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Re: DCFS called on Mom who refuses to allow her son to be retracted

Definitely a different topic but when I gave birth to my second son the nurse in the hospital was apparently anti-breastfeeding. My baby cried all night the second night and my mom and I tried to comfort him (Hubby had gone home the second night to be with our 18 month old son). I was nursing him and the nurse said I was starving my 36 hour old son by not giving him a bottle of formula when he continued to cry. I *nicely* told her I knew how to breastfed and he did not need formula. She then tried to make me give him a pacifer. I explained to her that giving a pacifer to a newborn can cause the mother milk supply to be effected. She gave me some speech about how she had been a nurse for X number of years and knew what she was doing. I made sure to get her name to report her! I knew what I was doing but imagine the potential damage she could do to a mom who wasn't sure she was doing what was best for her baby!


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This really scares me.
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Re: DCFS called on Mom who refuses to allow her son to be retracted

Nurses who "know it all" scare me. I've started almost getting anxiety attacks when I think of going to the doctor with DS. Thank God our new pediatrician is actually a good guy!
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I cannot believe! Nobody seemed to care at all about the little guy but about their own business! This is why I don't like going to hospitals, because all they think about is themselves!

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Re: DCFS called on Mom who refuses to allow her son to be retracted

I had one helluva crappy nurse with the birth of my 3rd baby. But then there are so many that are awesome. It just sucks monumentally when you get a bad one!
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Re: DCFS called on Mom who refuses to allow her son to be retracted

That is SO awful!
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Re: DCFS called on Mom who refuses to allow her son to be retracted

Isn't it scary to think that there are still people who are in the medical profession that would still be so misinformed? I mean, the majority of boys born in the US and Canada are now uncut...and so you'd think they'd know how to care for an intact boy and properly advise parents. I hope that hospital has been been bombarded with letters, and that nurse learns a thing or two. She should be ashamed of herself.

His body, his choice.
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Re: DCFS called on Mom who refuses to allow her son to be retracted

I am terrified of doctors. My ds turned 1 yesterday and has never been seen by a doctor. He has been to the eye doctor because he was born with a spot on his eye (which is just a birthmark). DD1 and DD2 have not been seen by a doctor for 2 1/2 years either. They are 3 and 4. I've been asked before when changing ds's diaper why I don't clean "inside" the penis. I always just respond "inside?!?!, do you clean inside your vagina?" I just don't know how people can remain so ignorant.
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Originally Posted by Reuben Christopher
My boys are circ'd (no flames please) but stuff like this is what scares me to take them to the Dr's at all! Last time we went to a ped the staff about passed out when we said we delayed vax and ds (at 10 months) had only had his newbie shots). The ped came in and said that no one else in their practice did that so the staff wasn't aware it could be done! The ped said he would *allow* us to do that but he wanted to know why and he argued with us and sent us home with a book. Needless to say we are taking the kids to a new dr today and praying it will be a good visit. I am shocked and even angry that this happened. It is horrible way that nurse acted and obvious that she was angry over being told she was wrong and not interested in becoming informed at all. Dr's and nurses want us to trust them with our children's care but then they do crap like this and wonder why we get upset and don't trust them?
Omg, did we see the same doc? No vax's for DS now almost 7m. Only 1 DR visit, he told me he would continue to harass me, pamphlets, the whole nine. Have not been back.

Can not believe that about the nurse & bfing... Scary.

WAHM keeping my new fam loved & healthy: SD Kaleigh 8/01, SD Brianna 6/03, DS Shay 4/11 & my handsome hubby & soul mate all put up with my crazy demands like eating real food & ridding the house of harmful chemicals
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Re: DCFS called on Mom who refuses to allow her son to be retracted

Okay, while this absolutely infuriates me and is scary, the truth is there would be no reason for social services to remove a child for this. I think maybe the whole thing wouldn't even have happened if that poor little guy didn't have an allergic reaction and have such a bad rash, kwim? I am thinking that nurse thought something was wrong, but obviously she just needed to take the time to listen instead of being a moron and jumping to conclusions that weren't correct. I absolutely 100% think these parents are in the right and got pretty much screwed by that ER. But I don't think this is something most people need to worry about.

I have dealt with 4 idiotic Peds before finding a decent one. I know how stupid they can be. I had a doctor tell me that he "didn't like" that I didn't circumcise or vaccinate. Really? Like the medical decisions for my son should be based on what you LIKE. Idiot.
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We don't vaccinate, we kept our sons intact, we use cloth diapers, we co-sleep, we extended RF, we breastfeed, but we watch too much tv and I totally dig plastic! Everyone has their issues, lol.
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