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New job- feeling grateful and terrified

I have 2 little ones (ages 2 1/2 years and 3 months). I worked full time before having children and went back to work after 10 weeks with #1. I have been on leave since March and will be returning to work in September (baby #2 will be 5 months).

When I went back to work the first time, I was a mess. Baby was a terrible sleeper so I was up most of the night. Pumping 2-3 times per day at work. My job is super demanding and busy. I was so unhappy.

Fast forward and I have been offered 2 positions. A full time an hour away that pays really well, at the max for my job. And a part time position 10 minutes from home that pays average. I decided on part time because I don't want to miss my kids and we are having trouble finding child care that we like. This is my last child and I am so upset at the thought of missing out. The obvious down side is the money. We will pay the bills but with little else to spare. We just bought a home that needs a lot of aesthetic improvement which will be beyond our means. And major financial surprise will be difficult.

Any moms ever been stuck in a similar situation? Words of advice or encouragement?


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I am right there with you,
When I had DD, I followed my personal philosophy of, lean OUT. Way out, fir the first year. My job was interesting, not horribly stressful, and I had super supportive coworkers and boss. That first year as a FTM was so difficult... Nursing, pumping, sleeping, it was all kind of a mess.
Fast forward to pregnant with DS- DD now 4. I was all set to lean way out for another year, when a huge professional opportunity (still my same position, just a particular project) landed in my lap. I took it and figured I could make it work. Well then when I was literally 2 weeks from my due date I was called to interview for an out of the blue offer I couldn't refuse - no pay increase, but a huge jump in responsibilities, leadership, and pay potential in the future, at the same company. Heck... i took it and started laughing about not following my own advice and freaking out just a bit.
I had DS and went back to the old job when he was 2 mos, and switched to the new job a month later (that was two weeks ago). Oh, and we decided to move, bc when you have a new baby and a new job, maybe you should just give up on sleep altogether?
So now I am learning the new job, still doing the big project from the old job, finding time to pump, and racing home to the kids and putting our house in boxes. It is crazy and stressful yeah, but i keep reminding myself these are all GOOD stressors... Good things
I am cutting myself a lot of slack in many departments such as cooking and cleaning, and basically just running a pretty loose ship until things settle down! Prioritizing sleep, gym time (my destresser), and family time, while basically just trying to not get fired.
When DS started going to sleep earlier - vs the nb stay up til 10p thing - it got much easier, hence why i am exfoliating my feet and surfing ds double swaddle and down sleepy but awake is key!
I find the evening routine is important- trying to keep things as predictable as possible for my 4YO and my own tired brain. A quick walk around the neighborhood is good for everyone.
The PT thing should help you... I am looking forward to the fact that my new job is very conducive to working from home!
Learn to do everything including bathing your oldest, while babywearing. And nursing. We read lots of books while I nurse DS
And i eat a lot of chocolate while pumping, I won't lie.
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Re: New job- feeling grateful and terrified

Good to hear I'm not alone! I love the idea of reminding myself that this is all good stuff. We actually bought a new home when I was 6 months pregnant and we still have totes everywhere! I am learning to embrace the chaos!
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Re: New job- feeling grateful and terrified

Dear, that's cool you've got new business for your own. Do your best to succeed! Many friends of mine got pregnant and their life just stopped their life... I really can't understand that. I run an on-line store, involve professional promotion from SEO company and paying freelancers for web-designs. Everything's going well and I really don't know how could I live without my business!
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