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my three are all very close but they all love each other very much my 2 year old won't go to sleep at night until my 1 year old is in bed and they both will come get me if the babies crying I get tons of comments when out with them "wow are your hands full" "your brave to grocery shop with three babies" "you are one busy mom" I just smile and say thank you,I love having my kids close together


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I have 6 boys (& my oldest turns 7 next month) with #7 on the way. I have babies who are 12-16 months apart and love love love it. We have no jealousy issues and while it sounds like a lot to handle it's something you get used to, and it gets waay easier!

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Re: i'm sure this sounds easy to most of the mams on here but...

You can do it!

Don't be scared. Yes, there are some moments when you feel like you were just nuts to have babies this close together, but they will also give you more joy than you've ever known before.
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Re: i'm sure this sounds easy to most of the mams on here but...

You will do great! At least you are still in the baby "zone" right now. DD #1 is 9, DS#1 is 7, DD#2 is 5 and DS#2 is 2 months. It's a bit crazy in the house but we're surviving. It was harder going from 2-3 as others have mentioned, but going from everyone can do things mostly on their own to having another infant has been a little adjustment too. It's wonderful though and I wouldn't change a thing!
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It's going to be wonderful! My kiddos are 16 mo apart, and I'm pregnant with #3 now, who will be 17 mo younger than #2. Yes, there are challenging times, but I feel that would be the same no matter how big of a gap there is. I am not a big fan of some of the comments I get from people, but I'm learning to just let them go and not let them bother me. I'm really happy with our decision to have kids close together, I just get tired of hearing how full my hands are.

Some tips that helped me: get a good double stroller and a good baby carrier. My Ergo is worth it's weight in gold to me! Realize that nothing HAS to get done to make it a good day. I'm not a very organized person normally, but I'm learning the value of a routine and organized household systems (especially with #3 on the way!).

In my case, I have found that having 2 actually gives me more time to get things done because my kids entertain each other! It's great! And as for your LO feeling sad to not get as much attention, the nice thing about adding a sibling when they're so young is after about 3 days they can't remember not having them around! You'll do great, and your kids will be so happy to have each other.
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Re: i'm sure this sounds easy to most of the mams on here but...

All 3 of mine are 25 mos apart, but I did find that the first 2 were much easier than the 3rd... I thought it would be easy because adding #2 was so fluid, but he's 13 mos and it's still hard.... We don't know when we will have #4.... We origanally planned to wait until ds3 was 4, but now we are talking about leaving it up to God.... We will see

ETA: the difficulty in adding the 3rd has nothing to do with his personality, he's an easy going, happy baby... But I also think I was disillusioned and didn't prepare well enough. As long as you have a support system in place, and maybe lower your standards of what you can do around the house, make sure ou ask people for help, and don't expect to be able to do it all at first, you will be fine . And like I said, adding #2 was so fluid.... And HE was the difficult baby!
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Re: i'm sure this sounds easy to most of the mams on here but...

Mine were 22 months a part, however, I did have twins the second time. I think some of the positives to look forward to are, that by the time your youngest is probably even 18 months old they will be the best of friends being so close in age. Your mind will still be in baby mode so this won't be a huge transition. This time I have a 4 year gap and am a little worried, I know having a newborn is going to be a huge adjustment, I'm having trouble even remembering what I need for a baby, lol. Another huge positive by not waiting is it will be even sooner before you are totally done doing baby stage, so then you can go back to not having a child proof house and going on real vacations, plus your kids will only be I think 1 year a part in school (I guess that depends on when birth dates fall), so if you have plans for you to work or go back to school that can happen sooner. Other parents may disagree but I think that especially for the child, the positives of being close in age out weigh the negatives, it will be tough when they are little, but in the long run, I think you will see the kids playing together and know that it was the best. Good luck mama!
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Re: i'm sure this sounds easy to most of the mams on here but...

My youngest 2 will be about 17 months apart. Can't say I'm not nervous and this will be #5. It was very much a surprise.
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Re: i'm sure this sounds easy to most of the mams on here but...

Ours were 13 months apart , I made sure they were both trained to have sleeps about 9.30 in the morning & about 2.30 every day I had a lot of comments about them being twins as the youngest was more chunky & caught up to her sisters size really quickly but I guess in a way it was easier than if I had twins - at least the older one could wait while I sorted out the younger. Today they are 20 (married) & 21 they were best friends until the second one was married).
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Re: i'm sure this sounds easy to most of the mams on here but...

I speak full of compassion when I say that: "Your heart will grow, your oldest will learn, life will go on. Take one day at a time. But the most important thing you can do right now is to pray and stay hydrated. Drink, Drink, Drink."
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