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Smile Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

I have been thinking about waiting until my LO is 10 months old before I introduce solids. I was wondering if anyone here has done this and did it go successfully or do you wish you would have introduced solids sooner. The pediatrician said it is perfectly fine if I wait. I want to keep my DD on breast milk until she is at least 2 years old. I have quite a few friends that lost their supply after they introduced solids and I am worried that could happen to me. I have been trying to store milk but the pump and I are not friends. I do not have too many chances to pump. I try everyday but I do not get much. I fill a 6oz bag a day. I have done everything I was told to make pumping more successful but to no avail. The lactation consultant told me pumping does not work for everyone. So I figured if I do lose my supply at least my DD would have been BF until 12 months give or take. Thanks in advance for any advie that is given


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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

DS had his first taste around 7 months but didn't solids regularly till at least 10+ months. My supply didnt drop till I got pregnant. With the next baby I think Ill wait to give solids till closer to 10 months.
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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

I really have waited till my lo seems interested in food. and I don't really spoon feed at all.. just give them what they can pick up and eat. DS is 11 months now and eats a good amount of table food.. but he only did that in the past month or so. Hth
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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

I'm of the belief that you should follow your child's lead. and if they're aching for your food, trying to steal from your plate at 6months, then feed them at 6months. but if they're not interested until 13 months (etc etc), then don't force solids on them at some other artificially created time.

and you should always nurse before giving solids - so, it shouldn't really affect your supply, if well established. At first, they really won't eat much solids at a time, especially on a stomach full of milk.
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I don't have a suggestion on the solids, but if you are pumping and nursing as opposed to pumping and feeding EBM, then 6 oz is a lot!! I barely get over 2 oz a day when I'm not replacing a nursing session. If you are really worried about it, try giving a bottle at one if your normal nursing times and see how much you pump. And 6 oz then would still be alot.

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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

I nursed DS2 until he was 2 years 2 months and tried to intro foods at 6 months. he didn't really each much for a while cause he wasn't interested until months later. It didn't affect supply. Always nurse before giving any solids. My lil one is about to be 7 months and has only had solids for maybe 5 times total. So far, it hasn't messed with my supply at all. I was going to wait longer, but the poor kid was trying to kill me to get to my plate. He was climbing on me trying to get to my food and threw a massive fit when I moved the plate from my lap to the table. He was reaching and trying so hard LOL I see no harm in waiting a bit longer if the child isn't showing signs of wanting solids
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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

I suspect that losing one's supply after introducing solids is the result of mismanagement of milk supply and/or a nursing strike (unless you get pregnant or have some other reason for a reduction in supply). It's not the normal course of nursing.

We offer soft chunks of straw-shaped foods (a la BLW) starting at 6.5 or 7 months, but baby doesn't usually have much interest until much later. Solids aren't necessary until at least a year.
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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

We *officially* introduced solids at 6.5 months but LO is now 10 months and will hardly eat anything. He takes tiny bites of this or that and will take 2-3 bites max, of most things. He will sometimes take up to 10 itty-bitty bites (think the tip of a baby spoon ) and then he'll turn way, purse his lips and shake his hands in front of him... So, we are definitely on the slow track to solids. I have a great milk supply and he's been gaining great so the Pedi is totally fine with it.

I have friends that have really pushed solids and they are either struggling with supply or weaning at around 12 months... I also didn't want that. I agree with a PP that said its probably a poor management of supply but its a slippery slope I'm glad we are avoiding. I feel confident LO will eat solids at some point when he needs to. The breastmilk is more important right now, though, and I'm happy with that. Our goal is to nurse for at least 2 years and I think we'll definitely get there.
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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

Just make sure nursing comes before solids and your supply should be fine - like everyone else said. Milk is first, solids are in addition to make up for their crazy appetites and get their tummies used to food. We just started solids with my son at 5 1/2 months and I nurse first, wait about 1 - 1 1/2 hrs and give him some solids. I try not to go more than 4 hours between nursing sessions during the day also, so that helps keep the supply going!
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Re: Going past 6 months before inroducing solids

We started solids at 12 months and I'm very happy with that decision
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