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Re: Non Vaxing, Selective Vaxing?

My DD was vac'd on schedule for about 2 years. We then decided to stop. Our son is now 9 months, and I was leaning towards not vacing at all. We just talked to our Ped and I just asked her what she recommended, based on our lifestyle and where we live. (Currently we do not travel, and when we do, we will ad more vacs.)
She recommended:
Prev nar
We are researching these more in depthly, online and from all of the vac papers I picked up from the office.
Living in Oregon on state insurance, you are in a good position to do what you feel is best for your family. If you need help finding a Dr that is more open to selective or non vacing, pm me. If you mean OHP by state insurance, you should be able to chose almost any Dr. Or maybe it's not OHP and I misunderstood
As far as exemptions go, all you have to do school wise, if your kids are in public school is sign off. You don't have to claim religious or anything.


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Re: Non Vaxing, Selective Vaxing?

IMO if they've already had the normal rounds of vaccines, I would just keep to the schedule. Most of the controversy is from the enormous amount of vaccines they give newborns in the first few rounds. If your kids made it through those, then they are probably safe getting the rest which likely could just be boosters anyway. (but I don't know how old yours are.) That said I'm keeping mine 100% vax free. We are on state insurance too, and they haven't been giving us a hard time. I just sign waivers, our state has both personal & religious beliefs exemptions.
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Re: Non Vaxing, Selective Vaxing?

My older two children are fully vaccinated. This is before I knew any better, and trusted that they were safe for my children. My younger two will never receive any vaccinations.

Here is an excellent resource for you to read. It lists all the ingredients in vaccines, and goes on to talk about how they are dangerous.

Heres another one Im sure there is a lot more out there, but this is a starting point.

You can like National Vaccine Information Center & on Facebook, too.

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Re: Non Vaxing, Selective Vaxing?

my first 2 were fully vax's on schedule. Both had reactions both had chicken pox ( full cases) after the vaccines etc. DS3 had a bad reaction after his 1 yr shots given at 14 months. SCARY rx. as in he stopped speaking and said no new and very few learned words till he was past 3. At that point I started looking into vaccines 2 of my other friends had children with bad reactions resulting in neuro damage. I stared looking at what was in vaccines
When Jack came along we did no vaccines for the first year. No Vit K Nothing until he was 15 months old. I started with the Hib because my mommy voice ( who I learned to listen to years ago urged me to) Hib seemed to be the last reactive. I waited 3 months then started the DTaP seies. We are done with vaccines until he is in middle school at this point. MMR pre teen and HepB early teen years. No more until ready to leave for college then we will look at the meningitis vax.
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Wow! I am not the op but thanks for the great links and info.
My older children are fully faxed slightly delayed schedule due to illnesses and fevers. Our dr will notthe give shots if a child is ill ir has a fever even though other drs in our area only delay if there is a fever >100.0.
Ods is on the autism spectrum, no I do not think that it was caused by vax. He was werid/high strung as an infant! We just finally got a label to explain it a few years later. Odd is perfectly average. Then we come to our youngest. Started out facing just like others no problem, nit a second thought. At 6 mo check up he got 5 shots! And has been sick ever sines. He is currently on his 5th antibiotic since the end of october. He has other shots that we have been trying to get in but every time we go back he is sick.
So I am just starting to research more about delaying vax. I will never again let him get more than one shot at a time I don't care how many trips to the dr office that causes me to make. I am not sure that I will do all of the remaining vax that are recommended because I am becoming more informed. Like if I knew then what I know now none of my children would have gotten the hep b vax.
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