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Oliver Pierce is here...

hey all. Sorry it's taken me so long to update and post on here... (I say as if you were all waiting with bated breath...) We've just kind of been wrapped up in newness and cocooned in our bedroom for the past week and a half..
Oliver Pierce was born at 9:46 am on Sunday, Nov 13 (TEN days past my due date...I was SOO ready!) He weighed a hearty 9lbs and 14oz and was 22 in long. Labor was WAY shorter and easier than with his big bro (41 hours and pushed for 6+) Here's the quick and dirty version-
had some mild reg contractions starting the night before...texted the people who would need to know that we might be on for a birth the next day...then I went to bed and woke at 1:00am with stronger contractions- As I was trying to time them on my cell phone's stop watch, one of my best friends (who I was planning to have at the birth to help DS) texted me saying she was back from her improv show and if I wanted a laboring buddy- she could come over. She did and we watched Law and Order reruns and laughed and talked until about 3am when labor kicked into my back. I texted the doula that I could really use her help- so she headed over. My friend said she was going to nap on the couch- so she did while I sat on the birth ball, the doula massaged my back and we watched 500 Days of Summer (love) At 5am babe did some sort of weird head move and I felt my water break. I texted the midwives and then went upstairs to wake my DH and have him start filling the tub, and to wake my mom (who lives w us) and tell her we were a go. Went back downstairs and checked in with the midwives, they listened to babe and we talked a while. I asked if I could get in the tub- but one of them said it would prob slow things down if I got in this early- so I decided to head up to my bedroom with the doula - so I could try to rest between contrx and she could massage my back during them. Did that for a couple hours until the contrx were just too close together. At this point DS woke up and was happily chatting with everyone and playing with trains. The midwives said it would be ok to get in the tub now- so I did. I remember thinking "I have NO IDEA where I am in this labor." like- how far along. I was not keen on doing this for another day and a half like w DS, and my midwives don't do any internal checks unless absolutely nec- so I was kind of flying blind. Once in the tub- it wasn't long before I felt the urge to push. So I started pushing... DS sat on my mom's lap and just hung out. It was so amazing to have him there. I was worried he would be scared by the sounds and be afraid I was hurting and just kind of wig out. But he just watched. And occasionally asked "you ok mama?" My friend was also a HUGE help- answering his questions and getting him breakfast. In fact- as I was at like the height of pushing babe's head out, DS said "Can I have more raisins on my oatmeal?" - that's how unphased he was by the whole thing! So I pushed for about an hour- (babe had a hand up by his mouth- midwives said I would have pushed for about 15min had it not been for that hand...crazy baby!) then I lifted him out of the tub and onto my chest. I think the first thing I said was "it's another boy!" and the second was "Holy crap, I'm done!!!"
We hung out in the tub for a bit then made our way to the futon DH had brought down to the living room. I snuggled with both my boys while the midwives cleaned up and made everyone some breakfast.
Ollie is proving to be the best second baby ever. He asks for very little other than mass amounts of snuggling and nursing and he sleeps soundly (Keaton-DS1- will often come in the room with his guitar and sing at the top of his lungs and Ollie keeps on snoozing!) Keaton is HUGELY in love with "his new baby"- I really think it helped that he was there for the birth. Saw how this baby came to join our family. He really feels connected to him. Everyday he wakes up in the morning and says "I need to see my new baby..." He loves on him and talks to him and brings him toys. He is totally smitten. And so is Olliver- always turning his head to see where Keaton is, or when he hears his voice. And I swear he has smiled at Keaton a few times already...

On a related note... (because what this post needs is ANOTHER story..)
I had a couple miscarriages before DS1...and each time I had a feeling it was supposed to be twins, but one baby wasn't quite ready for whatever reason. In 2008 I got pregnant again and had Keaton in 2009. Then, shortly before DH and I decided to try for babe 2, I had a dream that that first time WAS supposed to be twins, but the other baby knew that if he came through at the same time as Keaton- he'd get no attention. Keaton was a pretty high needs baby and took all the energy DH and I had. The other baby told Keaton to go first, and said he'd join him as soon as possible. So in February, DH and I decided to try for #2, and I swear I was immediately pregnant. It was SO fast. And now that Oliver is here, and I see how connected they are already, and how much they look alike (they even have identical birthmarks on the back of their necks)- it kind of makes sense... (ok, sounds a little hooey when typed out, but in my heart it makes sense.

on to photos...

(you'll notice in this last pic that DS1 has taken up the nuk again... it's his bit of regression that I am totally ok with because he decided to potty train himself the week before DS2 was born- and has been accident free and totally on it. I will gladly take occasional nuk in mouth if it means potty using boy!)


*N- married to my dreamy B and mama to my ridiculously adorable + awesome K born at home 4/09 And the ever amazing baby O born at home 11/11
and because they amuse my son-

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Your family is beautiful and I love his name! Congrats!
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Congatulations! Great birth story.
Chelsea SAHM to ASD Nate 1-07, preemie peanut Emma Lynn 7-08, Clara Elizabeth 2-10 and Jonathan Connor 10-11 Wife to highschool sweetheart Z
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Re: Oliver Pierce is here...

that last pic is so beautiful! I loved your story! Thanks for sharing and congrats!
Natasha: Mom to toddlers and tweens and everything in between.
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Re: Oliver Pierce is here...

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Re: Oliver Pierce is here...

Congratulations! Your boys are adorable and they do look very much alike!
Heather, wife to James & mommy to:
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Re: Oliver Pierce is here...

Congrats!! Your boys are adorable, and I don't think the twin thing is hooey at all!
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Re: Oliver Pierce is here...

Congrats, Nisa! I guess we didn't get to have babes on the same day this time around. But he's so precious and sweet, and I love his name. Keaton and Oliver sound good together. Looks like he cooked extra long to be super adorable and BIG! Enjoy the babymoon, and the fun of two boys close in age!
Jenn, Proud CD'ing, BF'ing, BW'ing, pocket/fitteds & wool loving mama to Garrett and Owen , and currently babymooning with E3.....Claire Janine, 11/29/11. Our Team Green turned PINK!
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Cute your boys are both adorable
Crystal SAHM to
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Re: Oliver Pierce is here...

Congrats! I have a friend whose little boy is named Oliver Pierce.
The only time you should look in your neighbor's bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don't look in your neighbor's bowl to see if you have as much as them.
Louis C.K.
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