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The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

This took way longer than I thought to post, but it has been a crazy few days!

Wednesday 11/9 started like every other day. I had been ctx'ing all night and was very sore. At this point I had been having prodromal labor for weeks so I really didn't think much of it. We were scheduled for induction on the 11th so I was resigned to that being when the baby came out. I had been feeling nauseas for a couple of days and she was moving but not her usual active so I just felt off. I had my last OB appt and was secretly hoping I would get there and be like 5cm dilated and sent to L&D, turned out I would get sent to L&D but not for being dilated.

My OB appt was at 2 that afternoon. DH was watching the kids and I went to the appt not expecting much. I did the normal urine sample, weight, BP. I was back and forth on whether or not to even mention my nausea and her movement, since she was still moving, but decided to go ahead. The appt went fine I was still 3-4 cm and the nausea was probably a stomach bug going around. He felt very confident we would see him on Friday and have a baby. Since I was concerned about her movement and in general just didn't feel right he decided to do an NST just to be safe. They hooked me up and said it would be 20 mins and then I could be on my way. No one expected anything to come of it.

They had turned the volume on the machine very low, but I still heard the decels in her heart rate, they were frequent and some were lasting for quite a while. 20 mins passed, then 30. Finally the Dr. came in and brought the strip over to show me. (They had been monitoring from out of the room.) He showed me her variable decels which were quite frequent, then her late decels after ctx, some lasting quite a while. He said she is showing a lot of stress and today needed to be the day, we need to get her out. I was sent straight to L&D to get on the monitor asap. We would try for a vaginal delivery but in this case, a C-section might be what was best for baby.

I got to L&D around 4. DH was dropping off the kids and on his way. I was immediately hooked to monitors and at this point just waiting for the Dr. to come over after office hours. Baby had several scary decels while we waited so I was repositioned quite a bit. The staff seemed pretty convinced I was going to be a Section. I filled out all the paperwork and they even brought DH the outfit for the OR. Around 6 the Dr. came over and reviewed the strip on baby thus far. He gave me a choice. Due to my hx of fast deliveries and the fact that that I was already 4 cm, and at some point in the 2 hours since coming to L&D had begin ctxing regularly on my own, he really wanted to try for the vaginal delivery, with 1 condition, that I get the epidural in case she had a decel that did not come back up and we had to do an emergency C-section. The other option, which he didn't want to do, was just forgo the vaginal delivery and do the C-Section. He assured us he wouldn't be trying this if he didn't feel there was a chance we could successfully deliver without the surgery. His confidence gave me confidence so we agreed to the epidural and got things moving.

They came and did the epidural sometime in the next hour. Everything was fine for about 30 minutes. Then my BP started dropping. I started feeling really sick and really light headed. Next thing we new my BP machine was beeping. My pressures were ranging from 80-60 / 40-30 . We called the nurse and one came in and decided to lower the head of my bed, that should do it. WELL IT DIDN'T. I was getting very pale and felt like I was going in and out of consciousness. DH was freaking out and not sure what to do. Luckily the Dr. walked in and all I remember is telling him I didn't feel good. He rand the bell and ran over to my IV to grab my fluids and started squeezing the bag, then about 5 nurses ran in to put on oxygen and roll me around. Anesthesia came back in and put something in my IV to counteract the epidural. Within minutes I was feeling better and things were looking ok. The Dr. sat in there with us for a while until I was really back to normal and then we decided to proceed with him breaking my water and starting pitocin about 8pm. We needed to get her out sooner as opposed to later. Well a good 15 mins later everyone came running back in because the pitocin had caused ctx every 1-2 minutes and baby did not have enough recovery time, her HR was staying in the 60's. They turned off the pitocin and repositioned me, put oxygen back on. Dr. checked me and I was 6 cm. She was doing ok with my natural ctx before the pitocin so he decided since I was progressing we would see if those could do it in the next hour or so. There were several other decels and I pretty much had a nurse camped out in my room the rest of the time, getting me in one position and telling me not to move, until there was another decel and they moved me again. Around 9:25 the Dr. came in to tell me we had let this go on long enough, he no longer felt comfortable having her HR drop the way it was. I told him when he walked in I had just felt pressure. He checked me and looked at me and said "Don't push." She was crowning. They ran around grabbing their stuff and fixing the bed. I really needed to push. Finally after a couple minutes he said ok go ahead. One push her head was out and she was sunny side up. He dug around for a cord on her neck since we were all sure that is what the problem was. There was nothing. He decided to turn her, which hurt something terrible. Then one more push and she was here at 9:35!!! She got to lay on my chest for a bit. Then was off to be cleaned up. She was 7lbs 6oz. and 20 inches long and perfectly healthy! She nursed within 20 minutes of birth and has been going like a champ ever since.

We checked the placenta and it was showing signs of aging (at only 38w5d), but we are still unsure exactly what caused so much distress. The Dr said she must have had a pretty significant cord compression somewhere in there, coupled with an aging placenta. Whatever it was, things got pretty hairy for a while there and so many things could have gone a different way, but god was watching out for us and so many friends and family members were praying, it turned into the best possible scenario. We were truly blessed and we are in with our new baby girl! It was quite the roller coaster we were a little shaken, but happy and healthy in the end!


SAHM to my 5 pack. Married to my best friend.
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Re: The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

Congrats! Glad she was born safe & healthy!
~Kim~ Army wife to Brandon, mama to Aaron ('05) & JoAnne ('08) & Rylee ('11)!
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Congratulations so glad she arrived safely sounds like you had some very scary moments but so happy for you that everything worked out good
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Re: The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

Congrats! I have a little girl in my preschool class named Isla! I absolutely LOVE the name!
Laura---Married: Chris(9-06) Mommy to: Ds1 ('09) Ds2 ('10) Expecting DD1(April '14) Foster Mommy to: Dfs Baby N since (9-12)
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Re: The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

wow, what a roller coaster! so glad you're baby is here nice and safe! She's so cute!
Natasha: Mom to toddlers and tweens and everything in between.
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Re: The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

Congratulations! I am so glad she made it here safely and I hope you both continue to do well.
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Re: The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

Thanks for sharing. Great story, mama.
Thia, semi-crunchy wife to G (2005) and mama to Ashur (9/2006) and Julian (3/2010-birth story). Bfing, Dr. Bob vaxing, sling wearing, extended rear facing

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Glad she made here safe and sound! And congrats again!
Chelsea SAHM to ASD Nate 1-07, preemie peanut Emma Lynn 7-08, Clara Elizabeth 2-10 and Jonathan Connor 10-11 Wife to highschool sweetheart Z
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Re: The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

What a scare for you all. So happy that she arrived safely. She is adorable.
Mama of 4!
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Re: The roller coaster arrival of Isla Paige 11/9/11 *Long* w/ pics

Congrats, Glad things worked out and your both okay.
KamiSAHM to A(12)R(10)H(4) x3
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