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Share your CDing journey!

Share when and what you started with and how your stash has changed (if, at all) over the months or years.

I started when DD was 4 months with infant indian prefolds, snappis and Flip covers (half with aplix, half with snaps.) I struggled to find the right prefold fold for us and naively thought the prefolds weren't very absorbant (having been used to sposies), we continued to use sposies at night and out of the house. Then we got a couple BG 3.0s for night time and stuffed them with GMD night hemp doublers, which worked great until she outgrew them. Meanwhile, I converted most of my prefolds into fitteds, which worked great until she outgrew them. Are you seeing a trend here? DD is a super chunk (28lbs. at a year!) So, at this point (DD was about 6 months), I started to panic because nothing was fitting. I loved the BG 3.0s, so we started using those during the day because they fit without the doubler and provided plenty of absorbancy. So then I converted my whole stash to BG 3.0s and started CDing around the clock, at home and out, this was at 7 months. Then I got tired of long drying times and the BGs weren't looking so hot, after only a few months of use. I also wanted to use all or mostly natural materials, SO we converted the whole stash back to prefolds, this time toddler size. Meanwhile I was on the hunt for the perfect night-time fitted (we tried a bunch) and ultimately decided on Under the Nile with a Disana soaker. Also, I discovered Bottombumpers AI2s and those became our on-the-go solution. Then we had problems with the prefolds because they were still too narrow in the width but way too long in the rise. It was then that I discovered ETPFs and I found my one true love. They are perfect for my chunker and I love the prints, I also love the snaps. So we ended up selling the prefolds, the Bottombumpers and the fitteds and once again converted the whole stash to Megaroos. I also discovered that I love wool (interlock and upcycled) and now the wool stash is ever-growing.

Whew! I think that's everything. As you can see, DH is a saint! It took us about 6 or 7 months to find our perfect solution. And now that we have, DD is starting to Potty Learn, oh well!


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Re: Share your CDing journey!

Gabe is almost 4, and still in diapers lol. He's been CDd for about three years. We started with a stash of 18 BG 3.0s -- all green. Right now we have 20 large FBs (DH's stash/night diapers) and about 15 large Pianissimo cloth diapers (my stash).

In between we've had so many different diapers in various stashes - GMs, BSRBs, HHs fitteds and pockets, Chelory, prefolds/covers, RaRs, Blueberry pockets... and more I'm sure, I just can't think of them
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My baby is eight months and we started cloth diapering when she was two months. I have tried a lot of different diapers and feel like I've found my favorites at this point. I used to love Bitti Tuttos - had about nine total. But now I've found they don't fit my baby well. I didn't like Elementals at first but now I'm re-buying some. BG 4.0s have been a constant. AppleCheeks are my new favorites. Most of my stash is now AppkeCheeks, BGs and WAHMs.
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

We started with DS1 at about 6 months old with a stash of 12 BG OS 3.0's I got into DS when he was about 13 mo old and got into Diaper Change pockets and Goodmamas and wool Ended up with a stash of Goodmamas and BG's in the end with him and a lot of wool.
Joah and Khloe have been a hodge podge of fitteds, prefolds, and AIO's... Now that they are grown out of their mediums we just have about 24 BGE's wish I had more but I know we have to be close to PLing soon so I am trying to hold out and order a few trainers soon...
and of course wool galore

For the new baby I have
17 fitteds (for now that number has to change i hate odd numbers)
~6 Orange diaper co xs loops, 5 WAHM fitted, 1 short round, 2 nb mutts, 3 little boppers
12 BG xs's
4 thirsties duo size 1's
3 xs thirsties covers
Then s/he will have the BGE's when the twins are done with them
and a ton of wool
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

My brother and I were prefold/plastic pants diapered babies! When I heard about cloth diapering (when my first child was a baby), I thought people had to be nuts. All I had heard was how my mom had dunked and swished diapers in the toilet. Didn't sound appealing. Later, I heard about how they really work and decided to try them out.

I started cloth diapering with our 3rd child. I think he was about 5-6 months? I started out with about 10 or so pocket diapers (OS Haute Pockets) a friend sold to me, stuffed with prefolds. It was kind of a hassle as we had front loaders that didn't have any sort of soak cycle (and the front loaders had issues with mildews) so we did it off and on. When I was pregnant with our 4th, I decided to try other methods- some fitteds, but mostly flats and covers for the bitty-baby phase, and then back to OS pockets (with MF inserts). Had a lot of issues with pockets and inserts (I'm pretty sure it has to do with the water in our area... have to strip them OFTEN and all the gals in this area seem to be having these issues. They did better when I could sun them often, but the weather lately hasn't been so great.)

Anywho- I recently ditched most of our pockets, replaced them with fitteds/natural fibers and am LOVING that. Use wool, fleece, and PUL covers. This works MUCH better for us. I have stocked up on fitteds for the newbie as well, but I also am going to be using prefolds and flats for those newborn days.
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

I started with prefolds and covers - probably should have stuck with them!

Not having enough and wanting something easy led me to gdiapers ( ) and flips. The flips worked ok but I don't like the covers very much.

