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The difference between boys and girls....

So I have heard all the little things. Boys are easier, girls are easier, boys are more cuddly, girls are more emotional, boys potty train easier, girls talk sooner, boys walk sooner, ect, ect, ect!

I have a girl and am having a boy in Jan so everyone tells me their experience. So what's yours? Is there any truth behind it?


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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

All children are different regardless of sex. I am the 2nd of 12. 7 boys, 5 girls. 1 boy and 2 girls were very difficult teens. 1 boy and 1 girl were really easy teens. The rest of us were in between. One boy and one girl were VERY emotional. One boy walked talked and did just about everything early. The rest average.
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

With a boy and a girl side by side it is easy to see a huge difference....however it could just be the fact that they are different people!

If I were going to generalize based on them I'd say: Boys are fussier and girls are more advanced.
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

I really think all kids are different.

My daughter is sassy, very active, a climber, she walked at 10 months old, but didn't speak in short sentences until 3.5 years old. She was potty trained, day and night in panties at 7 months old. She has always woken often at night, and is difficult to get back to sleep. She is very headstrong. She has a major temper, but is also a lovely girl at times. She is a risk taker at the playground, and I often watch her do things with 5-6 year old boys looking up at her, wishing they dared to do it : P

My son is a big guy, with lots of love. He has always been more affectionate than my daughter. He is also active and a climber, walked at 9 months old. He is already talking in short sentences at 22 months old--over a year and a half earlier than his sister. We started ECing him at like 2 weeks old, and still at 22 months he is not always dependable to be in underwear all the time. Though he is night dry almost all the time...maybe 1-2 accidents at night a month.

In regards to potty training--I've heard boys are easy to EC as young infants--and that parents have more success then. If you wait until toddlerhood/preschool age, boys then become more difficult than girls. Because once boys forget how to hold it, they have a harder time learning that back.
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

Mainly, all kids are different. I have boys who are 2 years apart & they are quite different. That said, my boys have been more physical/active than my DD, and one way she's different is that she is way more into people/relationships than they have ever been. She did potty train and talk sooner, and she started crawling the earliest of the 3. In no way though would I say she is more "advanced" than the boys though. My oldest (a boy) is one of the smartest kids I know, and could read shortly after he turned 3. DD is almost 3 and she's no where near that.

As babies though? There was no difference. The differences (really their personality) didn't come out until until more like age 1.
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

I get a kick out of all the times I've heard or read about things little boys do and are because my oldest daughter fits most of those much more than my son does. All my kids are active, but my daughters more so than my son. He was even the late walker and crawler, even though boys are supposedly the ones that master gross motor skills early. I didn't find him any more difficult to potty train, but he did train about a year later than the girls did. But, we waited until he was ready and it really only took about a week.

It really is about personality.
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

We had 2 girls who are total opposites in every way. One talked way early, the other way late. One was content to sit and play, the other never sat, etc.

When we got pg with ds we thought we knew it all - we'd seen both spectrums with the girls and he'd fall somewhere in the middle. We were shocked with ds at how different boys and girls are. They are just different. It isn't something simple to say they walk earlier (ds was in the middle of the girls), talks later (ds was again in the middle). But he's all boy and very different from his sisters. I don't think it can be defined how they are different but they just are.
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

Of course every body is different, but from my preschool experience (dd is just getting into the sneaky stage) in general (and as they get a little older). Girls are sneaky and boys are more straight forward. Girls appear to be better behaved because they are sneaky about stuff. Boys on the other hand will wear you out, but at least you usually know what their up to. Preschool Girls are also more clicky then boys. Boys will have close friends but they will play with all the kids, where girls will refuse to play with others that are not in their circle.

As for mine ds is still too young to compare. And because dd had a physical delay most of the differences can be chalked up to her delay. DS is doing physical things before dd did. DD was saying 10 words by this time and ds only says 2. Ds is way more laid back. DD is more rounded as far as liking boy and girls things. DS so far shows a definite draw to all things boy. He does like to play with kitchen stuff, but that is all the girl toys he will play with. He is ALL boy. DD always played with both the boy and girl toys with no real preference in things girls- except clothes. She is ALL girl when it comes to clothes- I better not dare put something not pink or purple on her and jeans- oh, no its GOT to be a dress.
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

I think it depends on the parent which they think is easier. I think girls are easier, dh thinks boys are easier. They are different though. In general, boys are just more adventurous and in my experience, defiant. But that might just be my kids!!

My friend only grew up with sisters and has 4 daughters. She kept telling me how horrible her 10yo nephew was. He plays fighting games and pretends to shoot stuff. But when I went over there he asked me if my ds could please ride bikes with him and when I said yes he said thank you. What a terrible kid!! Then she came over here one time and my three youngest decided to climb up on the shed roof (I do have one adventurous girl!!) and I told them to get down. The 6 and 8 year old did but my 3 year old stood right above us and gave us a raspberry, getting spit on us of course. My friend was very upset/mad and left immediately. There is no way one of my girls would do that, or one of her's. I don't think her nephew looks so bad now!!
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Re: The difference between boys and girls....

Personality definitely comes into play but as my kids are getting older I notice that my daughter plays more on the "mind games" kind of mentality and my son is way more straightforward. My daughter talked early/walked later then my son. My son is tough but my daughter is too. She will fall off her bike brush herself off and not even cry. My daughter has been better with relationships (aka everyone is her best friend) and while my son is not shy per se he takes awhile to warm up and has a harder time getting close. I see that all as personality though and not boy/girl
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