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Re: Share positive NON circing stories!

sadly my DS is circ'd. both my dh and I regret it something fierce! I wish I could reverse time and not let them take him to have it done. When I had him almost 2 yrs ago, I truthfully didn't even think about it much. I just thought that is what you did to boys. My bother, dad, hubby and every man I have ever been with was, so really I didn't even know why people wouldn't! Dumb!!!
also, I am a tad mif'd that my sister in law never gave me any info about leaving boys intact. Her and my brother has a son 3 months before me and left him intact. they asked me if I was going to circ, I said yes and they left it at that!!! My pediatrician doesn't do circ's...did he ever once give me any info on why he doesn't, or say that the AAP doesn't recommend them anymore, NO! no info what so ever! ughhh
I am not blaming anyone else but myself, but I would of loved to get some info about why it isn't necessary, I honestly had no idea what the function of a foreskin was and I have a BS in nursing. We never learned about it in school.
My DH and I have recently talk a lot about this topic (I'm sure more than he would like ) because I have a friend who is an intactivist who has taught me a TON! she was so nervous to even bring the topic up to me cause she knew my DS was circ'd, but as we became closer, I picked her brain about it and told her that I had regretted the decision. I now am helping her spread the word! lol I have become quite the intactivist these days!
I also, was able to share my story with a really close friend who decided at the last minute to not have her son circ'd because of the discussions and resources I provided her. I saved a foreskin! I will definitely be leaving my future son intact if we have any more.
And to all those intactivist mama's! Keep it up! don't ever let it down, you have saved a ton of boys and educated a ton of mama's and future mama's, THANK YOU!!!!


Sahm to P (1/10) and wifey to P since 2008...we are a , , selective vax'ing, AP'ing, regretful circer now non circing, non-CIO, , babywearing, going green kinda family, baby GIRL born 10-13-2012!!!
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Re: Share positive NON circing stories!

Originally Posted by Nanner99 View Post
Can we talk about how you all handle questions IRL. Like, my neighbor recently asked me about the boys not being circed (her teen dd babysat them recently and put diapers on them for nighttime, and mentioned it to her mom, so that is how she knows they are intact). I think I handled it fine, but she is a friend of mine and I was not sure how to answer it without basically telling her she was wrong for circing her boys, yk? She was not at all attacking when she asked, it seemed purely curious.
I usually just say we found it not necessary- but that seems like such an inadequate response, yk? There is SO much more, but then I don't want to ramble...
And, my boys I don't think ever peed during dipe changes. They also were able to aim well when they potty trained- I have seen circ boys need that "splash guard" if they sit to pee, but we never did.
The first time two of my friends watched DS they asked about it. I actually have a couple of funny stories from that day! I was sooo dead tired they were watching him so I could go home and nap. I put bottles of BM in the fridge, told them when to feed DS, dropped the diaper bag on the floor and left. They didn't want to call and wake me up to ask any questions so between the two of them they freaked out enough and figured things out.
Friend1 had two boys went to change the diaper and apparently yelled "OMG! There is something wrong." she had other friend come and look at him then they decided he was just intact. Friend2 had taken care of enough boys to know to leave it alone.
Then they had to figure out what to do with the poopy diaper. Friend2 knew someone on Guam who used cloth diapers (That were held on not with a snappy, but by winding an ace bandage around the top) I use AIO's so that part wasn't too confusing. Friend2 told friend1 she had to rinse the diapers out in the toilet. Friend1 couldn't bring herself to stink her hands in the toilet so she rinsed the diaper in her kitchen sink!

When I came to get DS I reassured both of them that they really didn't have to rinse the diaper, and not to worry about it later, just leave it in the wet bag for me. When I emptied the diaper bag at home I found a grocery sack dripping with water and the offending poopy diaper

They asked why I didn't circ DS. Since they were close friends I explained that there really isn't a reason to do it and that leaving things intact is supposed to make sex better for both parties. They were both open to the idea, giggled a lot, and asked if sex is better for the guy then wouldn't they get off sooner?

Friend2 was really glad she got to pick my parenting apart that day and wants to implement things in her future kids life that she hadn't even considered before talking to me, now she wants to BF, CD, and keep intact.
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Re: Share positive NON circing stories!

Locking this for a bit as I'm seeing a bit that appears to be mocking the other side and appear to be written in a way as if the intent was/is to get a rise out of those on the other side of this debate.

I just had a novel idea.

There should be a thread for everyone who supports circumcision and one for those who don't. Nobody is allowed to post in the thread *belonging* to the other group. Nobody from the *other* group is allowed to use their thread to berate the other group and their choices.Nor can they use harsh words to describe the other side. Nobody is allowed to imply that one side is mutating their child and/or that they couldn't possibly love their child because they willingly hurt him. Nobody is allowed to imply that a child will dislike parents when he reaches adulthood and is disease ridden from not having been circumcised or imply that the uncircumcised penis is ugly and dirty.

Sounds extreme doesn't it?

After the last few days on here, it sounds like a really,really good idea to me.
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