That led to wanting to try aios - enter bges.

Got more prefolds and covers to have "enough."

Found softbums and though I'd found my one true love, but alas they were not meant to be.

Since then I've settled on a stash of mostly aios (bges and dream eze + one lonely simplex), sized fitteds (dream eze), flip organics and some pul covers and wool. <-This is for dd1. Started with her around 3-4 weeks (tried before but irritated the cord stump too much) and have been going strong since then (21 months old now).

My experience with her has led me to : prefolds, fitted, covers, and a few nb aios for dd2 on the way - all cotton, no microfiber. I don't have an itch to try anything else really. Just in search of the "perfect" sized snap cover though.
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

We started with prefolds and thirsties covers almost 5 years ago. Then we added in a few pockets and AIO's for easy diaper in a mix of brands, mainly whatever I could get cheap off of babycenters old diaper swap they held on Thursdays.
Then we got a big stash of pockets. Mainly BG 3.0's (a few cute ones like GADs and Stephs Diaper Factory).
Then I found FSOT we used fitteds and wool, with pockets and AIO's. A little bit of everything.
Then I found the prefold love.
A few months after that it was wool, and fitteds (Goodmamas, Piddle Poodles and BSRB).
Then, I used all prefolds, I had 2 dozen of every GMD size. With PUL covers.
Then, I sold everything to use sposies.
Then I realized I hated sposies and got a large MEOS stash.
Then I sold it again ( I never learn lol) , then I had a bunch of AIO's, AI2's, Fitteds, a mix of everything.
Then sold it all again
Now I'm keeping it super simple with prefolds, MEOS and wool. We have pockets for nights and if I need them in the diaper bag.
I love natural fibers, and plain unbleached colors. I like simplicity. (For now )
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

i started cding when ds2 was about 2 months old. i had 2 or 3 bum genius diapers, some thirsties covers and some me made fitteds. i couldn't stand the thirsties covers, and i didn't love the BGs (microfiber isn't my friend, i don't know why i didn't think to just try other inserts) anyway, that led me to fall in love with wool. i had mostly kiwi pie covers (which i LOVE) and some loveybums. i was a trim diaper nazi, so i tried a lot of pockets to wear under regular clothes and finally settled on GADs, we had a whole stash of them in M/L. After he grew out of those i used some large fuzzibunz, which i didn't love but they worked and he wasn't in them long.
When i was pregs with DS3 i bought a stash of GADs in small and THEY DIDN'T WORK FOR HIM! i was sooooo sad. He would just pee-pee right out the side. So, mostly because of a great sale on the USA made ones we stocked up on fuzzi bunz, He also had quite a few grovias, mostly because i got such great customer service from them i felt i should be loyal That's what we still use when we're doing PUL. He's about 1/2 pockets and 1/2 wool, under the wool he has a few GMs, a few kiwipies and a few me made fitteds, we also have gmd prefolds and flats that i use sometimes. i LOVE PB&E molly preflats, but i don't have enough and i'm having a hard time finding them on fsot!
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

We started CDing in May 2007 when DD1 was 5 months old. We had planned to CD from the start, but we received so many cases of disposables at our baby shower that we decided to use them up THEN start CDing.
We thought the most economical way would be OS pockets. Most of our stash was bought here on FSOT, and consisted of Wonderoos, Haute Pockets, and Mother Eve Grow-With-Baby diapers stuffed with MF inserts.
That worked perfectly for about 6 months, then her Eczema got out of control and seemed to be especially bad in her diaper area. We eliminated all the synthetic fibers, when to completely prefolds and wool, and haven't looked back. All three kids have no been diapered from birth to potty training in, primarily, prefolds, natural-fiber OS fitteds, and wool covers.
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

Well I had thought about CDing before even having Gabriel..because my sister (who funny enough doesn't even have kids yet lol) asked if I was going to CD. But DH was like "oh you'll never stick with it!" So I chickened out. (worst choice of my life! I missed out on all the great newbie stuff! ). Anyways...I have a friend that CDs who was talking about it..and she got me thinking about it again (well..I actually always had it on my mind..but never at the forefront lol).

So we started at about 4ish months. I tried mostly pockets at first (BG, RaR, FB)..I kept having issues with rashes..and also I HATE stuffing diapers lol. I had also gotten a few prefolds and flips..didn't love the way flips fit..or really any OS diaper for that matter. Then somewhere in the mix I ventured into wool and fitteds..and have had great success with the more natural fibers. I've tried BSB (Peachy Green) AIOs, Bottombumpers, and RSD. Hands down love the RSD. I have some of the RSD fitteds as well..and some piddle poddle (for some reason I can stand their OS lol)..and a few random fitteds. I've tried greenline, thirsties prefolds, different flats etc in hopes of finding a more economical thing..but I always go back to snapping fitteds and AIOs.

And now I'm on my way to stash nirvana and I canNOT wait to CD from the newborn stage for the future babies we will have.

Oh and I'm finally getting to the point that I think I have figured out a night solution.
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