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Breastfeeding help!

I know I totally still owe y'all my birth story, but we just got discharged today. However, I am needing some breastfeeding advice.
It hurts so incredibly bad to BF. it's making me ill when I nurse. I checked with the lactation consultant at the hospital Nd she said I was doing it right, I just need to get used to nursing. I've been using lanolin, soothing gel things and I'm icing them now and will put on some shields. Any advice to cut the pain? Any advice on supplementing with formula and how to do it? I have a pump coming but it's not in my hands yet. Thanks.


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Re: Breastfeeding help!

Can you go back to the LC? Maybe WIC sounds like maybe the latch is wrong shoudl not be painful at all I know sometimes when they first latch can be uncomfortable but you shouldnt be in pain. Hugs hope you get it worked out
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Re: Breastfeeding help!

I had a hard time nursing my first. It hurt and I had cracked bleeding nipples for six weeks. I saw many lactation consultants. I eventually found that I needed to make sure that I helped the baby get as much nipple as possible into her mouth. I also aimed the nipple towards the roof of babies mouth. When baby latched on I also made sure that her lips were flared out and not tucked in. I soaked my raw nipples in Epson salt water to heal and sooth the cracked skin. 15 minutes at a time two or three times a day until better. So sorry you are having trouble. I hope it gets better soon!
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Re: Breastfeeding help!

DDC (hope you dont mind, I'm a LLL leader ) I would get in contact with a different LC or even a LLL leader. Is this your first baby? there can be some discomfort when it's your first because your nipples are not used to being sucked on all the time. But it should not be causing as much pain as you are describing. Laid back or biological nursing is the best position to get baby to latch on correctly and take in as much of the nipple as possible

Find a bed or couch where you can lean back and be well supported— not flat, but comfortably leaning back so that when you put your baby on
your chest, gravity will keep him in position with his body molded to yours.
Have your head and shoulders well supported. Let your baby’s whole front touch your whole front.
Since you’re leaning back, you don’t have a lap, so your baby can rest on you in any position you like. Just make sure her whole front is against you.
Let your baby’s cheek rest somewhere near your bare breast.
Help her as much as you like; help her do what she’s trying to do. You’re a team.
Hold your breast or not, as you like.
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Re: Breastfeeding help!

My first baby was tough - I too felt like I was doing it all wrong all the time and had some painful nipples for quite awhile - but I agree with PP that some of it is just normal "toughening" up ... I still have some discomfort right at latch on - but it subsides once she starts nursing...this is my 4 th nursling...but if it hurts the WHOLE time then that can't be right. I also had cracked nipples right as we left the hospital (or right around when my milk came in) this time. I think a lot of it had to do with hoe WIDE she was latching on...and making sure her lips were curled OUT...I even sometimes stick my finger up there and flip her lips out if she is tucking them in again (she has a very lazy latch).

I would go back to a LC and have another look...but a little pain at first is fairly normal...a LOT of pain all the time is not!
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