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Where have you breast fed

I'm a first time mom and so nervous to breast feed in pubic. I have a cover and all and haven't had to yet, (I love Sears because they have a nursing room). But what about at a restaurant or the beach etc... When we are at friend's houses my husband always asks if there is somewhere I could nurse the baby. I've never had a problem with our friends breast feeding in front of us with a cover but I think it makes my husband uncomfortable. Anyway, I guess I'm looking for reassurance to take the plunge if the situation comes up.


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Everywhere. I used a cover with my first son, but with my second I would just kind of prop a burp cloth up so no one could see.

Honestly most of the time people don't even notice what you are doing. when they got older and would pop off at any noise I would just ask for a quiet place to nurse if I was at a friends house.

The more confident you are the less people will bother you. You are feeding your baby and it's really nobody else's business where you do it. Good luck, it's hard at first, but it gets easier.
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Re: Where have you breast fed

I always sought out a quiet place for the sake of my child, not out of feeling awkward. They get too distracted. But I have nursed in airports, on trains and planes next to strange men, restaurants, gas station parking lots (on road trips) and once at the National Aquarium in Baltimore during their dolphin show right next to an 80 year old man who I didn't know. It never even occurred to me that he might be offended until after the show. I just knew my baby was hungry and that was the only place to sit down.

As you gain confidence, keep in mind your only feeding your baby as any good mama would do.
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I used to nurse everywhere but now he is too distracted so I try to find secluded areas only because he gets distracted

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Re: Where have you breast fed

OT- i miss the bmore aquarium so much!

I mostly nursed in my car using the boppy and a cover, once situated i would move the cover so that baby's head was no longer covered. I think my most public place was at the car dealership while waiting for an oil change. Oh yeah, i also nursed in the work room at my school (i'm a teacher). no one was there but my principal(female) did walk in.

I found the best way to feel at ease was to focus only on feeding my baby. If anyone else is uncomfortable then they have the choice and the ability to leave. My baby just needs nourishment.

I did pump in my classroom everyday at lunchtime and the custodians (females) would always come in then to vacuum, but it didn't bother me any, my pump time was too limited to worry about anyone else being in there-well not any students. The custodians would ask if i minded if they came in. I told them no as long as they didn't mind. Otherwise they would have had to come back later. It was never an issue.
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Re: Where have you breast fed

When I first saw my SIL nurse years and years ago, I was a little uncomfortable because I had never seen it before. Obviously I got over that feeling. I think people's attitudes to nursing can and should change.

I have nursed everywhere my babies and I have gone.
  • on planes
  • at the zoo
  • at work meetings
  • at church, sometimes in the service, sometimes in a mother's lounge
  • in waiting rooms
  • in restaurants and cafes
  • in stores
  • in hotel lobbies
  • at parks and playgrounds and other play places

I don't use a cover because I find them awkward and difficult to use; I just wear a camisole under my shirt and pull the cami neck down and my shirt up.

In my 3+ years of nursing, no one has ever said anything to me about nursing in public. My DH jokes that he fears for the person who dares to.
Catherine, mama to Preschooler Girl 9/08, Toddler Boy 3/11, and Twin Girls 2/14!
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I nursed DD in a ton of different places, but my favorite odd place was on a bench in the Sistine Chapel. A lady sat down next to me and said, "What a lucky baby!"
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I've nursed my DD everywhere. In church, at the zoo, at the mall, at the table at a restaurant. In the beginning, I used a blanket as a cover, but found it drew more attention and he hated having her head covered

Now when I go out I always wear 2 layers. The top layer is always something loose enough to pull up. The bottom layer is a cami or nursing tank I can pull down with my bra. Honestly, you cannot tell AT ALL that I'm nursing. Sometimes DH is shocked that he didn't notice me nursing at the restaurant table. And if DD decides to pull off the breast or gets distracted, I just pull my top down really quickly.

I would try it this way. Practice a bit at home. It's much less hassle than carrying around a cover. Good luck mama!!
Single mama to my sweet D. Taking life one day at a time.
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Re: Where have you breast fed

Everywhere. Specifically:
Museum of Science
Boston airport
Atlanta Airport
Washington, DC airport
4 planes
4 Amtrak trains
countless restaurants
many parking lots, sitting in the front of the car
the library during story time
music class
my office
multiple parks
mama baby yoga class

When he was tiny and nursing more or less constantly I also nursed him in the sling walking to and from the car to various appointments, the farmer's market, etc.

I also use the double-shirt trick, which works pretty well; I'm sure I've flashed people inadvertently, but I try to be discreet and have my hand at the ready to pull my shirt down when my curious boy suddenly pops off. He will flail and get very agitated at this point if I try to cover him. Honestly, though, most people who have seen me and actually realized what I'm doing have thought it was great. I'm always ready to proclaim my rights if someone gives me a hard time, but no one ever has.
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I nurse any and everywhere, with no cover. Usually, people don't even realize I'm nursing.

Using my DS app, please excuse the lack of proofreading.
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