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Well pretty much everywhere but some cooler places would be

-on airplanes
-on boats
-at the beach
-at the outlet mall walking around
-at a concert


Mommy to Fiona 12/09 and new baby Layla 3/12 a HBAC!
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I have never flashed boob but have exposed my side/back so I like two shirts or nursing tanks/shirts. I prefer a blanket over a cover but only use one if non-family men are around.
Back of church during service
Airplanes & airports
Work convention
Any house I'm at
Playgrounds, zoo, museums, library

Sent from DS Forum..... probably while nursing.... please interpret accordingly
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Re: Where have you breast fed

Everywhere! I only use a cover for the first few months, after that, I stop using it. Anywhere baby goes, I will nurse. Or now, anywhere my toddler goes, I nurse him if he needs/wants it.
Eleanor, mama to Maren (07.05.08) and Grant (10.20.10)
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Like other mamas I've nursed DS at multiple locations.

I nurse daily on a crowded NYC subway, it's great! Off peek hours..not so great, oddly he gets way more distracted and there isn't any other passengers standing there to use as cover Breastfeeding for 8months... I'm a pro at being discreet.
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I've nursed everywhere! Banks, restaurants, a wedding and wedding reception(including my own), the library, the park, the mall, thrift shops, by the pool, family dinners (at the table), grocery store, Dr.'s office, my uncle's hair salon, coffee shops, and I could go on and on! Don't be nervous, mama! It's actually harder to nurse non-discreetly than it is to be discreet! And babies always hate covers. Be proud of how you're feeding your baby!
Kirsten, wife to Justen, vegetarian, cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding, cosleeping mama to Georgia Beth (1/27/10) and Thoren James (4/15/13)
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When I first started nursing, I would try and schedule outings around feeding times but I quickly learned that wasn't gonna work. It's been a few months now and I am more comfortable with it though not yet ready to ditch the cover. I have nursed
In the car-coverless
Countless restaurants
In line waiting for fabric to be cut
Dr office
ODS's karate class
Walking around target
Friends houses
On a train ride
At the mall

I still sometimes worry about someone saying something but they never have. Most don't even notice.
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Re: Where have you breast fed

I hid in my car or pumped for a while with DD1 before I got comfortable with it. But then we were at a theme park and the bathrooms of course were gross so I sat on a bench and did it. I did feel like eyes were on me but oh well. Since then, I've gotten much better at NIP since I took that plunge. I've done it in restaurants, on airplanes, on the beach, at people's houses, in front of my in laws, at the dog park, at church...pretty much everywhere. I don't bother with covers anymore though, I just lay a burp cloth or receiving blanket over where my breast is exposed. It tends to attract less attention than a cover.
Adoring wife & homeschooling mama of 2 girls
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Re: Where have you breast fed

Anywhere we go, if she's hungry she nurses. I just use the cover, after a couple of week of NIP the "stimga"(if you will) goes away I didn't even think about NIP today at a scentsy party. I was just sitting in the chair and it hit me that it was natural now, and it didn't bother me in the least bit anymore.
Nikki & Momma to Kailie(3) & Kenzie ! Married to Jason We're a full-time part-time babywearing kind of family!
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Re: Where have you breast fed

I haven't read all the other responses, but I have nursed just about everywhere! On a plane, train, in the car, in the grocery store/target/wal-mart, etc. while wearing baby, on the beach, at my kids homeschool group weekly meeting, restaurants, amusement parks (disneyland/legoland, etc). At my parents/in-laws while visiting for the holidays (so lots of nephews around!) I held a 40th bday party for my hubby Saturday night at a local tavern/bar where they rent a private party house. I had ds in a sling and nursed several times during the party, as he pretty much slept and nursed the whole time. And he's not an itty bitty baby at almost 10 months! No one knew what was going on. They just kept asking, "is he asleep?" And I just smiled and said, "yep!"

My DH gets a little uncomfortable with me nursing in public without a cover, but I've always worn 2 shirts to give the most coverage and I have been able to manage it well so that I am discreet and you'd have to stare to really see what I'm doing. And the way I do it, you can't see anything but baby's head.
Caroline-happily married to Keith since 4/27/02; momma to D (5/10/05), M (2/10/07) and S (3/25/11)
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I feed my DS anywhere we happen to be when he's hungry but the best was at a sf giants game.
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