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Re: Tell me how you start your homeschooling. :)

I get up and get the young one off to school. If it is my day to drive him I get the older up and he goes with us. If not he sleeps til the time we would be getting back home on other days. So at 8 am we are up and moving. I usually tell him to get his laptop and we do his math assignments on The Head of The Class. That usually takes about 45 minutes. Then we eat breakfast. Young one eats breakfast at school. After breakfast we break out the books and get started on the assignments I have planned for the day. Hopefully next year I will be homeschooling them both and it won't be as much back and forth.


-Alana Jo
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Re: Tell me how you start your homeschooling. :)

Our days vary, but ideally, this is how our school days start. My DS (2) wakes earlier than DD (4), so he helps me make coffee (counts the scoops for me) and then I get him a drink and check email while the coffee maker does its thing. Then, he and I will read books together and look at nursery rhyme/counting/color songs on youtube until DD wakes around 7am.

I make breakfast (if it's muffins, pancakes, or biscuits, I let them help). Then we pray and while they're eating, I read a Bible story and the corresponding verses from the Bible (usually OT since we read NT verses before bed). Then we get dressed, brush teeth, and make beds if they didn't do that when they first woke up.

Our mornings are taken up by MOPS on Monday, Home-school playgroup/PE on Tuesday, and Community Bible Study on Wednesday, so that (the paragraph above) is usually all we get to do before it's time to leave. If we are moving faster than usual, we might also have time to update our calendar and weather chart. When we come home for lunch I read from a short, old-timey devotional booklet about polite manners and the corresponding Bible verses it mentions. Then, if I'm lucky, I can get DS down for a nap and send DD to her room for a little quiet time; then she and I will work one-on-one on her schoolwork before DS wakes up.

On Thursday and Friday, we will just dive right in after breakfast starting with the pledge and singing My Country 'Tis of Thee or the National Anthem or another patriotic song, then the calendar/weather, then DS will play while I help DD with math, writing, and phonics. Then she'll do some pages from one of several Pre-K and Kindergarten workbooks that we have. She loves her workbooks and can do those on her own after some verbal instruction. In the afternoon, there is hopefully some napping, and we will read various books of their choosing and then a chapter book (We've done The Wind in the Willows, and are now starting Charlotte's Web. We'll also look up things of interest on the internet. The other day, DD asked me what the flu looked like, I told her it came from a virus that was too small to see. She suggested that maybe we could see it with a really big magnifying glass, and I explained to her about microscopes and we looked up pictures of different viruses on the internet and drew pictures of them. (Man, I love home-schooling!!)

It sounds like a lot of "schooling" for a 4 year old, but I don't push it. The "formal" lessons we have are short, and she is eager to learn, but mostly right now, I've just been working on having a routine the kids can depend on instead of being all over the place and willy-nilly like I was before. We take play breaks and they help with laundry and unloading the dishwasher, setting the table, etc.

Mostly, I've just felt very convicted lately that I need to have them in the Word, and not just Bible stories, but actually hearing God's Word read to them, so that is how I like to start and finish our days. If nothing else gets done but that, I still consider it a good day.

Ok, this turned into a giant novel. I'm sorry! I realize you only asked how we get started, but I'm just so excited to finally have a schedule that is working out for us. I felt so disorganized before!
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Re: Tell me how you start your homeschooling. :)

Our mornings are usually spent eating---everyone wants something different--and getting dressed---changing the dd's dipe---running the dishwasher---throwing in laundry---

My boys have "morning jobs"---the getting dressed, and cleaning up, and making of the beds, maybe picking up some toys or books that are in the way.

My kids like to watch morning cartoons so I let them watch 1-2 episodes tops. Then i sit down with my oldest and we do our grammar/spelling/math lessons. We have been doing a short daily science topic in the mornings (with my 4 year old as well) Usually that's just a conversation or checking the outdoor temp or reading a science topic book. We have more intense science in the afternoons a few days a week. Or weekends.

Some mornings we do vocab or cursive practice instead of the grammar lesson. My 4 year old is usually practicing his letters or doing what he pleases in the morning. I try to get morning done fast before I need to get the baby down for a nap and start lunch and our afternoon plans.

Some of what we do will change next semester. Probably will stop the cursive practice if he's got it down, will probably add in some reading comp or phonics review.
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Re: Tell me how you start your homeschooling. :)

DS (almost 2) wakes up before everyone else, so I take him downstairs and feed him and let him watch a TV show. When the girls wake up they get dressed and ready and make their beds, then come down and have breakfast. During breakfast I usually read the Bible and we review our Bible memory verses. After breakfast, we turn on some music and everyone (except DS) does their morning jobs. Then around 9 am the girls and I do our unit study together while DS plays or listens in. The independent work that ODD does (and the work just she and I need to do without distractions) happens in the afternoons when DS is napping and YDD is having quiet time in her room. If DS is being especially needy that day, I will have ODD do her independent work in the morning and will do the unit study in the afternoon when DS is napping.
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Re: Tell me how you start your homeschooling. :)

We are pretty boring. At the end of the previous week I write up a "lesson plan" of what lessons we need to get through of our curriculum the following week. Then on a school day it depends on what is going on. If I'm needed elsewhere - say for example the baby needs to be fed - then I start her out on one of the more workbook page intense activities. If not, then we start with something more parent-directed like our Bible study. We always leave the arts and craft type stuff for last, as those are her favorite and she will take all day with them to avoid having to do math or something else otherwise.
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Re: Tell me how you start your homeschooling. :)

We have activities every day except Friday so the kids usually don't start thier work until we get home and I am making lunch. We are VERY informal around here.
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