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To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

Ok Mamas I really want to hear what you all have to say about homeschooling or not homeschooling a child with Asperger Syndrome.

My son just got DX, he is 4.5 we attempted preschool last year (before we new about our dx). He hated it. He is so socially awkward, but really enjoys the outdoors, has tons of motivation for hard pyscial work. We are just getting started with some therapies but We were planning on homeschooling I'm hearing so many different things.

For those of you that homeschool... what are your days like?

For those of you sending your kid to school are they mainstream or in special school?


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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

I personally dont have a child with Aspergers but my little sister has it pretty severely. She is in public schools but has major difficulties. The school calls my mom almost daily with problems with her. She has problems with social interaction. The have recently made her go to an alternative school until she gets herself under control. She is 13 years old.
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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

I don't have a child with special needs, but I know several families that do and homeschool. A few of them have children with Asberger's. So long as your child is getting what they need, homeschooling will be fine.
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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

My oldest has Asperger's. He has been in the school system & early intervention since the age of 18mos(he is nearly 11 now).
He did pretty well until 3rd grade. At that point, the work load & lecture teaching atmosphere with larger groups of kids & more frequent transitions started to become the main issue overriding his day. We started reaching a tipping point of where the cons of environment started to outweigh the pros he recieved with the SNs team.
We looked at smaller schools, but then their SNs programs were also less funded & staffed, so then we would have still been in the same boat just smaller scale.
So this year is his final year of PS. We've tried to make it work, but all it is is work & we all hate it!
He goes to school from 9-4 daily. He comes home, eats a snack then studies from 4:30-5. We eat dinner. Back to studying at 6 which usually is math, along with something else(changes nightly). Math is so hard for him because they have went so fast & keep just pushing him along. He hasn't passed a math test since mid 3rd grade. He doesn't understand the fundamentals, so why would he get a passing grade on beginning Algebra?? We help him complete his assigned homework but it's all semantics really, he doesn't "get" it. So before you know it, it's 8:30pm. Time to prep for bed.....
Repeat, M-F. When does he get to be a kid???? When does he get to relax & take a break??
He acts out in class. He needs sensory breaks, then transitional breaks, etc.

Basically school isn't the environment in which he can best learn. Nothing is wrong with school taught that way for 99% of the kids out there. It's the non cookie cutter kids like mine that fall through. He can't pay attention to lectures. He can't be with 40 some other kids in a line walking thru a hallway, then be expected to sit still at a desk calmly. And school likes "herd style learning", not individual based learning.

Think of school as a forest. Forests are great for forest type animals. Nothing is wrong with the forest and animals & people can adapt to living in a forest even if they aren't naturally forest creatures. Forests are quite lovely, actually.

Well, my son is a camel. Camels are great at many things. And a camel **might** learn to live in a forest but it won't be easy & he won't like it nearly as much as I might want him to.

Camels are great. Forests are great. Nothing is wrong with either one of them, but they might do better seperately.
Bye bye.

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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

I can't speak from personal experience but my BIL has asbergers and he was homeschooled after they didn't know what to do with him in public school (started out with harder autism). He ended up graduating from high school a year early and went to college.

Since then he hasn't had great luck finding a job (it has been 6 years now), however I think that is more to do with parenting and my MIL then anything my BIL has in way of disability.
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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

I home schooled my ASD son for a year and a half... for us it was a disaster. Partly it was due to also having a newborn and a toddler at home, but mainly it was because ds1 is just such an intense, high-needs person; it was too physically and mentally exhausting for me, and I ended up heavily medicated just to get through the day. Perhaps it would have been different if he was my only child at home.

He started public school this year and is doing wonderfully! He is in a small, self-contained class for children with various developmental disorders, with a goal of being in inclusion class within a couple of years. I have found that, with the right support, he has blossomed socially and has progressed so much.

I'm not sure what we will do long-term. Right now we are fortunate to live in a district that has phenomenal special ed services, but if we aren't ruling out homeschooling if that were to change. Its not my first choice, but sometimes its the best situation, especially when they get into middle school and high school.
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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

I homeschool both of my boys and my oldest is ASD. Our local ISD will not even attempt mainstreaming ASD children so his option for education in a public school setting is bleak. We did attempt a charter school for one year and found that even in the smaller class with a teacher who was willing to work with him they were woefully under-prepared to handle his needs. He just needs too much redirection to keep on top of his work. He also works at too many different grade levels and learns differently than they were prepared to handle. After a year he was more than happy to come back home and has worked like a champ for me ever since. I actually find him far easier to teach than my youngest son who has a defiant streak a mile wide.
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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

I have a 5 y/o with autism and a almost 7 y/o aspie. They both go to ps because I'm single and work full-time during the day. My aspie does have a hard time in ps and I'm doing quite a bit of tutoring at home to keep him rolling. I think he would do wonderfully in a homeschool situation. he' not doing horrible in ps but he does get frustrated and kind of lost in the crowd. I went to lunches at the beginning of the year and recess after to help him with some social issues at school. He's doing better socially now but we probably do an hour or so of school stuff at home in the evening and then I read to him for 30min at night (he likes that). Its a lot for him but I do feel its our best option with our situation. Point of my post--homeschooling might be absolutely perfect!
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