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Re: What health issues does your LO face from being 'undercooked'?

DFS is a 34 weeker. He is now 2.75 years old.

He has a G-J tube, major food aversion and does not swallow almost any food, asthma, altered muscle tone (weak on the left side), cobble stoning from reflux, severe food allergies (on Elecare), speech delay, and after his last surgery, he came home on oxygen monitors and an oxygen mask while sleeping (cannula doesn't cut it). He got RSV as a 9 month old because his ped didn't think he needed the shots. I disagreed, but he is Medicaid and a foster child, so what she thought had to rule. He has gone back and forth between AFOs and SMOs, though right now we are trying to get away with nothing since the last batch didn't fit well and Medicaid is denying a new pair. The ones he has make it worse instead of better.

He's had 15 hospitalizations so far plus his 21 day NICU stay.

At almost 3, he has weekly PT, ST, and feeding therapy, and bi-weekly OT. He also attends preschool 2 days a week.


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Re: What health issues does your LO face from being 'undercooked'?

My 34 weeker had reflux pretty bad that she outgrew. She was diagnosed eventually with asthma but I think it's related to the case of RSV she was admitted to the PICU with at 39weeks gestation. She had a pretty severe case and so she's got some scarring because of it that causes all colds to settle in her chest and hang on forever. She's had pneumonia a few times but nothing really bad compared to her sister. She's mostly fine except for allergy season and when she's sick and then she needs assistance breathing. But otherwise she's not on maintenance meds.
My 33weeker also had and outgrew reflux and was diagnosed with asthma. Her case is not explainable with RSV like her sister, so I'm chalking it up to prematurity. She's ALWAYS had a really tough time with her breathing since birth and she's been to the ER with wheezing and pneumonia and bronchitis more times than I can count. She has been on pulmicort 1-2times a day since before her 2nd birthday and still needs albuterol quite frequently. Her seasonal allergies only exacerbate the already tough breathing. she's extremely sensitive to smoke and it triggers really bad asthma attacks when she's exposed to it.

Other than that, they are healthy kids. We are really really lucky since these are relatively minor problems compared to what it could be.
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Re: What health issues does your LO face from being 'undercooked'?

Our DS was actually 36 wks 4 days and over 7 lbs so we were not anticipating all the problems he had. he was on CPAP for 2 days but continued to deteriorate so he was put on a high frequency occilator ventilator. He was diagnosed with PPHN (persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn) at 3 days old. This is where his heart didn't swith over from the fetal process so it wasn't pumping blood to his lungs to oxygenate the body. Thankfully he responded to interventions and his heart transitioned. He was on the vent for 17 days and in the NICU for a little over a month. So far, we've delt with reflux and he also weezes / seems to have some breathing issues but like one PP, hasnt officially been diagnosed with asthma either.
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Re: What health issues does your LO face from being 'undercooked'?

My LO was 4 weeks early. He was "stuck" for 5 hours during delivery because he was sunny side up, so I don't think the issues actually had to do with him being early. His heart rate kept dropping and had head compression due to his positioning. He was almost 7 pounds being a month early! He had to get oxygen because he was blue when he was born and not moving much. And an IV because we both had fevers so they treated him for infection just in case. A week later he got REALLY bad jaundice and had to be hospitalized for two more days. He's been fine since then, he's now 3 months and 15 1/2 pounds!!
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My little guy was born at 29 weeks, but was born dead and had to be revived.

He has chronic lung disease, torticollis, is delayed, and has mild cerebral palsy.

BUT he's happy and relatively healthy, and such a joy

My 35 weeker is a healthy little one, but grows and gains weight very slowly. He has SPD and was delayed, but doesn't have any serious health issues.

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