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Starting relactation tomorrow.

I have made the decision to relactate. I am an experienced breastfeeding mom and EBF my other 4 boys. They never had formula and I nursed them all into their second year. My first three were chubby things, but my fourth was skinny and I think I had supply issues, though he may just be genetically thin (has a different daddy than my first three). He also had severe food intolerance and I was gluten free and dairy free for 15 months. He still struggled with GI issues though and I was constantly scrutinizing my diet. It was stressful, but we made it to his second b-day!

So what happened with number 5? I weaned my sweet little Liam at just 4 weeks. From birth to then, I was supplementing my BM with about 2 oz of formula after every feeding as he had jaundice and weighed feedings showed he was only getting .5 to 1.5 oz of BM per feeding despite having a terrific latch. Doctor said he needed at least 2 oz every three hours and I was trying to keep him out of the hospital. When he had blood in his stool at 3 weeks he went to a hypoallergenic formula and I went off dairy. I continued to nurse, but he wasn't better. I had no idea if it was ME or the formula causing his issues. I was super stressed out! I wanted to make sure he was getting enough and honestly I was not wanting to do the whole elim diet again. It was such a hyper focus of my first year with DS4 that its honestly what I remember most about his babyhood and that makes me sad. And it cost us a lot of money.

Before I weaned Liam I tried hard to go EBF. I bought herbs and nursed a ton. At that point I was providing about half of what he needed. I decided to try a nurse-a-thon and one weekend I just cut out the formula and nursed him almost constantly figuring my supply would catch up in a few days and he'd be ok, if a little hungry till then. He went nearly 24 hours without peeing! He was screaming for food. I was devastated! When I gave him a bottle, he looked up at me with the most grateful little face. He peed 30 minutes later

With 5 kiddos I just wasn't up for this. I thought it would be best for everyone, including Liam, if I weaned him and just did the Alimentum. So I did. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I sobbed for days. DH had to feed him a lot because it would make me cry. My breasts became so full, I leaked milk for weeks. But soon enough, it was all gone.

He is about 4.5 months old right now, and Alimentum wasn't a cure all. His GI systems seems to tolerate it, but he just won't drink enough. It tastes nasty! He should be talking in about 26-32 oz a day, he was drinking about 16 oz. We tried a soy formula which gave him a rash, we tried regular Enfamil again to see if he could tolerate regular formula again. He drank more but he was getting a mild rash from that and very fussy after feedings. So I tried making homemade raw goat milk formula and he loves it but then he stopped pooping. Today he tried to pass a bm and it was absolutely awful! He screamed for a full hour and I did everything I could to help him, positions, warm bath, lubing his rectum. He passed just enough to take the pressure off. He will never want to poo again.

I should have never weaned my poor sweet baby. He needs mama milk and he needs it bad! He will still latch, I tried it last night, so if I am going to do this, I should do it now! DH is supportive, and my older boys actually TOLD me to do this. LOL. So tomorrow I am going to go out and get an SNS thing and put him back on the boob. I am also going to call my MW and see about an RX for domperidone. I can't take Reglan because I have a history of depression and I don't need that to happen! I don't have a pump but pumping has NEVER worked for me. My boobs will not give it up for a machine! Even when I had a full supply and a chubby baby who had missed a feeding - I could not pump more than 1-2 oz and that took me 45 minutes. Not even a hospital grade pump works on me. I find pumping really painful as well. So I'd rather spend my $ on an SNS and herbs/meds. I think that would be more effective for me.

Any other tips, ideas, links, support, and success stories would be very much appreciated!


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Re: Starting relactation tomorrow.

I don't have any other ideas for you but just wanted to give hugs and tell you good luck!
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Re: Starting relactation tomorrow.

What a story! You're very brave to go back to bf'ing and I hope it'll help the little one. Here is some long distance support from London.

I've only got one, and he's 4 months now. We are quite lucky as after some initial trouble, we've gotten on very well. Daddy is celiac and hence gluten free and lactose free. I'm hoping they're not passed down to K as it's so much trickier to live with allergies (and like you mentioned, costly). I've never managed to get any milk out with the pumps, it's just been really painful so I hear you on that.

Loads of luck on the road and hang in there!
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Re: Starting relactation tomorrow.

You don't need an rx for Dom you can order from inhouse pharmacy. I used them with dd and just reordered for ds
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Have you thought about supplimenting with donor milk? I know diaperswappers doesn't allow bm donations but I have donated through Eats on Feets. There are other good sites for matching up with a donor. Many mommas who donate are dairy free too. You might be able to find a donor in your area if it's something you are comfortable with.
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I'd also recommend goats rue for restarting a milk supply. But really, Domperidone is just the best thing. And, of course, putting him to the breast as much as possible.

Good for you mama! Relactation takes some time and effort but it IS possible. You can do it!
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Facebook has an awesome group called human milk for human babies. I myself contribute and im so glad I got to be apart of this amazing group
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That is awesome! A good friend of mine did this at 4 months also. She then nursed her son till he was 3.
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Re: Starting relactation tomorrow.

Hey mama, YOU CAN DO IT! I nursed both mine with low milk supply and my littlest just weaned at 2 1/2. The SNS was a lifesaver, and I used domperidone as well. I still have a ton left over if you need it - pm me. I second the other notions for human milk... Seek it out and and supplement him with it while you relactate. I am so proud of you for doing what you are doing!
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Way to go mama! Sending hugs and prayers that all goes well
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