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Re: Setting a schedule??

We found our pedi on and I specifically looked for someone with BFing knowledge (came up with I interviewed him). DS is almost 6 months and we're still exclusively breastfeeding and there were a few nights that he slept 6-8 hour stretches but those went out the window as soon as he started teething. Babies will sleep when they need to sleep and they'll eat when they need to eat (if you let them!). If you ever feel like the baby's nursing "too often", check out this link and remind yourself to trust your own instincts.


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With my first child the pedi we were seeing at that time told me the same thing, 'if it's not 'time' for her to eat, don't feed her.'And to let her CIO at night. Worst advice ever. But I was a new mom that hadn't done any research, bc at that time in my life I actually believed everything doctors said LOL! Totally ruined my supply and was only able to BF my daughter without supplementing with formula for about 6 months
My 10 MO still nurses on demand, (i have no clue how often bc i make it a point not to pay attention) and never CIO! My pedi (different than the one I had when my DD was born) is now getting on my case that DS is too small!) he's about 17 lbs which i think is fine! He was small when he was born! she's about to get fired! She told me to stop nursing so much an push more baby food! Blech!
Go with your instincts. If baby is happy with your schedule and is thriving (gaining, satisfied after nursing, wetting and soiling diapers) he/she is fine
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Re: Setting a schedule??

Originally Posted by KristieW View Post
After a couple hiccups with our ped who we otherwise LOVE, we came to an agreement that I won't give him advice on being a doctor and he won't give me advice on being a parent. Three years in with him and we adore him and have a good foundation of mutual respect. LOVE our ped!
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Re: Setting a schedule??

My mom told me that I needed to put Claire on a schedule when she was just a few days old...I attempted to comply for a few days while she was there helping, especially because my mother did breastfeed 3 babies and I thought maybe she would know better...but then I realized that she felt that way because her first nurslings were twins. Of course she had to put us on a schedule if she didn't want to tandem nurse, one on each breast. No way my mom was going to do that, lol! So she had us on a schedule.

My life became SO MUCH EASIER when she left and I just started nursing on demand. The crying stopped, the clock-watching stopped. Babies will sleep through the night when they're ready. DD is 22 months old and wakes up once a night. Apparently she slept throught the night for the first time ever at my parent's house last weekend, but no luck here so far.
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Originally Posted by cherrycoke
Babies will sleep when they need to sleep and they'll eat when they need to eat (if you let them!).
Thank you! You guys have really helped remind me of what I knew; I just second-guessed myself when the pedi seemed so taken aback at our on-demand feedings.
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Re: Setting a schedule??

I received the same advice from Ped at 2 month check up, and I did the same thing you've done, but on a different board. So glad I did, because we've made it a year now and still going strong-On Demand!! If it's working for you keep it up mama
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Schedules can be detrimental to your supply! Nursing on demand is the way to go
Honestly, I would try to find a more breastfeeding, attachment parenting friendly doc.
Single Mommy to my 3 year old DS born all natural. We are a Cosleeping, Breastfeeding, Babywearing Non-Vaxing DUO!!
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My baby has always set her own schedule and been STTN since 1 month! Time between feedings lengthened as her tummy grew. It never bothered me and she doesn't need a schedule.

The only scheduling advice I received from my pedi was eat, play, sleep so she wouldn't associate nursing with sleep (thus requiring me to nurse her to sleep). We were not adamant about this, but this IS what she does. She nurses to sleep because I want her to, not because she needs me.
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