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Busy nurser- she's driving me nuts!

A little history. I'm a mom for 4 kids. Breastfed every single one of them. The 1st stopped nursing at 11 months b/c I was pregnant and my milk dried up. The 2nd stocked nursing at 9 months b/c I was pregnant and my milk dried up. The 3rd nursed until 11 months/almost 12 months b/c she was just done. She was more interested in food, not me.

This 4th child will be a year old on the 17th and has been the longest I've nursed any child! She is SOOOOOOOOO busy though! She's constantly rolling over, trying to stand, put her foot to her head, etc ALL WHILE nursing!

I'm starting to get sore from it. She latches then unlatches, latches, unlatches, latches, unlatches.

Is she just tried of nursing? She's requesting all the time to nurse, but hardly eats when she's on.

I've never nursed a child this long, so I'm not sure what to expect?



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Re: Busy nurser- she's driving me nuts!

My 8 month old does this. She will roll over, stand up, grab her legs, sit, lay down all while latched. Then she pulls her head back and snaps my nipple, squeezes my nipple and squirts milk etc etc. I just try and get her to focus, use a toy or pretend to bite her hand that is constantly in my nose, eyes, mouth while she is nursing. Ill talk to her, sing to her. If shes not focusing, not really eating, only playing then ill put her down and try again in a few minutes.

Luckily she only nurses for 5-10 mins then goes off to torture the dog or something... ha!
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Yup. Ds is 15 months old and ALL OVER THE PLACE. I hear its pretty normal for the age. They're so active and curious and don't have a very long attention span. Lol It's kinda funny but kind of a pain. If he unlatches and relatches more than 3 times I just go get him a sippy.... Same if he's hurting me...
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Congratulations on your new "record"! They do go through crazy phases but it won't last forever. She is also old enough (IMO) for a little "training" about what is ok or not ok to do while nursing. I can tolerate some acrobatics but I could not stand any "twiddling" where they play with the nipple. Figure out where you "draw the line" and tell her gently not to do ---- and stop nursing for a short time if needed to get the message across.
My first nursed to nearly 17 months and my second to 31 months. I weaned each of them while pregnant with the next baby. Probably age 10-15 months was the "craziest" and after that they associated nursing time with comfort and calm (for the most part.)
Good luck, mama!

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Re: Busy nurser- she's driving me nuts!

totally normal! I know talks about it too. My 19 month old is CRAZY lol! She's actually calmed down quite a bit though, but at 12 months, oh yeah, nutso! I nurse her in bed, and my biggest complaint is her trying to twiddle my other nipple, but besides that she usually chills. It'll get better eventually LOL
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Re: Busy nurser- she's driving me nuts!

Welcome to the world of nursing a toddler tay used to do this. He would seriously try to turn upside down, flip around. You name it he tried it. Id let him nurse and once the acrobats started id tell him "all done" and put him down. I cant remb it being an issue for very long be nursed till 28months and weaned with this pregnancy bc i dried up at 10 weeks. Hang in there heather if she hurting and not really nursing id just go ahead and end that session. She should eventually get it "nursing time isnt hurt mommy time". Congrats on almost making it to a year! Our second year was the best year of our nursing relationship
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Re: Busy nurser- she's driving me nuts!

Poppy does that too! I call it stunt nursing
Just in case.
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