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Need reading help for my 5 year old

I am trying to figure out a way to help my 5 year old with reading. I am doing funnix which is a computer program from the guys who did 100 easy lessons so I think it is pretty similar to that. She was doing great for the first few lessons but now that they started actual words she is getting tripped up. She can't turn sss eeee into see. She is also having trouble with remembering to do the sound and not the letter word and remembering a bunch of sounds in a row. When we are on the parts of the program that is working on those skills she gets so fidgety. She always was a little fidgety while doing the lessons but she will jump all over the place and she won't look at the screen when it isn't something she is having difficulty with. She won't even try. She isn't a hyper kid and doesn't usually act like that.

She been in preschool since she was 3 and she didn't really learn much at preschool and I think it is because she doesn't concentrate on stuff she doesn't know yet and has trouble with. Her teacher last year thought she only spoke in 3-4 word sentences even though she could speak in full sentences since she was 2. She took forever to learn her letters until I finally just got her a video and she learned them after 2 viewings. I know she capable of learning and she seems fine developmentally but she is very shy and she hates trying something she doesn't know well and I think that will be an issue for her in school.

I don't know if I should try something else or what. I don't know if I should keep going through lessons or try something else to help her get how sounds become words and then go through the lessons again. She knows all her sounds and was doing fine before it had her sounding out written words with separating out sounds. I have done starfall in the past and it didn't really work for her. She would remember exactly what was going to happen and what parts were coming up but wasn't learning the sounds or the letters from it.


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Re: Need reading help for my 5 year old
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Re: Need reading help for my 5 year old

I think she is still really young. I wouldn't worry yet. Just keep reading with her and to her. That is what I am doing with my almost 5yo and he doesn't get it at all yet, but I am not worried.
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Re: Need reading help for my 5 year old

I used to be a library asst and have worked with children over half my life. Everyone learns differently. You can try a reward system as that works like a charm or maybe a walk and learn, or make cookies with words on them or flip books (craft 1st card is a letter second one is a sound (i.e. c, at = cat flip c and get b, at+ bat, and she can draw on them flip the middle card and have oil boil coil foil etc...)
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Re: Need reading help for my 5 year old

I don't homeschool but I was an early elementary special education teacher before having kids. First off, let me say that the number 1 predictor of how well kids will learn to read is having them read to at home, so read, read, read with her.

As for the sound blending that can be a tricky thing for some kids. I'd try to make a game of it with her. Throughout the day help her to play with sounds. If her favorite stuffed animal is a bear, say, "Bear, hmmmm, that has three sounds, bu, aaaaa, rrrr. What else can we find that starts with the bu sound?" Then find another word and break it into sounds. You can also do things like "If I take away the B from bear and add a W I get, wwww, aaarrr, wear! My bear can wear a hat!" Playing with rhyming words like that can help with sounds. As she is just 5 I wouldn't worry yet.
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Blending sounds can be a little difficult at first. I don't know if it's like this for other kids, but with my ds, it just "clicked" one day. It wasn't anything *I* did, it just happened. One day he went from not being able to turn huh-aaa-tuh into hat, to being able to read any short vowel word put in front of him. Maybe take a break for a couple of weeks, the pick it back up? I really think its more of a developmental thing. I mean, anyone can teach a small child to memorize letter sounds, but you don't see a bunch of two year olds reading, kwim? It comes to them later, and 5 is not on the far end or anything. Theres still lots of time to get the basics down. Just keep reading to her and playing little words games with her. She'll get it.
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There is a game on with between the lions called the blending bowl. It's a fun game if she's a visual or auditory learning. I agree that she is young and just keep exposing words to her in a fun way.
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Re: Need reading help for my 5 year old

Have you heard about All About Reading? It helps with letter recognition, and the different sounds of the letters. I think that 5 is pretty young to expect them to be reading (and I have an early reader on my hands). My 4yo DS still doesn't know all of his letters, but our 2.5 yo DD does. hahahaha!!
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We use memoria press with my 5 year old (if she's having a hard time blending I would NOT suggest this) but for remembering a bunch of different sounds, group them. Like, for pat, we would first put the a-t together until she had at, THEN we would add the p. So then we'd be working on blending ppp-at. Instead of p-a-t. Does that make sense?
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Re: Need reading help for my 5 year old

When my dd was in Kindergarten her teacher sent home stuff asking that we work on her 'phonemic awareness'. You should have see the WTH look on my face as I've never heard that expression! Anyway, phonemic awareness is a subset of phonological awareness nad is exactly what you are talking about. Google it and you'll find tons of activities.
Those were the only types of things they work on in K. here as reading is not expected until 1st grade.
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