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Re: Weekly Chat Starting Jan 16

Originally Posted by alliecatn1 View Post
Here, maybe this will make some of you feel better... This was at the 8 week mark, it's new and I can't suck it in at allllll!

Have you guys seen the "alpha kenny body" trick going around? I did it to my in-laws and it was hilarious!!!
I'm jealous.. I look like that when I'm not pregnant!

Originally Posted by luvallmykids View Post
I think that I will not refrain from puking anymore, it feels alot better afterwards. Everything little thing is setting me off. My poor hubby. I told him its not going to last forever, he kinda got alittle upset about me not doing anything but complaining & staying on the couch. Didn't really bother me but told him I'd puke if I do anything, well I got up and started dinner and O well now I feel better!
Just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks.
My DH has been great but he's mentioned more than once that he doesn't believe that I feel sick when I stand up. I told him fine I'd do stuff but I wouldn't go out of my way to make sure when I did get sick it didn't end up on him, and I wouldn't be cleaning it up either. I was in a bad mood that day.

Originally Posted by babyGmommy View Post
interesting, I just hit 10 Weeks today. W started telling more family this weekend.but its not open subject for most friends yet there is still grandparents that need to know before it gets facebooked....
I had to blasted out my aunt on the phone because she posted her 'niece was pregnant' and it could only be me or 2 other girls and I know she just found out about me so she was excited...

W have bad experience with Facebook and pregnancy people finding out first hand on Facebook
We had this problem with this pregnancy, over a stupid quote that had nothing to do with pregnancy and SIL and her mom and a bunch of immature crap. They took it upon themselves to announce I was pregnant when they didn't even know. And my crazy MIL from then on assumed everything was because I was pregnant. I asked her to watch the kids so I could go to the dr for my gall bladder, she assumed I was lying and pregnant. Went to the ER on Christmas Eve for my gall bladder, she assumed I was lying about it and we went for the pregnancy. Big headache.

Originally Posted by myall4him2 View Post
AFM~ I'm 9 weeks and a few days and find that even though I can fit in smaller pants than I could before I was pregnant (b/c I've lost so much weight being sick) that my back is KILLING me in the mornings! I'm pretty sure that's a good sign of a growing baby/ uterus, but it's still uncomfortable lol I wish I could tell if I was showing yet, but I still have a pooch from my 4 other children.

On a side note, do me a favor and lets not EVER mention rice or curry. The smell, the site, or even the THOUGHT makes me so sick! K?
I've been waking up with my back hurting too. Not fun. And I also am having issues with rice. Probably one of the worst foods ever coming back up.


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