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My baby hates her car!!!

I think the only time she hasn't cried is on the way home from the hospital. We don't spend a lot of time in the car, but I do need to go to the grocery store, school, etc. I tried her in a convertible...still screamed. Anyone have this problem? Any advice? When did it end?
She gets so worked up that she sweats through her'd think that she was sitting on tacks!


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Just sending some hugs... DS hated the carseat until about 15m (or 10m if you count when my in laws started giving him snacks in the car). DD hated it until the extra head support could be removed... Maybe 10 weeks. It won't last!
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Re: My baby hates her car!!!

I was going to suggest a convertible, but you did that. LOL my DS hated his infant bucket seat, but as soon as we had him in a convertible he was fine. Try hanging one of those little kid mirrors on the seat behind her, we got my DS one the has a light and plays music, and that helped. Good luck mama, it will pass eventually.
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Re: My baby hates her car!!!

Try removing the head cushion and readjusting the straps. A mirror also helped us, and while he fussed for a few days in the convertible, he actually falls asleep in it now, something he never did in the bucket.
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Re: My baby hates her car!!!

my ds hated his carseat too as a baby. and we skipped the bucket seat altogether and had him in a convertible from the start. he acted like we were torturing him if we just did a quick 10 minute run to the store for milk. sheesh. i tried a lot of different things (carseat toys, one of those things that lights up and plays music, etc) and nothing really made a difference. i can't even remember exactly when he got over it. probably around 1 yr old. he's mostly just fine in the car now.

this is my (very) uneducated opinion, and i have nothing to base this off of except my own observations of ds, but i think his biggest problem was that he couldn't see us, and since he was little and didn't get "object permanence" he felt alone in the world. he was the worst at night, and i found if i left the inside light in the car on, that sometimes helped. he also got a lot better when he figured out that he could see me through that little mirror i had hung up back there to check on him. i don't say this to advocate turning him around early. we left him rearfacing for quite awhile, and i actually sometimes regret turning him already. i felt bad he was crying, but safety was more important. either way, i felt like once he got a little older and figured out that i was still there, and he just couldn't see me, he was a lot better. and once he did, he kept up an almost constant stream of baby babble at us and clearly expected us to respond. i think he was just checking to see if we were still there

it will get better. i know it's really frustrating. but she'll get better with it.

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Re: My baby hates her car!!!

LO hated the bucket seat but when we went to the convertible at 6 months, he loved it. I wish I would have tried it sooner. Honestly, I'd say stick with the convertible and hopefully he'll *grow* to like it. Every car seat is so different, though. Our bucket seat seemed so hard; no cushion at all. My friend's bucket seems very comfy. The convertible we got is very comfy and padded. Maybe try another one?? GL Mama. I know how hard it is to be in the car with a crying baby... it is awful. We didn't go many places with LO for the first few months of his life because I could stand to hear him cry like that.
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Re: My baby hates her car!!!

Do you think she hears ok? My DD1 was hearing impaired and often screamed her head off in the carseat... just a thought, don't want to alarm you. If she turns towards noises and has age appropriate babbling she's probably fine.
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i know how you feel. DD hated the carseat and screamed like a banchee every time. It was horrible. Nothing really helped. I think she got over it by 14 months.

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Re: My baby hates her car!!!

sometimes there is just nothing you can do...but hopefully she grows out of it!!!
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Re: My baby hates her car!!!

DD has had her ups and downs. First 3 mths or so she screamed. We started her in a convertible, then moved her to a bucket....ended up buying a nice bucket and she did better for a while. Then it started around 1 again. We did the convertible again but it started leaving red marks on her neck and it was so big around her, she couldn't lean her head over to sleep. So we got her a new convertible. It's MUCH better! A britax RA55. But now, she is starting to scream in the car again. Grrr! This time I think it is because she started walking about a mth ago...she doesn't want to be strapped down, she wants to walk! She is 17 mths now. Seems like they get more fussy in the car around big mobile milestones (rolling, crawling, sitting, walking, ect) because they would rather practice the new skills!

Hang in will get better eventually. At DD's age, I bribe her. She always has a sippy of water and sometimes I will let her have small snacks like cherrios. She has a book in the car and she has 'rocks' (more like gems but she calls them rocks) and she loves to hold onto them and play with them. We also have a mirror so we can see her/she can see us. Sometimes the radio helps her calm down. Sometimes it helps to have no radio on.

It's a stage and it will pass It sure is a frustrating one though!
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