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Bfing help: Newborn !!

I had my ds 11/8/11 we came home yesterday evening. Things were going great bfing wise at the hospital he was eating every 2-3 hours for 15min+ no problems. Now that we are home this is a different story. I cant get him to latch most of the time (he makes this nasty face) and when he does he just doesnt seem interested or like hes even eating, just random sucks. I do try to stimulate him at the breast as well.
Last night was horrible. He kept acting hungry so I was up seriously all night trying to bf him but he just wouldnt eat. He would just cry everytime I would put him back down and then I would try again with no success. Finally at 6am of no sleep and a baby I could tell was hungry I decided to give him some formula and he has been sleeping since.

I am already getting down about all this and have no idea what to do or where we went wrong Can anyone help me out with some advice?


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If he's having trouble latching, try a nipple shield. Also, maybe you could find a lactation consultant to come to your house and help you.
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Re: Bfing help: Newborn !!

I agree with a lactation consultant...the hospital where you delivered should have info on them.

It's been 17 mths since I nursed a nb, but what I remember my midwife telling me to do which seemed to help was to kinda hold your breast with your fingers below the nipple and thumb right above...then you can press in and lift the nipple with your thumb, then kinda roll it into the mouth. That was the nipple rubs the roof of baby's mouth and stimulates them to suck. Seemed to work for us, we did that for...oh I would guess the first week or so and then she got much better at nursing.

Don't give up! At least not until you have exhausted all of your resources.
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Try a different position maybe? It sounds like an overactive letdown to me. Try expressing a bit before nursing. Same thing happened to me, it was so annoying/confusing!! I found that i would get irritated and that would communicate to DS who would cry and cry. Just relax and keep trying, if he starts to cry just stop for a bit and rock him etc. and try again. It took a bit but DS learned to handle it after awhile. You only need to express a bit until you stop leaking. HTH a bit! I know it's rough, been there done that!
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Re: Bfing help: Newborn !!

Nobody tells you it will be like that sometimes with a newborn. My DD would only co-sleep until about 3 months. I agree with seeking the help of an LC, but it may just be a rough time...
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Re: Bfing help: Newborn !!

With my first, I had to pump a little to get the milk flowing (or even put a drop of formula on my nipple if I was desperate!) to encourage her to latch, without it she just wouldn't latch on! It is really important to keep the milk flowing or you risk reducing your supply. I would def. see a LC as soon as possible if it is still hard to get him to latch
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Hang in there! Do you know about That's where I go whenever I have a bfing question and it always encourages me. I found an article on there that finally helped me get a good latch- I'll try to find and post it.

Also, maybe try lying down on your side with your baby so that both of you can be more comfortable, and try to relax when you feed him- he can tell when you are anxious and he'll be anxious too.

You can do it Mama!
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Has he been checked for abnormalities (lip/tongue tie or high palate)? We just learned that my DD2 (10 weeks) has an extremely high palate. We didn't have issues until my milk regulated (since she has to have a good latch and strong suck to get anything), then we started having problems. Basically, she is unable to get my nipple in the right position to keep milk flowing because of the arch. We are most likely going to be exclusively pumping since it can't be fixed like a lip or tongue tie.

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You also may want to feed him expressed milk or formula from a cup, spoon or syringe so that he is not confused about the different sucking motions required for bottle and breast. There are some cup feeding videos on youtube.

Do you have a pump? Even a small manual one (I have the Medela Harmony, around $35 but I think there are cheaper ones out there) could let you give him breastmilk and keep your supply up while you two are working through this.

You could even hand express some milk in a dixie cup or spoon and try that first. Google "hand expression video"
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Re: Bfing help: Newborn !!

I'd definitely see a lactation specialist. It does sound like you might have an overactive letdown, but the best way to be sure is to see someone who can observe you nursing. The hospital should have some LCs on staff, your local WIC office probably has peer counselors or a BF support group you could attend, and you can check on the LLL website to see if you have leaders nearby that you can contact.

I'm a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and I'm here to tell you I've seen lots of situations where there was hiccup like this at the beginning, and that it is usually ONLY a hiccup. When you're tired and frustrated it can be so hard to hang in there, but... hang in there. Get some help and it will get better!
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