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Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11-Pics Added!!


I had my 40 week appointment w/ my MW. I asked her to check me for dilation and I didn't even need her to tell me what my cervix was doing, I just wanted her to "be aggressive" . She said she had no problem stripping my membranes at this point. She checked me and did the sweep. At which point she said "Are you sure you don't want to know how far you're dilated?", and I said "ok, tell me, I guess." She informed me I was already dilated to a 4 and by the time she was done stripping my membranes, there was a bulging bag of water in front of the baby's head.

I was super excited and just knew I was going to have a baby that night! I ran home and promptly hopped into bed w/ my hubby to help increase those chances. After the mommy and daddy time, I began to bleed pretty heavy and cramp a lot. My MW did say I had dilated, but not effaced much, so I assume the bleeding was a result of the exam starting to make my cervix efface. Unfortunately though, the cramping died down and by 8:00 I was ready for bed... /sigh... no baby.

11/17 (my due date)

I decided to have a pedicure and a prenatal massage to try to encourage LO to come out and join us. It was very enjoyable, but didn't help bring the baby. Things were pretty quiet all day, and I just tried not to be frustrated and rest.

Overnight, I did lose my mucous plug and some very large ropes of mucous. Gross, but very exciting!!

11/18 (baby day!!!)

My husband got home from work at 7:30 a.m. and we decided to walk to the local coffee shop after taking Ds1 to school and Ds2 to my dad's. It is about a 20 minute pregnant girl walk . We had some conversation and a little breakfast and coffee, then headed back home.

When we got home, I did some cleaning and then got online for a little while. While I was checking my email, I leaned forward in my chair a little and felt a little gush of liquid... I tried to stay calm and remember it was possible that it hadn't been my water, and was just some watery mucous. In fact, I decided it probably wasn't, but maybe a quick visit to the bedroom w/ Dh was in order!


When we went to the bedroom, I leaned forward to kick off my pants, and another good sized gush ran down my legs! I looked at Dh and said "Did you see that? That wasn't pee". At this point, since there was a good chance my membranes were ruptured, intimacy was out (Dh was very bummed).

After the third gush of fluid, I called my MW. When I explained the situation and asked if I should come by her office to be checked with the litmus paper, she said "no need. Sounds like a leak, at the very least." I was not contracting at all. Very reminiscent of Ds1's labor which ended up in a trip to the hossy for pitocin after 40 hours of ruptured membranes, so I was pretty nervous. She asked if I wanted to start castor oil, but I wasn't ready for that yet. I spent the next hour or so on my birth ball and in some yoga positions and squats to encourage contractions to start... Nothing. Finally, I went ahead with the castor oil (about noon. 1 oz per hour for 3 hours). The castor oil did nothing in the way of contractions. When I reported my results to my MW she said she would come by around 5 to check my and see what was going on then.

Around 5 my MW got to our house. I was still not contracting and really starting to be worried I was in for a repeat induction. MW said I wasn't on a clock, as far a she was concerned. She checked me and I WAS DILATED TO A 5! Are you kidding? and I'm not in labor? WTH? Our concern now that once things got started, they could go really fast (to clarifiy, even though my membranes were ruptured w/ Ds1, I was only dilated to a 2 and did not continue to dilate until we started the pitocin, so not exactly the same situation). She asked if I wanted her to stay, but it seemed silly for her to stay when NOTHING was happening. I told her to go home and get dinner for her kids, or whatever she needed to do for the evening and I would call if anything changed. She emphasized that I should call if I felt ANYTHING-a backache, light contractions, anything that was timeable.

After she left, Dh and I started getting the house set up for my labor. As I moved around, I noticed I was having some totally painless tightening in my hips. It felt a little like the contractions I had at the start of Ds2's labor, but even less noticeable. I thought I should probably say something to Dh about them, though. I said "I'm not sure if these are even contractions, but I'm going to tell you when they happen and you see if there is any kind of pattern". When he timed a few, he told me they were 5 minutes apart, so we called MW and let here know. She asked if I could talk through them, I said "I'm having one now... they are totally painless." We decided that since I was so far dilated already, she would start heading our way (no rush, within the hour, type thing), even though the contractions didn't seem like much.

