasn't able to.

I can and I WILL BF DS2, if they don't like it, well, I don't know what to tell them.
I've been getting the "when are you going to wean her" questions since my baby was 5 months old. I keep saying "when she's ready" and leave it at that. My IL's and mother keep making comments about her not being weaned yet ( she's 15 months) and I just keep on ignoring the comments and change the subject to something more productive to talk about.
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Re: They act like I plopped by boob on their table

I love your avatar, those big eyes are just adorable!
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Just wanted to say kudos for nip and don't let the negative comments get you down.

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Only my hubby has a problem with me nip when I don't have a blanket. But we always make sure to have one on hand. Unfortunately my 2 1/2 yr old and 1 yr of keep trying to steal the blanket as well as Katelynn pushing it away.
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Wow! Some people are just rude. I have never had a problem NIP. One day I was nursing at Arby's and a lady told me she was glad to see me doing it, she wished she had done it with her kids.

I also think people will never see it as normal if it is kept taboo. I guess change is just uncomfortable for some people.

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I'm on my 3rd nursing first I was young and very modest and did not nurse in public closest thing to it was nursing in the car. My 2nd I nursed in public a little more but mostly just around other nursing moms, now my 3rd it's open buffet when ever he needs it. I say who cares what others think or say...I used to care but now I just care about my kids more than others. Mind you I still try to be respectful and don't want to give everyone a peep show although my boy sometimes wants to rip my shirt off. And that can be a struggle.

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Then apparently we should never be seen with the fathers of the babies because seeing all of us together would remind them how babies are made! I guess we should all just stay home forever now that we are parents......I can't believe the rationale of people justifying their ignorant comments. I think I'd respect SIL's wishes on "her day" to not cause family drama, but that would be the only time I'd ever make that exception.
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I don't get people's aversion to breastfeeding. I was recently visiting an exclusively MATERNITY hospital (just for pregnant women and babies) and I was in a hallway by myself nursing my baby when the receptionist runs over, throws a towel over the two of us and says "There now isn't that better?". I was so flabbergasted I couldn't come up with a smart reply so I just gave her a dirty look and pulled off the towel. Hello this is a maternity hospital for crying out loud! I am surprised she didn't come over and pull it back up for us. I wasn't even exposed in the slightest.
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