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Re: Where have you breast fed

Yeah, I find that using a cover is a target that you're breastfeeding. I used one in the beginning, but once I got used to it I ditched it and haven't looked back.

Usually I BF in the car when I'm out, but that's mostly because I can keep DS1 corralled in the car. If I'm sitting on a bench, he's capable of running away, so I try to minimize that possibility.

The only place I've ever felt awkward nursing was at a funeral.



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Re: Where have you breast fed

Like everyone else just about everywhere.
hospital waiting rooms
doctors waiting rooms
grocery store- once baby was nursing apparently it wasn't notisable(sp) because an elderly lady wanted to ogle the baby and was rather startled do discover a feeding baby
wal-mart I do prefer the changing room because it is easier to sit and nurse
restaurants fast food/sit down
going for a walk around the neighborhood
friend's house
family's house at the last 2 weather I cover depends on who is present. I want to respect their feelings at the same time I am caring for my little one. But if baby needs to eat then baby gets to eat.
wherever and whenever- where I go baby goes and when he is hungry he gets to eat
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Re: Where have you breast fed

I have nursed in so many places, I've lost count...I was really nervous and anxious when she was first born and did alot of nursing in the car, with a cover and would seek out secluded places. It got to the point that nursing with a cover just wasn't working as she would pull on it and such...and she just didn't like it.....and I got tired of searching for those secluded places.

As she got older, I met a group of ladies that helped me tremendously to get over my anxiety about nursing in public with a cover and to not seek out the secluded spots. Their support and knowledge has done wonders for me and my toddler - she will be two at the end of this month. Still nursing, I love it.

Surround yourself with people that support what you are with your husband about what you are doing for your baby - his baby - to maybe ease his anxiety.

I wish you much luck!
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Re: Where have you breast fed

anywhere and everywhere, I don't care where I am or who I am with. I also used glamourmom tanks under shirts most of the time.
all the things I should be doing right now!
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Re: Where have you breast fed

Anywhere and everywhere. When baby gets older it helps to find a quiet spot to avoid distraction. I try to be discreet, but that is kinda secondary to getting baby fed.
Places I have nursed:
a bench at the mall
at family gatherings (mine and his)
cars, trucks, vans
children's museum
watching a parade
outdoor concerts
school assemblies

A good place to practice nursing in public is at La Leche League meetings.

And keep in mind, people have to be looking pretty close to actually see some nip, so just focus on baby and don't think about people oggling.
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Re: Where have you breast fed

Anywhere I happened to be when baby was hungry! The only times it felt uncomfortable were when I was stuck in close quarters with a stranger and that was mostly because they were in my bubble! (Like on an airplane when traveling with baby but not DH - I'd usually end up sitting next to a stranger and it's so cramped!)

I have no problem nursing anywhere and I'm pretty discreet, but if my options are between a hard wooden bench somewhere or sitting in the car, I'll usually sit in the car because the seat is so much more comfortable. Same goes when baby hits the "distracto-baby" stage, I'll choose a more private nursing location to minimize distractions so that a 20 min nursing session doesn't turn into an hour.
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Re: Where have you breast fed

I'm no longer nursing since DD weaned a few yrs ago but she nursed for almost 3 yrs and I nursed her anywhere I went that she went too, so for the 1st 18-20 mths she was with me everywhere.
Sharon,mom 2 Kaitlyn 19,Tayler 17,Anna 9,wife 2 James 4 yr old lead Teacher at a childcare center.
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The question is where HAVEN'T I nurses. Lol! If he's hungry he gets nursed! Simple as that. Stores, church, the car (I'm talented ), restaurants, family events, outside, inside, you name it!
SAHM to 2 wonderful boys, Luke: 9-17-04, Daniel: 3-15-11, and our angel Vanessa: 4-12-10
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Only place I havnt (far shorter list) is while the car is in motion.. everywhere else is fair game
Ashley, momma to 3 E's
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Re: Where have you breast fed

I have breastfed:

In my car (baby was distractible when I did this)
At several resturaunts
At the mall
At my in-laws house in front of my neices
At other friends houses
At my office

Basically wherever I was when baby was hungry!
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