By the time she got to our house, the contractions had picked up a little. I could feel them all the way to the front of my belly now, but they were still totally painless. We set the pool up together and filled it half way w/ straight hot water. We watched Madmen on Netflix. We laughed and chatted. Still not a lot going on as far a labor was concerned.

I kind of figured once the contractions picked up, my would go pretty much like the other 2 and I would have roughly 4 hours of labor. Then, I started to feel like my little contractions were starting to fizzle out. Oh, no... this was not cool. I needed to get this going. I told MW I thought I should get my breast pump out. She said that was a great idea, and she had some cottonwood and goldenseal tinctures I could take to help strengthen them, too. It was about 8:15 pm.

I took the herbs and headed to the bedroom to pump for about 20 minutes. When I finished, I stood up and had a pretty powerful contraction. I thought "Ok, so that has definitely changed things". I went up front to report the progress to Dh and MW. I sat on my birthing ball and watched TV w/ them and had 2 milder contractions and decided to go ahead and take a second dose of the herbs. I had a stronger contraction and felt like I needed to walk around a bit.

When I stood up, I had a massive contraction, got a wave of nausea and a hot flash, and I thought "if I have 4 more hours of this, there's no way I'm going to make it!" (in hind sight, apparently that contraction was transition). At the end of that whooper of a contraction, I needed to potty. I had some residual effects from the castor oil and had a pretty powerful contraction right after the BM. At the end of that contraction, I thought "huh... that was weird. It felt like I was pushing just then." A few seconds later I had another contraction and there was no doubt I was pushing!

I called my MW to the bathroom and told her what was going on. She wanted to try to get a look, but I couldn't open my legs. After that contraction faded, I tried to get to the pool, as Dh and MW frantically tried to get some cold water in it. But, when the next contraction came, my legs froze and it was clear I wasn't going to have a chance to go anywhere. Baby's head was clearly on it's way down! With the next contraction, I dropped to my hands and knees and announced that the baby's head was coming. MW barely got Dh into the hall to witness his daughter's birth from the doorway. LO's head was born in that contraction and she was out with the next contraction. Crowned 9:35, head 9:38, time of birth 9:40- I did try to blow through her shoulders coming out, but my uterus was doing it's thing by that time, so it didn't slow her down much

She was beautiful (I cannot emphasize how in love we are)! Despite the fact she was pretty beat up due to her very fast trip through the birth canal. Her poor little forehead was discolored and her eyes were very swollen. We got to the bed and birthed the placenta with no problem and she was latched on within 10 minutes. That's where she stayed for the next hour, nursing like a champ, while Dh went and got me a turkey burger and fries to eat in bed! My MW arrived at our house around 7:30, caught a baby at 9:40 after maybe 15 contractions (4 of which were pushing), and was home to her own family by midnight. LO and I were asleep under daddy's watch by 1 am (he couldn't sleep, just watched us all night). All in all, very efficient if I do say so

If I figure out how I managed to basically get to transition w/ hardly any pain, I'll let you in on the secret!

I didn't proof read this, so I hope it makes sense. I am too tired to do any editing though
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Little girl, Seren Elise, born at home 11/18! Birth Story

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Re: Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11

Congrats and what a great birth story!
*Jenn*Wife to Aj (07/06)* Mommy to: T (10/09)* Boy M (11/11)

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Re: Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11

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Re: Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11

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Wow! Love reading stories like this as we gear up for our first home birth! Congrats mama!!
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Re: Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11

Great story! Thanks for sharing!
Jennifer, homeschooling mom to 7
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Congrats! Must have been all the pro dromal labor!
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Re: Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11

Great story! My labor with DD was very similar! I love hearing/reading stories like this because it proves that the woman's body is phenomenal and totally adequate! Congratulations!
I'm Kendra!
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Re: Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11

wonderful story! congratulations!
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Re: Homebirth of Seren Elise 11/18/11

really enjoyed reading! we want to see how beautiful she is too

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